Blizzard will roll out DiabloWikiPatch 13 this week, exactly when they don’t know but my guess is Friday unless something happens and it gets pushed to next week. The patch will include a complete wipe of characters, gold, items, DiabloWikifollowers, and DiabloWikiartisans. Your DiabloWikiBattle.net Balance will be reset to 50 Beta Bucks as before.

    We’re currently in the process of preparing the next beta patch for release and wanted to provide all beta testers with a heads-up that a character wipe will be included. Please note that, as with previous character wipes, this wipe will also affect gold, items, followers, and artisans. (Beta Bucks will be reset, as well.)

    We’re hoping to release Beta Patch 13 before the weekend, but we don’t yet have a precise ETA. As always, we’ll provide more information as it becomes available, and patch notes will be posted here once the patch is live.

    Thanks for your continued feedback and testing!

    Is this the patch with the changes to DiabloWikiDemon Hunter and skill system DiabloWikiBashiok talked about? Will we see more things removed, simplified or maybe added? We don’t know but we will keep you updated on everything when the patch hits. As always we will post the patch notes and the client will be thoroughly inspected for any unofficial changes.

    Source: Blues: IncGamers

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