Beta Patch #9 Notes

Tada! Another patch and this is what you’re getting!

  • Your BattleTag code will now properly appear in the Add Friend dialog box
  • Fixed an issue with promoting players to Party Leader via in-game portraits
  • Fixed an issue where sending out in-game invites to multiple players could sometimes cause the Party Leader’s client to freeze when the invites were accepted
  • Fixed an issue where interacting with a character’s banner in a co-op game could cause a player to become momentarily stuck
  • Fixed an issue where rapidly equipping and un-equipping items from your inventory could sometimes cause the inventory UI to lag out
  • Fixed an issue where quickly adding items from a full inventory into the shared stash would not always move the items over correctly
  • Fixed a number of additional issues and crashes that were affecting gameplay

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  1. Another patch is another step forward <3

  2. Lots of ‘fixed’ in there which is encouraging to see.  Suggests less pressing changes needed and just making sure what is there is working correctly.

  3. My guess is this will be the last patch till next year.

  4. Patch 8 brought a bug where the game crashes promplty after pressing “play” on the launcher. (Macbook, OS X 10.6.8)
    Patch 9 fixed nothing, still cannot launch.

  5. good guess, I think you’re onto something here.

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