Skeleton King Boss Runs Made Easy Due to Bug

Nice bug find this one as it makes Skeleton King boss runs a LOT easier than they should be. The trick with this bug is to leave the game before the Skeleton King death animation completes. Usually you would start over and lose the last waypoint before the SK but this lets you go back directly to the waypoint just before and then it’s rinse and repeat. PhAt lewt all round over and over, assuming he drops anything of worth. Here it is in action. Patch please.

Thanks Honkert.

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    33 thoughts on “Skeleton King Boss Runs Made Easy Due to Bug

      • Yes, that’s an excellent suggestion.
        “My toe hurts a little bit, doctor.” “OK, we’ll schedule you for surgery tomorrow. I guess we’ll have to amputate your arm.”
        Or I guess they could just fix this problem and leave the waypoints which have nothing to do with it. Yeah, either or. One or the other as long as they do something I guess.

      • This works only because the quest text for skeleton king doesn’t update as soon as he is killed, otherwise the status would be saved at that point. If you check other quest monsters, the quest always updates immediately.
        Guess why it doesn’t update on skeleton king? Because the beta ends there, so instead the “beta ends” event resets the whole thing, and as you may remember, they moved that back a bit so people could see the full death animation.
        Implication for actual game -> zero

      • That video is not healthy to future wizards… it makes it look like energy twister actually has a use… very misleading… 😉

    1. So the beta just needs to be stress tested and the internal team does the bug fixing. Good to know. Good… to… know…

    2. while i recognize that this is certainly a bug.  could it be a problem with just the beta being short?  the beta is designed such that the game ends after skeleton king and subsequent play thru’s have you losing all quest progress.   Is that really how the game will be once they remove the beta shortness?
      Diablo2 you could run certain bosses extremely fast.  Mephisto for one was extremely easy to jump down to, especially in single player where the map was always the same.  in multiplayer, it was obviously a little harder since you had to discover the pathways down.
      at any rate, this should be super simple to fix if it is indeed a problem.  they just have to trigger the did kill skeleton king switch immediately once his health gets to zero.   as an aside, if this boss is too quick to farm, they could remove/move the waypoint sitting out in front of his door.

    3. I hope Blizzard gets their act together.  Otherwise we’ll be right back to D2’s “Realm Down” messages for creating to many games per hour and/or switching games to quickly.

    4. Doesn’t matter at all. You only get a GOOD lot drop the first time you defeat the SK with a character, IE a yellow or two will drop. All subsequent kills of the SK will only drop blues that are worthless compared to yellows/crafted blues.

    5. serves to show people how blizzard is extremelly overrated. the good guys departed from blizzard long ago. today they have people specialized in wow, and that’s that
      because its only for stress testing the servers, the games already perfect, we are that good
      yeah, whatever
      and the lag is not a bug, people should pay attention to the several videos in youtube where the game seems to freeze and attacks dont resolve, only the animation is show and nothing happens, also the map gets broken
      client/server architecture for win, like wow
      captcha: move along

      • If you are a Condor(Blizzard North) fan then yes. While some did stay at Blizzard, almost all Condor employee left Blizzard.
        If you are a Blizzard fan then no. Most main employee that made Lost Viking, Warcraft, Starcraft, Blackthorn is still in the company. 
        Two out of four founder(Max Schaefer, Erich Schaefer) of Condor is now at Runic games, which made the Torchlight. That said Max Schaefer said he is fan of Diablo 3 and would buy it on launch date in a interview long time ago. Also in Diablo 3, there is a item named after him and his brother (Erich Schaefer).

      • Yeah I’m wondering why leaving the game doesn’t prevent you from doing anything… In WoW the countdown for leaving is twice as long and it forces your character to sit down for it and you have to cancel the countdown if you want to do anything else…

      • Yeah. I think they really need an ‘in combat / out of combat’ detection capability. I was surprised when I read from a blue that there is none.

        I don’t think a good fix is not being able to attack or not doing anything though – that would leave the WD with pets the capability to keep doing it.

        I think the real problem is that the quest isn’t being updated while it counts down. So just updating the quest even though you are going through a logout countdown should be enough of a solution imo.

    6. For those of us not in the beta, what exactly is the exploit?  Couldn’t users normally just do what this shows by going to the last waypoint before the skeleton king, or is that waypoint not normally available?  If it’s not normally available, why does it show up in the video?

      • @Vynce: The quest status is reset once you finish it, so you can start it new (and fight through the cathedral levels) or do another quest – but not jump directly to the end of the quest (just the boss-kill). If you just count SK-kills, that bug reduces run times from ~10min to less than 2min.

    7. So question… say I still need to kill the Skeleton King and my friend already has killed him. I guess then my friend cannot take that WP to help me kill the Skeleton King ?
      That’s my guess at how it would work @[email protected]… it’s just annoying trying to stay on the same quests as your friends to play together.

    8. How can they call it a bug when they released the beta in this state from the beginning. They set the diffculty the way they wanted it to, they knew about this from the start. Talk about Sabotaging your own beta to come up with an excuse to delay because of dev incompetence not to mention they don’t want to compete with Skyrim and TOR.

    9. What are you talking people? That’s not a bug, it’s working as intended to give a more fluid game play. Right now it’s not in the current build, but since the beta build is an old build, it’s still there. This, will probably not be in the final version of the game, since the dev team fealt that they needed to take a diferent aproach.

      Move along, nothing to see here.

    10. This reminds me of the good o’l days, like D2 council runs with no magic find cap.   Oh yeah.  Then they nerfed it.  Well, not really.  I just had to farm the boss in the subsequent dungeon.  Could do those runs in under 2 minutes.  But wait! Pindleskin runs where were the best loot could be found, and they took 30 seconds.  Didn’t even need a bug to exploit, just poor end game design, but man was it fun… yeah fun…  Well, I’m off to kill a Royal Bovine, because that is what end content consists of in a game named Diablo.

      I hope in Inferno difficulty you need to kill all the Act bosses, and maybe some of the minor event bosses, in one game to get the best shot at ubber loot on the last boss killed.  Make something that you need to put some contiguous effort into and not some 5 minute sprint run and reset.

    11. You guys needs to settle down, like holy crap.  All this “The sky is falling” and such talk about how they don’t test the game, going to be unpolished, omgwtfbqqblizzardnorth and etc is ridiculous.

      The only reason this works is because of the way the beta is setup to cycle and EVEN if this worked in the real game, would have about 0 practical application.  They do not care that you can do this I’m sure, its beta, and irrelevant anyway.  They certainly have better things to be putting their thoughts and resources into.

    12. Wow, a game have a bug, the sky is falling.

      People, I tested many games in beta before. From the videos I seen Diablo 3 beta is very polished. Also Any software with bugs is normal.
      As a matter of fact, I have heard someone did some stats and found on average for a professional programmer successfully compile a program first time is about one time a year. No to mention, the run time error and logic error which is actually the hard part.

    13. I think it’s pretty clear that loot drops from bosses are only GOOD the first time you kill that boss, which will force you to move on in the story to get more GOOD loot, moving you through playthrough 1,2,3,4. Farming will be gone, you’ll need to start new characters to get a chance at the fresh first time loot drops, which with the shared stash seems like exactly what they want people to do. Just wait, you’ll see.

    14. The problem is that the loot drops when the death animation starts and the quest is updated when the death animation is finished. Solution? Update the quest when the loot drops when the death animation begins. It’s no biggy.

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