Beta Patch Achievements List

The full list of the Achievements enabled in the new Diablo 3 Beta patch. This is not the full list from the final game, of course, and some of these are just for testing purposes in the beta, but it’s an interesting read.

The image is a compiled grab of some of the new Achievement graphics. We’ll have these added to the DiabloWiki and DiabloNut with the proper graphics and such as soon as possible.

  • A Boon Companion
  • Betamaxed Bringing
  • Down The House
  • Co-op Elite Kills (5) (1)
  • Co-op Elite Kills (10) (2)
  • Co-op Elite Kills (20) (3)
  • Co-op Elite Kills (35) (4)
  • Co-op Elite Kills (50) (5)
  • Deep Pockets (500) (1)
  • Deep Pockets (5k) (2)
  • Deep Pockets (10k) (3)
  • Elite Kills (5) (1)
  • Elite Kills (10) (2)
  • Elite Kills (20) (3)
  • Elite Kills (35) (4)
  • Elite Kills (50) (5)
  • Fall of the Black King (All Classes)
  • Fall of the Black King (Barbarian)
  • Fall of the Black King (Demon Hunter)
  • Fall of the Black King (Monk)
  • Fall of the Black King (Witch Doctor)
  • Fall of the Black King (Wizard)
  • Gate Crasher
  • Instant Karma
  • Iron Heart
  • Jar of Souls Jar of Souls (Co-op)
  • Level 10 Life Saver
  • Light Entertainment Massive Blow Maxed Out (Barbarian)
  • Maxed Out (Demon Hunter)
  • Maxed Out (Monk)
  • Maxed Out (Witch Doctor)
  • Maxed Out (Wizard)
  • Mind on the Metal
  • Superior Craftsmanship
  • The Legacy of Cain
  • The Legacy of Cain (Co-op)
  • The Matriach’s Bones (Co-op)
  • The Matriarch’s Bones
  • Thorough Inspection

Thanks to PaNtsONhEaD for digging out the list. Check his forum thread for some early discussion, and debate about whether achievements for resurrecting other players are a form of being “rewarded for failure,” and if such HC-excluding achievements are cool.

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7 thoughts on “Beta Patch Achievements List

  1. They should rename ‘Overachiever’ to ‘Go Outside’ and ‘Level 10’ to ‘Over 9’ or ‘Over 9000 x 10^-3’

  2. Bad achievements. Why include “play through level 1 of the story” as an achievement? it is not an achievement! an Achievement is a thing that you achieved that is out of the ordinary. For example: kill each boss naked. At least thats what I like.

    • i agree.  However, super basic achievements like these are really good for the developers.  They can track all of these and it gives them a lot of information on % of players that achieve basic game goals.   How many players have finished the game?  How many players have finished the game up to a certain point?  How many players have finished the game using multiple characters?  All 5 characters?  Etc.   It is invaluable information for the developer in terms of game design.
      I didn’t really expect any of the creative achievements to be brought out for the beta.  This is just to get them working properly.

    • Because, dc, these are beta achievements and are obviously not final… Speaking of which, I hope those icons are not final… they are way too flashy and colorful and don’t really match the rest of the game… I suppose achievement icons are probably some of the last things the art team works on so it would make sense for them to still have temp art…

  3. I have to agree, they’re not as good as they could be.  They seem a bit rough and ready to me.  Definitely going to start collecting them now though.

  4. I played about 3 hours with a new DH last night and got damn near all the non-class specific achievements in just that time. All the gold pick up, all the elite kills, all the blacksmith crafting stuff, etc. The pop up messages are kind of fun, but these aren’t exactly taxing achievements to acquire.

    About the only one that would actually take some specific effort, as opposed to something you’ll just get naturally during the course of playing, is Instant Karma. And even that could come up by accident if you were in a very long battle with Leoric. I hope the end game Achievements are more difficult, or at least require you to do things intentionally to achieve them.

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