Better Buyback Option Needed?

A fan asks if there’s any way to buyback and item after selling it and leaving the game. Bluetensity ensues!

Lylirra: While the buyback option is a great tool for recovering items sold to a vendor, it will only display the 12 most recently-sold items and will clear out whenever your character leaves a game. As other players have noted, sold items that no longer appear on the Buyback tab are permanently lost and cannot be recovered. (You can learn a bit more about our restoration policy for Diablo III here.)

I know it sucks to lose something you were intending to sell on the auction house or even wear yourself, but there are many, many items to be found in Diablo III. Who knows, though? Maybe an even better item will drop for you soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

How about having the QA team work on a fix for this ? Something like an item lock players have been suggesting. Selling an item to a vendor thats worth millions is the players mistake for the most part, however, there should be some safety guard against it. Its just wrong when it happens.
Lylirra: The safeguard is the Buyback tab itself. We wouldn’t have added the feature if not for the understanding that mistakes sometimes happen. Even so, there is a certain level of responsibility on the player when it comes to managing your inventory, and it’s always a good idea to use caution whenever selling items to a vendor.

That said, I’m happy to relay on the feedback regarding a larger Buyback tab. We’ve actually already discussed the possibility of adding in some sort of “item-lock” system and, while we still feel that players should be mindful of what they’re selling or have sold to a vendor before switching games, we haven’t ruled out the idea completely.

Maybe you could put a “warning”, much like the alert when trying to salvage rare items or legendary items. The warning would be “You’re attempting to sell a recently equipped item. Proceed or cancel?”.
Lylirra: I can certainly pass on that feedback, too (but I’m thinking it might be more reasonable to have the warning dialogue appear under similar conditions to salvaging, just for the sake of consistency).

Just some things to keep in mind, because these are the questions we ask ourselves when reviewing feedback:

  • Should the warning dialogue only appear when selling an item that’s been equipped? What about the items that players just want to sell and haven’t equipped?
  • Or should the warning dialogue appear whenever selling an item of a certain quality level? If so, what quality level is appropriate? Should it apply to only Rares and Legendaries? Or should it apply to all magical items?
  • If the warning dialogue appears when selling all magical items, would that then become tedious for players who farm a lot? If so, which is more valuable to the player: having a warning dialogue in addition to the Buyback option or having a quick way to empty their inventory?
  • In other games that have warning dialogue and a Buyback tab, many players still mistakenly sell their items, so will adding it to Diablo III actually provide a better experience?
  • There are several more things we need to consider in addition to what I listed above, but I think you get the gist. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lylirra: Serious question: If there was an item lock feature and you still happened to lose an item because you vendored it and then left the game, how would you feel?

    Either the blues have been told not to answer, aren’t told the answers or play a different role than people think.
    Lylirra: It’s probably a combination of the three. ๐Ÿ™‚

    We may not always be able to respond to a specific concern for a number of reasons. Sometimes we don’t have any information to share, sometimes we’re not in a position to comment, and sometimes we want to see how a discussion progresses on its own. Whenever we post in a thread, the conversation will inevitably change, and there are times when it’s important that we don’t get involved. Usually, when a thread gets a “blue post,” it stops being a discussion between players and turns into a some sort of modified Q&A. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s not always the best way to get valuable feedback.

    Also, we’re not just here to talk about gameplay. We’re here to engage the community, too, and that involves jumping into threads that are more about chatting and less about relaying information from the development team. (We try to balance both whenever we can.)

    What do you guys think? I don’t really think of NPC merchant interactions as part of the skill of Diablo III, but I bet I’m not the only one who has salvaged an item I meant to keep, while quickly clicking through the 37 items I didn’t want to keep. And it sucks, but that’s life. Sometimes bad things happen. I dropped my favorite wine glass in the sink the other day (while washing it) and it shattered. I’d have liked a Ctrl+Z on that one, and a lot of things in Diablo III give you that sort of option… but maybe even more should?

    Or do you say no, and insist that players take responsibility for their own actions? I mean, there’s a buyback window, there are confirm warnings on every rare or legendary you salvage, etc. Where do you draw the line? I imagine there are technical issues with RAM and memory too, when it comes to Diablo 3 storing an infinite number of back actions in memory, so you can undo and undo.

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    24 thoughts on “Better Buyback Option Needed?

    1. IMO this is only a problem for the accidental right-click equipment swap while trying to speed-ID a bag full of rares, inadvertently selling your equipment. Player’s mistake for sure, but unless they are gemmed or a really different dye, it can easily go unnoticed.

      Selling stuff you actually wanted to save or post on the AH is more of an attention span issue.

      Of course, the accidental equip swap could be solved by an NPC that offers an ID All service. Or maybe using CTRL + Right Click to swap.


      • I agree. Having right click assigned to do too many things can have dire consequences. I would prefer to have a modifier key + right click whenever selling items to avoid this kind of error. Maybe we even need to implement this when identifying things as well.
        Having right click to quick-swap, ID, and quick-sell probably isn’t the best design for the way things are currently.

      • Indeed there should be a safety guard to disallow morons like you posting nonsense like this.

        Ever thought about people accidently selling equipment in use while id’ing?
        I have lost multi millions because of this so if you have nothing useful to say don’t post.

        Would be nice if a moderator could keep this discussion in check. It’s very annoying reading flame posts from people who obviously haven’t been affected or don’t care.

        • Oh. So we have here one of the idiots that cant buy back.
          And indeed there should be a safety guard to disallow morons like you from playing this game. Who knows, you can accidentally uninstall it while launching the game.

    2. LOL just goes to show the IQ of the average d3 player… What a joke!

      If YOU sell an item you did NOT want sold, YOUR fault.


    3. When blizzards biggest issues are reflects dmg and buyback from venders, its just sad.. The game has so many problems, but the biggest problem is that they dont even understand their problems! Blizzard used to be a greedy company with the best games, and I loved them.. Now they are just a greedy company.

    4. It would be cool if we could add a star to items equipped/in the inventory. For organization. It would also help because youโ€™d know at a glance if you should sell stuff willy-nilly. It would fix this problem.

      Screw catering to brain-deads. We donโ€™t need a lock-item-in-place function for them.

      • U sound like a genius urself, talk shit about.locked items and u want a star? Im not saying either wouldnt help, im saying ur a fucking retard for saying the ppl who want locked items are braindead and u want the star idea

      • I’m open for anything that helps. BUT. Item lock can be found in just about every mmo out there. It’s certainly nothing new and there is a reason it’s featured in so many games. IT WORKS.

    5. An Item Lock would be nice, and it should be easy enough to implement; wouldn’t it just be a toggle that’s an extension of things like Staff of Herding, or the “Lost” Pages, which already can’t be vendored?

      Although, in my opinion, a better option would be something that lets you mark or label items. For example, something that lets you change the color of the item’s outline in your inventory/stash, or maybe adds a colored dot, star, or triangle in the corner of its icon. For example, I would personally want at least 8-10 color choices, because then I could mark stuff to keep for the AH, and stuff for different characters / classes I have, so when it all gets thrown together in my stash, I don’t have to stop and figure out what goes where.


    6. Another crappy enhancement that should be at the very bottom of their list, hopefully. Let the focus be on more substantial end-game adjustments…

      • Odd thing that we can’t edit these comments anymore. In the above comment I meant crafting window only and not vendor window.

        Still, seeing that rares drop like blues did in previous Diablo games there are a lot of items to ID and easy to double click and thus unintentionally equip a trash item. It has happened to me a couple time and while I have always noticed it I feel sorry for those players who have accidently sold or salvaged some very expensive items.

        A gear lock option would be a simple solution to the terrible UI Blizzard has graced us with and should take up minimal programming time making it well worth it.

    7. I have sold two good leggings TWICE because equipment isn’t locked. Both times it happened i was id’ing a full inventory of rares and didn’t realize i equipped one of the items i had id. Didn’t even notice it until much later when i saw my dps wasn’t what it is supposed to be.

      Is it really so bloody hard to implement a lock feature for currently equipped items or just do not allow equipping items in the craft/vendor window????

      This happened in 1.0.3 and 1.0.4. So i stopped picking up rares and this has never occured again.

    8. None of these complaints would occur if people had a bit of care about how they processed their items. We don’t need a lock or a star or anything, like that… People just need to be careful and stop blaming other people for their stupid little errors.

      And I’ve managed to salvage several lovely items I’ve wanted. I just shrug and get on with it.

    9. I was always thinking about the Item Lock on gear. It annoyed me to double check each item and even my DPS to verify whether all the items in my inventory are NPC trash, after i accidentally swapped even a single item.
      Altho its not Diablo-ish to have this “lock feature”, but with the new way we swapped gear with a right-click makes this a MUST.

    10. I am surprised people seem to have so much difficulty with this …. I’ve occasionally swapped stuff by accident, but always noticed straight away. Maybe it is because I ID everything at once and then look at them before selling.

      I.E I ID all the items in my inventory without looking at the stats > look at stats while in the vendor window > sell trash.

      That way if I did swap something I would notice because of the stats on the items.

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