Beta Stage Two Begins

We moved one step closer to the public beta today as press invites have begun to go out. The press also have no NDA so expect to see reviews of the beta begin to surface over the next day or so. The content of this stage of the beta is the same as the friends and family beta so don’t expect to see any new information come out.

No word from Blizzard on when the public beta will begin but it’s approaching fast as Blizzard still maintain public beta before the end of the 3rd quarter which ends on 30th September which is only 10 days away.

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9 thoughts on “Beta Stage Two Begins

  1. Thank goodness!  If something new hadn’t developed I was going to have to start some serious and real work rather than lurking here…
    PS  Your site is not letting me login, or to be more precise, I can login but when I return to the main page the login has failed.

  2. So Fans got a beta key since they are \press,\ did Inc Gamers?This site is more press then they are. I love this site because you aren’t a bunch of trolls or fanboys! You gather info from sources without having to become part of Blizzard to get it! I hope to kill hell’s minions with the crew that’s been doing it since day one!

  3. update: 
    Official Blizzard Quote:
    The fiery gates leading to the Burning Hells have begun to swing open, and the Diablo III beta test is officially underway. Invitations to participate in the beta test are now being delivered to the chosen heroes. …

  4. Is this what the news items that are popping up are referring to? Or is the closed beta in there the actual closed beta?

  5. @Elly
    But for public beta you mean that everyone in the next day could play the beta or do you mean closed beta?

    • @Metallurgiko
      I would hope it’s a typo and that she refers instead to the commencement of the beta lottery? (so as to infer that it would be publicly witnessed)

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