The Diablo 3 Beta server is still down after the introduction of Patch 8 due to login issues. While post-patch downtime is quite common, it is unusual for it to remain down for this long a time. Is the culprit the changes to how the game stores character data which was introduced in Patch 8 that they spoke about?

    In the next beta patch (coming soon), we’ll be making some changes to the way we store character data. These changes won’t be visible to players, but we’ll need to wipe all characters in the Diablo III beta in order to fully implement them.

    Currently, there is no ETA on when the Beta will be available again.

    More interestingly though, you may have seen this interesting patch note while looking through the Patch 8 notes:

    • The introduction of magical items into the game has been slowed.

    Blizzard poster Lylirra confirmed that this in fact means that Magical items will now drop towards the end of the Beta content but only with one Affix, and the two-affix magicals in the latter levels of the Cathedral:

    2: They don’t start dropping until we get a bit higher in level so that we don’t just ignore every white drop from level 2 onwards.

    Correct. 🙂

    You’ll see white items drop first and then blue (magical) items will start dropping later, but those blue items will only have one magical property on them until the last level of the Royal Crypts. This might feel a bit strange in the beta, but we feel that it’s better for the game and item progression as a whole (and we think you will, too).

    Is this the same concept that causes Rare items to be virtually undroppable in the Beta? Do rares get introduced at a higher level (outside of the initial Skeleton King kill)? It sure looks like it!

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