Beta Servers Full, Please Try Again Later

After months of never-crowded access, Blizzard has begun limiting the number of connections allowed on the Diablo 3 Beta servers.

For those experiencing the error message “Error 37”, please try to login again at a future point in time. We are currently limiting the amount of testers that can login to the beta test and this error indicates that the servers have reached capacity.

This perfectly simulates the conditions we’ll see on during the days after Diablo’s release, when overcrowding and the online-only requirement of Diablo III will no doubt combine to create massive nerd rage. Might as well beat the crowds and start a flaming forum thread now!

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  1. I’ve been able to log in fine so unfortunately I can’t join in with the nerd rage.  I shall rage about that instead.

  2. aww a beta limit on the server way to go blizzard wow we fulled up the server need a back up server for this

    • it’s a sign they are closing beta servers for the release of D3

      • I really doubt it… but we can hope…

        Closing them one by one makes no sense… they’re obviously testing something about the servers…
        But of course that is also a sign that the beta is progressing, which does mean we’re closer to release… just not as close as if we would be if they where closing the beta.

    • They’re prooly testing the minimum number of resources required to support certain amount of people being online, when you run a server with 1~2+ mil people online its wise to know wether you need to use 100 or 95 servers as everything costs money, better have that now then after release.

    • It’s a beta test. Nobody has the right to complain about performance.

  3. All I have to say is, when I buy a non-MMO I expect to be able to play the game at-will.  D3’s online-only crap better not get in my way when the time comes.  In other words, I’m going to miss the ability to play D3 off-line while waiting for server stability; or rather be pissed about not being able to play D3 reliably during launch week.  Blizzard better be prepared for launch.

    • If this were a new company to the online realm then I would give some merit to your comment.
      I would expect the company supplying game servers for 10M+ WoW players and 3.4M (source: sc2ranks(dot)com) to be prepared.  Warcraft SC and D1 and D2 are also on the various versions of so let us round up to 15M players served by Blizzard outside of D3.  Will the ping time suck for 48+ hours… sure.  Will it be mass chaos, nope – they have decades of experience mapping server load and turning banks on and off based on demand.
      Blizzard campus has a room with a world heat-map updated real time concerning server load – that is how serious they take this (source:

      • With all of this, as I said, Blizzard better be prepared.  They have no excuse not to be.

      • There were times when WoW had queues to access the WoW servers, too.
        And while I guess you could argue that blizz learned from the experience, D3 is a different game with different types of load demands. Soooooo… I would say that just pointing out that “it’s blizzard” proves nothing :p

  4. From a technical standpoint, what does this accomplish?

    WoW, sounds like a complaint ^^^     (its not) … but seriously, I am curious to know if there is anyone out there that know what they are testing atm.  Without actual server load, this would seem to me to be useless.  

    The only thing I can think of them actually testing right now, is the ability to throttle their servers, and that scares me a bit.

  5. Is this an invitation-only rage party?

  6. I used to play beta, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

  7. I get this all the time especially during peak hours.  Relogging over and over sometimes gets you in but during real peak hours this sometimes doesn’t work and you can’t play.
    I never have this problem after 1:00 AM though.

  8. Queues + realm downs. Perfect combination! I don’t think its an impossible scenario after seeing so much bullshit in the three last years.

  9. WotLK released with only minor issues on select realms, until the dreaded Door Boss hit everyone a month into the game.  SC2 and Cata both released flawlessly in regards to playability, I’m going to wager on D3 having a smooth launch.

  10. Limiting server capacities, huh? I wonder if that means they don’t plan to invite many more people to the beta…

    • It could possibly mean they’re receiving some hardware and upgrading? Potentially preparing for stress tests/launch and testing out some “Oh shiznit” scenarios or, ya know, showing the new guys the ropes?
      Maybe I’m reading too much between the lines, but I have no clue why they would ever want to LIMIT the number of connections except for the above. Or…. *gasp* beta is about to close and they’re switching servers to the “live” game.

    • edit: whoops, chriscowart was faster, basically what he said 😉

  11. They are limiting slots to less keys than they have on purpose.  Its called stress testing, and a part of the beta phase to test hardware.  The fact that anyone is complaining about a new stage in the beta testing, Is just flat out beyond my comprehension.  

    Yes they have the resources and technology available to let everyone play, they don’t want to, nor are they obligated to.  They want to test server capacity and login servers, deal with it.  Its a beta, not a game you bought.

  12. I used to get “Error 37”, but then I didn’t took that knee to the arrow, because I always get “Error 12” :[

  13. Servers cost money. They’ll have a big investment on their servers before the game launches. Its not exactly a priority on something that isn’t making any money yet…

  14. I can’t believe people who were lucky enough to get into the beta actually complain about this!? Stupid entitlement generation…

  15. this one really sounds like a release date 😉 !!

  16. I think that beta isn’t actually on the entire server cluster they have.  I’m sure it is something that they keep on a few servers so they can monitor everything that happens.  Just think if they invited a lot of people and spanned it across all their servers and the logging they have in place would be insane to keep up with.  Just saying. 😕

  17. I’ve never had a problem with the online-only because.. well, I think if it’s done right and we don’t have latency issues then it can only be a good thing (esp. for piracy).
    But, that said.  If we do have problems on release and I can’t play the game I’ve waited forever and paid a fortune for I will be insanely unhappy.
    I really hope they sort this out.

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