Beta Patch 17 Changes

Well the patch is not live yet but as usual we are on the case and have our handy list of all the skill changes in this patch which you can find below. We also have a list of all the string changes and there is a bit of a spoiler in here on Mob naming so if you don’t want to see the change then don’t click the spoiler tag (you may know it already) 🙂

Also worth noting that there are no item changes in this patch.

Changes to Mobs:


  • MistressOfPain_Encounter_Name has changed from “The Mistress of Pain” to “The Maiden of Lust”
  • MistressOfPain_Taunt_Text has changed from “Defeat the Mistress and destroy the final Demon Heart!” to “Defeat the Maiden and destroy the final Sin Heart!”

Some new strings:

Battle.Net Tooltips:

  • This quest is unavailable with a Starter Edition license. Please change your quest or create a new hero.
  • This hero cannot be used with a Starter Edition license. Please create a new hero.
  • Unable to create a hero while in a party.

Battle.Net Errors:

  • Unable to create new hero due to party state. (ERROR_HERO_CREATE_PARTY_LOCKED)

Battle.Net Login:

  • End User License Agreement
  • RMTAH Terms of Use
  • “Terms Of Service” is now “Terms Of Use”


Weapon Throw – Advanced TooltipCost: 10 Fury

Hurl a throwing weapon at an enemy for 120% weapon damage and Slow the movement of the enemy by 60% for 2 seconds.

Cost: 10 Fury

Hurl a throwing weapon at an enemy for 100% weapon damage and Slow the movement of the enemy by 60% for 2 seconds.

Weapon Throw – Mighty ThrowIncrease thrown weapon damage to 171% weapon damage.

This skill is affected by your characters: No Escape

Increase thrown weapon damage to 143% weapon damage.

This skill is affected by your characters: No Escape

Weapon Throw – Throwing HammerHurl a hammer with a 75% chance to Stun the target for 2 seconds.Hurl a hammer with a 50% chance to Stun the target for 1 seconds.

Please note that DiabloNut uses the game engine to generate it’s numbers. At the momement if there is something it doesn’t know it’ll default to “yes”. So in this case the Mighty Throw has No Escape active for it’s calculation. I hope that clears it up.


Paralysis – Advanced TooltipLightning damage dealt to enemies has up to a 5% chance to Stun the target for 3 seconds.Lightning damage dealt to enemies has up to a 8% chance to Stun the target for 1.5 seconds.

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    45 thoughts on “Beta Patch 17 Changes

        • This site. Previous reports have crammed gigantic quantities of data on the same page, making it difficult to find what you are most interested in. Much better to have links to individual sections to cut down.

          Unless only four skills have changed. Regardless, it looks better this way. 🙂

    1. I don’t understand 1 second stuns. Maybe I’m missing something. The only thing I can guess is that later equipment affects various Rune stats, which increase it down the line and starting from 2 was just too much for those higher-end upgrades? Or does a barb throwing weapons really pose that much threat of stun-locking entire groups?

        • were not going to be stun locking in diablo 3 lets just say that.. mosy the stun times got nerfed to keep a more fast gameplay i assume, and maybe pvp but yah probly not cus of pvp lol

      • They are spammable stuns. Even if they interrupt heavy attacks that’s potentially a big deal.

        • Yeah, you get 4 barbs in beta with the stun bash rune and you can lock up the skeleton king for pretty much the whole fight.

      • yeah, I’m wondering if there’s going to be a “demo” version that is the same content as the beta 

      • I think it will be similar to beta content, only it seems from those lines, that there will be some character restrictions either. 
        For comparison, there is already S2 starter edition, where u can taste first 6(?) missions and some challenges, but u cant play against human opponent nor choose in skirmish other race than human.

    2. Was playing beta earlier and I can’t believe they still haven’t put in nopickup.  Hopefully this patch allows you to once again put skills in any of the slots.  Those two things are the sort of polish you expect from Blizzard.  Can’t believe it isn’t in yet.

        • Not really, no. Certain skills have to be bound to lmb, or cannot be bound to lmb, and lmb/rmb cannot be rebound.

          The game needs nopickup. 

        • Like RR said, elective mode lets you select any skills, but the UI still sucks and forces you to put them on LMB, then RMB, then 1234. For instance, you can’t put your first 3 skills on RMB, 1, 2, leaving LMB as just plain attack.

          This is a problem especially for chars like the Wiz and WD, who have to put something like Magic Missile or Poison Dart on left click, which inevitably leads you to missing a monster, clicking right beside it, and then running towards it.

    3. The current patch’s elective mode allows you to put whatever skill in whichever slot you desire

      • Again, no it doesn’t, as there are exceptions, and since you cannot rebind lmb/rmb you are forced to use those for four of your six skills.

        • The only real exception I know of is some skills can’t be put on LMB. Like skills that don’t need a target, usually buffs. Since you would cast them when trying to move.

      • When you only have 3 skills unlocked.  You are forced to have them on rmb/lmb and slot 1.  You can’t assign one to slot 3 until you have 5 skills unlocked.  Of course you could go in and change your binds but is there really a reason to lock out the skill bar slots?

        Oh and yes this is in elective mode.

        • I’ve posted this previously as well. My guess for the lock out is lazy coding. Easier to have each skill slot on the bar tied directly to a skill slot in the skill selection interface by coding. I don’t know if that’s how it works, but its a guess. Perhaps someone with more knowledge can chime in!

    4. I don’t understand, it seems like week after week, this site manages to have the exact same post as other fansites with a few minor tweeks, I’m sure this post will be deleted because Inc is like that.

      • I don’t understand, it seems like week after week, other sites manages to have the exact same post as Inc but with a few minor tweeks, I’m sure this post will be deleted because other fansites are like that.

        In otherwords, if the news is fact, then ofc all the sites will have the same news!? Derp?

        • If that was the case all other fansites would have the incorrect weapon throw right now. Accidents happen though this just proves no one stole eachothers patch changes.


          • It’s not incorrect, it’s different for a reason. It’s with the “no escape” skill active 🙂

            • Ah I see, it’s just a bit confusing not having clear differences for all of the variations like you did with Throwing Hammer. May be something to consider in the future. Anyways thanks for the notes!

            • For sure! I’m going to be upgrading the skills section “soon” but as with everything, time time time time time time time time xD

      • Sonimba, every time a patch is released Dorjan datamines it and updates the news here and then, that’s why you get the nice mouseovers that lead there.  


      • I don’t understand what you are trying to do. They say in the post where they got the data from…

        • It’s gettin heated up in here!
          Too bad even with all of incgamers mentions being deleted from the main boards we still average twice the daily traffic as curse fans.

    5. I dunno about the damage nerf on weapon throw…doesn’t really seem worth it for 10 Fury and the stun effect rune is overwhelmingly “meh”
      Captcha is: bated breath   😀

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