Diablo 3 Beta Patch 14 Official Notes

Diablo 3 Beta Patch Notes 14It was quite a surprise to get this patch just now and there are yet more surprises in its contents. Read on for the official release notes and if anything unofficial appears we’ll be sure to report on that too.

There is no mention of a character wipe so we’re not sure on that score but expect a clean slate when you get back in game. Also no changes to the DiabloWikiWitch Doctor which is a little surprising after Kaivax’s update earlier:

Looks like some cool things happening with the Diablo III beta today. I think my next new character will be a witch doctor.

Were changes not rolled live or are they just a fan of Hardcore Witch Doctors?

As well as the official notes below we have lots more information and Patch 14 Resources that you won’t wish to miss:


Official Patch Notes

Diablo III Beta Patch 14 v.
Released 3/8/12


  • Hardcore mode is now available, and can be unlocked by reaching level 10 with at least one character
  • Cast time to resurrect a fallen ally has been increased from 1 second to 3 seconds
  • Player created games now default to Invite Only. Check “Allow Quick Join” in the Social tab of the Options menu to allow your friends to join
  • Magic Find and Gold Find are now shared amongst party members. The average combined value of the entire party’s Magic and Gold Find applies to all players regardless of location in the game world. The averaged values will not display in the UI

Skill UI

  • DiabloWikiIn Elective mode, skills can now be dragged and dropped from the skill interface into hot-key slots
  • Right-clicking a skill hot-key will now open the skill interface

DiabloWikiAuction House

  • The Sell interface has been updated to better match the in-game inventory and stash
  • Combined the advanced and basic search features
  • The Active auctions tab now allows users to see all active auctions
  • Searches for recipes and tomes have been added


Barbarians now have innate 30% passive damage reduction versus all sources.This damage reduction is applied at the same time as all other damage reducing effects (such as Armor), but prior to Shield Block

  • DiabloWikiGround Stomp
    Now destroys barrels
  • DiabloWikiLeap Attack
    Ability renamed to Leap
    Weapon damage reduced from 125% to 85%
    Now slows enemies in the landing zone by 60% for 3 seconds
DiabloWikiDemon Hunter
  • DiabloWikiHungering Arrow
    Rune of Puncturing Arrow pierce chance reduced from 55% to 50%
  • DiabloWikiImpale
    Rune of Impact stun chance reduced from 100% to 65%
  • DiabloWikiSmoke Screen
    Duration increased from 2 to 3 seconds.
    Cost increased from 15 to 24 Discipline

Monks now have innate 30% passive damage reduction versus all sources.This damage reduction is applied at the same time as all other damage reducing effects (such as Armor), but prior to shield block


  • Gold cost to craft items reduced
  • Cost to train Blacksmith doubled
  • More crafting materials are now required to craft items
  • Chance to DiabloWikisalvage rare crafting material from blue Magic items reduced from 10% to 5%



  • Normal attack now deals 15% weapon damage
  • DiabloWikiIntervene taunt reduced from 5 seconds to 3 seconds


    Several aspects of the game economy have been adjusted, including but not limited to:

  • Gold drops
  • Item sale values
  • DiabloWikiVendor costs
  • Repair costs
  • DiabloWikiRings and DiabloWikiAmulets now become available at a higher level.As a result, these items will no longer drop in the in beta. Fear not – sparkly baubles await you in the retail version of the game.


  • DiabloWikiMira Eamon now drops better loot.
  • Monster damage has been increased

Bug Fixes

For a full list of documented game and service bugs, please review the Known Issues sticky located in the Beta Bug Report forum.

  • Players are now able to leave the game if unexpectedly disconnected from DiabloWikiBattle.net
  • Public Games can once again accommodate up to four players
  • Players can now queue for a Public Game involving any quest they’ve unlocked
  • Players should now properly be able to send and receive friend invites
  • Friends should no longer appear as [ ] in chat

So, how do you feel about these new changes?  Are you overjoyed, excited, indifferent or just give me the damn game?!

Update: We’ve have begun to datamine the information directly from the Diablo 3 game files. You know how this goes – class this as a spoiler – there is information and pretty images. It will not make up for not having the game I know 🙁

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    67 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Beta Patch 14 Official Notes

    1. “Hardcore mode is now available, and can be unlocked by reaching level 10 with at least one character”

      What. Awwww Yehhhhh.

      • That. Really weird. Or.. if they make it like this in the full game.. it isn’t so bad to be required to reach level 10 😉

        • I doubt that would end up in the full game because it would just be.. weird. (I hope it does though, I could easily pump out 10 levels on a character I will never touch again)

    2. Interesting that HC mode is now available.
      I wonder if they’ll allow PvP as well…
      Captcha was “no way.” 🙁

    3. Still reading..

      “In Elective mode, skills can now be dragged and dropped from the skill interface into hot-key slots
      Right-clicking a skill hot-key will now open the skill interface”


    4. Flat out 30% damage reduction? That’s… very hamfisted.

      I am actually very surprised at how crude that is. Hopefully it is temporary.

      • Yea what the fuck.. Who came up with THAT idea … I guess the combat at higher levels doesn’t have that “depth” they spoke of after all .. 

      • Did you not see the monster damage increase part? E.g. double monster damage? E.g. good bye melee characters?

        • It was only for the first 20 levels. They could have just boosted early life values on the Monk/Barbarian.

          There are undercurrents here. The best reasoning I can think off is if, at high levels, defensive skills were too mandatory for Monks/Barbarians which significantly cut down on build variety.

          The worst reasoning is that Blizzard already gone lazy on the balance and simultaneously decided that, nah, melee DH/Wiz/WD are improper and the game balance can ignore them. Well, mostly I am concerned about the latter. This change makes sense if Monks/Barbarians are meant to be better at melee combat no matter what tricks you pull out of your hat for the other three classes, but that’s a part I really don’t like.

            • Maybe the game does actually get hard, and melee wouldnt have been very survivable otherwise.

            • There are other, better ways to handle this than a flat out 30% DR gimme boost. Every point of armor doesn’t need to provide the same DR for each class. Every point of Vitality doesn’t need to give the same HP for every class. And, this makes the prospect of melee Wizards/Hunters/Doctors almost impossible. Smashing things at melee range is balanced around the assumption of that 30% base bonus, which a Wizard/Hunter/Doctor will not have. So, good luck w/ that!

            • If the damage increase is too hard on melee centric classes, they could’ve increased it by x1,7 and skip this tacked on 30% reduction. That way you could have a go with all classes as melee. Just throwing it out there.

            • If playing melee classes are too difficult, then that is a problem with their skills, and giving them a huge boost in damage reduction is a lazy band-aid fix.

            • Whats the issue of how they address the problem if the end result is the same? They have a lot more info then we do, have faith.

          • While i initially thought this a tacked on balance change, it makes some sense that the 2 extremely tough melee in your face characters would be more naturally durable than squishy ranged characters lore-wise. As to balance, i feel it was probably to difficult for melee or to easy for ranged at endgame.

    5. “Hardcore mode is now available, and can be unlocked by reaching level 10 with at least one character”

      Well thats a fair compromise to me really… lets have HC access after reaching lvl 10 once the game is released !!! 

      Won’t confuse “noobs/casuals” too much either then

    6. HC at level 10 would probably annoy me in the short term than after a normal play through because it would be a ridiculously silly hoop to have to jump through. At least the normal play through has some sort of bad argument behind it. But it would annoy me for a much shorter time than a normal period, so I would be ecstatic if this randomly turned out to be in the game and not just temporary for the beta.

      Also, if it’s just temporary for the beta, why not do it like the game and say “after a leoric kill”?

      • i think it probably is a permanent change to HC they’re trying out, if it was just for the beta they would probably say so since it’s been such a contentious issue. i think a lvl 10 unlock is a great idea, it makes it “granny proof” without messing people up too bad. and they get to test out their first class and then decide if they really want to play through the game with it or reroll.
        anyone who intends to play HC from the getgo has probably watched their share of beta videos, so there won’t be any spoilers for them, and maybe there’s some super purists who are offended at even having to get to lvl 10 – you could have a friend play to lvl 10 before you to unlock HC and then call you to come back in the room after that 5 minutes of leveling up is over.

    7. Did they just make the followers’ damage based on your weapon damage, rather than on their own stats and equipment? Eghhhhh.

      • Yeah, kind of wacky there. They’re really in love with that wep damage thing.

      • Where do you see that? He carries his own weapon. It only does 15% of his own weapon damage b/c I guess they don’t want him killing everything for you. At least that’s what I’m assuming. But he has his own weapon, and it has its own damage.

    8. No nerf to the Wizard’s Arcane Orb? Interesting. And to have a 30% passive damage reduction? I guess they’re trying to make the tank-like classes actually be able to hold more damage than the ranged folks, but still, that seems a bit… ridiculous 😕

      • The most interesting part is that this is also doubled up as a shield buff because the % reduction applies before the flat reduction from shield blocking.
        Shields have become numerically more powerful for melee than ranged, rather than just mechanically.

      • Actually Arcane Orb receive a major nerf this patch…. down to 175% weapon damage from 250% previously… 🙁

    9. This is probably the best news week in D3 development history. 

      HC mode, upping monster damage, lowering char damage, +skill affixes, magic/gold find, rare/champion ties to bosses.  I’m going to drink to that. 

    10. Anyone else out there disappointed with the “removal” of Exploding Palm? It had so much potential…

      • I don’t know yet. Have to try. But it was my favority monk skill so I might miss it 😉

        • It was probably my favorite skill in the whole game due to the things I could imagine myself doing with it and how fun it was to blow stuff up through fast and tactical surgical hits.

          Amazing at both damage and resource generation, surely they picked up on that internally and great things like that aren’t meant to last… But I wasn’t expecting for them to simply remove the explosion part because it was seen as the Monk’s signature skill since it was first revealed. 😐

          I hope the new design’s runes are at least something to be excited about, the rest of the patch already is but I was hit hard with this change.

          • How did you divine that they removed the primary purpose of the skill from patch notes that merely state that it changed from a generator into a spender with a damage buff on the DoT effect?

            I guarantee you that the explosion is still there. Probably at the same 30% of monster HP value.

            • By “skill was redesigned” and explosion not being mentioned, you don’t have to be that much of a genie to expect it not to have it. Fortunately it’s still there after being able to check in-game. But you can’t really use it as often as before, so it does change it a lot and not simply for better.

            • Yes the explosion is still there, and the runes are the same except for Creeping Demise which was changed to a slow instead of the multiple targets hit by the bleed.

    11. Wow.  Blizz just went bat ish crazy this patch.  Lol.  PVP is the only thing missing now!

    12. I’m liking the changes to Leap. Never really made sense as an attack skill, nice to see they emphasized the utility of it. I hope they add more notes over the next few hours. We also get to play with Smoke Screen. Wee!

    13. login to pacht 14.
      lvl to 10, then go Hard core – lvl 10 die = test hall of dead/heroes

    14. The damage resist passive for the melee classes seems fine to me. Just a way to keep melee characters going. No need to overcomplicate the implementation. If you have to stand close to the enemies to kill them, then you’re tougher. I’m most curious to see how people react to the Monk. Exploding Palm sounds like a good change.

    15. This is probably a stupid argument/point, given that it’s beta, but removing rings/amulets gets rid of such a huge amount of the item finding/economy(AH) fun in the game at the moment. :(. Amulets were very rare and good rings were as well. Yeah, I know… complaining about beta… stupid… but still! I guess purely from a testing perspective, there may now not be as much inclination to min/max or item hunt which means not as much motivation to play which thus means not as much testing! :p. Ah well… all good. ALSO, BEST FIX EVER: “Friends should no longer appear as [ ] in chat.” Thank god. Seriously.

    16. As I’ve not died yet I don’t imagine HC mode will add anything for me.  Perhaps play with only starting gear and with monster dmg increased it could get my pulse going a bit.

      • well I would say It depends on how much they pumped the damage up. but yeah, I’ve died 1 time with the barb on patch 13 during the jar of souls quest. now he’s beefy as ever. we’ll see how this all works out when the beta is live.

      • Only time I’ve died was to help people with the Life Saver achievement. I’ve only used a potion once, which was on my first character when surrounded by Champion scavengers. Even with increased monster damage, I doubt Hardcore will matter.

    17. My experiences with melee leave me thinking the 30% reduction will be fair for the monk and barbarian.  They did come off as having a significant disadvantage because of the unavoidable damage they’d take compared to ranged characters.  I’d imagine that this only gets worse at higher levels making it difficult when the enemies hit even harder.  This should allow melee characters to stat similarly to ranged characters while surviving the additional hits.

    18. WD nerfbat?

      Grasp of the Dead – Cost: 75 Mana / Cooldown: 8 seconds / HandsGhoulish hands reach out from the ground, slowing enemy movement by 60% and dealing 4020% weapon damage as Physical for 8 seconds. 

      I admit I got this off another ‘D3 site’ …  🙄

      • That was my go-to spell in beta because it was ridiculously overpowered. I don’t throw out that term lightly but there it is.
        Functionality (slow/snare) plus big damage? Unnecessary. 

    19. yes it’s still there:

      Exploding Palm GenerateCost: 640 Spirit per attack The first two strikes in the attack deal 100% weapon damage. The third strike causes theCause a target to bleedBleed for 50% of220% weapon damage as Physical per second forover 3 seconds. If the target dies while bleeding, it explodes and deals 30% of the target’s maximum Life as Physical damage to all othernearby enemies nearby. stat : The first two strikes in the attack deal 100Cause a target to Bleed for 220% weapon damage. The third strike causes the target to bleed for 50% of weapon damage as Physical per second for 3 seconds. If the target dies while bleeding, it explodes, dealing and deals 30% of the enemytarget’s maximum Life inas Physical damage to all othernearby enemies nearby. Impending Doom : Increases the duration of the bleedBleed effect to 5 seconds. Creeping Demise : The bleed effect hits 2 targets standing in front of youAlso reduces your target’s movement speed by 80%. The Flesh is Weak : The third hit alsoAlso causes the target to take 12% additional damage for 3 seconds. Essence Burn : The third strike causesInstead of bleeding, the target towill burn for 60250% weapon damage as Fire every second forover 3 seconds. If the target dies while burning, it explodes causing all nearby enemies to burn for 3060% weapon damage as Fire for 2over 3 seconds. This effect can chain repeatedlyhappen multiple times.  

    20. all i can say is … WTF… 30% reduction for barb and monk ? because of increased damage on monsters? why do that? because ranged had it too easy? .. so you suddenly realised that?  testing the game for how long – years and now such change? How now specs like melee wizzard are supposed to work ? what about followers and pets wont they just die in 2 seconds? Why not increase melee survival skills or just increase damage of ranged monster rather then everything?

      Also where ppl are reading about those WD / WZ nerfs?

    21. I’m not sure what “higher level” actually means in terms of level, just hope it isn’t too high so min/maxing is left out in low-level PvP.

    22. I don’t really like the band-aid fix of the 30% damage reduction. I’d rather them buff their survival skills or make their primary stats give more of the defensive bonus. I’m not sure I’m too fond of the Exploding Palm change either…

    23. One thing I’ve always found a bit strange about certain games, is that you get a lot of skills that, ultimately, becomes useless later on, as higher ranking skills will surpass them in every way.
      What Blizzard are doing atm is giving us skills that have long term use – instead of just using the most powerful, you’ll use the skills you like to use, and by basing so many off weapon damage, they’ll scale beautifully with better gear.
      Things like the 30% damage reduction may seem silly now, but potentially required to survive Nightmare and higher difficulties – as melee, you will get swarmed and while not having a challenge isn’t much fun, neither is dying all the time…

      For what I can tell, there’s an awful lot of changes in this patch. Multiple skills has been shifted around, about 1/2 of the crafted items seems to have disappeared and those that remain have had a major level requirement overhaul. Also just about every skill seems to have been toned down, effectwise, and I hope it’s an indication that skills will become more visually impressive when we gain access to the +skill items. Rather interesting as well, is the fact that magic items seems to drop a lot more, possibly to compensate for the reduced crafting inventory.

      Never been one to make release predictions about any Blizzard game, but it’s really starting to feel like it’s the last stretch – the changes seems more like fine tuning, so here’s hoping…      

      Exploding Palm still goes boom, btw – the main difference the change makes, as far as I can tell, is to improve the chance that monsters will die while under the effect.

    24. Happy for the HC change, not for the exploding palm change.

      I’m not sure what level people will be expecting to get upon completing normal difficulty,  however, can someone explain to please, since I’m not in beta, that if there are four acts, and level 10 is required to play hardcore, doesn’t that mean you have to go through 2/3rds of normal difficulty to be able to unlock HC mode? If there are four acts and level cap is 60, isn’t it about 15 levels per difficulty? D2 was around 30 levels if you see what I mean.

      • Blizzard has said 1-30 for normal, 31-50 for nightmare and 51-60 for hell is how the leveling curve is tuned – some will be higher or lower, but that’s the aim

        Mind, Inferno is for capped chars only, aka level 60

    25. “The averaged MF values will not display in the UI”

      This disappoints me… So i wont know how much MF i have in public games AT ALL?  If MF is always going to be changing each game based on the gear of my allies it should at least be displayed somewhere!

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