Beta Patch #13 Possibly by this Weekend

Blizzard will roll out DiabloWikiPatch 13 this week, exactly when they don’t know but my guess is Friday unless something happens and it gets pushed to next week. The patch will include a complete wipe of characters, gold, items, DiabloWikifollowers, and DiabloWikiartisans. Your Balance will be reset to 50 Beta Bucks as before.

We’re currently in the process of preparing the next beta patch for release and wanted to provide all beta testers with a heads-up that a character wipe will be included. Please note that, as with previous character wipes, this wipe will also affect gold, items, followers, and artisans. (Beta Bucks will be reset, as well.)

We’re hoping to release Beta Patch 13 before the weekend, but we don’t yet have a precise ETA. As always, we’ll provide more information as it becomes available, and patch notes will be posted here once the patch is live.

Thanks for your continued feedback and testing!

Is this the patch with the changes to DiabloWikiDemon Hunter and skill system DiabloWikiBashiok talked about? Will we see more things removed, simplified or maybe added? We don’t know but we will keep you updated on everything when the patch hits. As always we will post the patch notes and the client will be thoroughly inspected for any unofficial changes.

Source: Blues: IncGamers

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44 thoughts on “Beta Patch #13 Possibly by this Weekend

  1. It can’t be. We all know “soon” is measured in weeks, if not months or years.

    Though on an enigmatic note, Bashiok tweeted something of interesting relevance which, of course, can be interpreted in anyway way you like:

    “Ok, listen, cool things will happen before the weekend, ok? So let’s all just like, be cool, and things, and before the weekend. I love you.” -Bashiok

  2. It’s not made clear in the BLUE but this sounds like it might be the big patch, with the new skill system, etc. They said “soon” (which admittedly, can mean almost anything when Bliz says it), but that the Jay Wilson explanation for the changes would come with the patch, and the time frame was supposed to be around mid-Feb, and this patch is a full char wipe. They don’t wipe and reset for minor patches with just bug fixes, so it would seem odd if they tabula rasa the servers for this one, and it’s not a big patch with lots of changes.


    • Sounds great, Flux! Can’t wait to max out the chars all over again!
      It’s insane to think I have already put in more than 60 hours of playing in such a small part of the game! proves that at least for me, beyond any shadow of a doubt, this game WILL last for a long-ass time!
      With that said- bring on the new skill system tomorrow! Hell yeahz! 😀

          • Not when you posted that… not in America anyway… which is where Blizzard is, thus PST is really the only timezone that counts in these matters.

          • Guess I need to remind you that the entire universe does actually NOT revolve around the US, and when I made my comment this (Thursday) morning, my usage of ‘tomorrow’ was 100% correct.

            It really makes no difference if we here in Northern Europe get to Friday about 7-8 hours befofore the states, it still will be tomorrow and will simply be a bit later on during the day for me. But you are not ignorant well and do know all this, eh?

            Now, if you are done being a nitpicking, petty @ss, maybe we can stop being silly and all be friends again? 😉

          • Well, if Blizz for some reason waits till 5:01pm pst then your statement would be false for you because it would then in fact be Saturday in your area.  Just sayin’.   😀

      • I logged in over 700 hours with the DH alone…
        OK, well there was a glitch that happened about 2 weeks after I got the beta that changed my 10+ hours into 700 but hey it happened.

  3. Is “good things” Bashiok hoping the development team will deliver the patch before the weekend or something else ? I guess the patch will come Tuesday at the earliest. Hope up – Fool down. How often will they pull this before they learn ?

  4. I prefer some EU invites over some patch, but i guess it means the game is progressing, which is a good thing. Just hope they don’t wait till 1 month before release to give us europeans a chance. Then ill wait 1 month extra to keep the experience fresh.

    • There were a couple complaints in the beta forums that the DH felt less powerful than the other classes at comparable and early levels (before you can craft those yellow lvl 13 1h xbows which are the best weapons in the beta for a char [highest DPS]) and Blizzard ack’d that they would change some DH things to make them better early on. I assume they will either change skill orders or buff the damage on a few of them. I don’t expect major skill changes like removing a skill and adding a new one.

      • I’m not saying the the complaints aren’t legitimate, just that I haven’t experienced them.  I mean really, what cannot be killed by Rapid Fire or Elemental Arrow?  Combine Evasive Fire with Shadow Power and you have a hatred regen machine that will fuel RF and EA endlessly.
        I’m fine with changes though, whatevs.

        • I’m not saying I agreed with the complaints!
          I had no issues with the DH in my playthrough of the beta. If they add a bit more firepower then I’m fine with that. DH will be my class choice to start the game.
          One thing that bothered me in the beta is that shoulders (even whites) would not drop nor amulets (except the skele pack before the SK and SK). I’d think they could adjust the loot tables to get basic amulets dropping at the same level as rings.

  5. Wonder if this is the patch where I’ll finally be able to test if the BetaMaxed achievement works.  Has anyone heard on the viability of 2h’ers being changed?  Right now they seem completely pointless and I’m wondering if that trend is to continue into launch?

  6. Off topic, but I was looking at the D3 website and they have a Diablo timeline up. I thought about how pathetic it is that it took OVER 2 years for them to reveal all four playable characters. Who the hell makes that call? Most games would have been completed in that time. 

    • you know. They get a lot of flack for how long it has taken.   No one ever pauses to consider how hard it is to program a game, let alone try new things.   When they decided that the Bliz North team just wasn’t making a good game (which was incidentally taking forever as well, funny how no one mentions that when they profess their love for Bliz North), a new team was brought in to re-imagine the game.   This takes time.  A lot of it in fact.  And they have shared with us details of ideas that do and don’t pan out.  Implementing ideas into code is hard and long work.  And then after all that time invested, they have the balls to pull failed idea out or to rework the idea entirely.   They do all this knowing the flack they’ll receive.  

      You also forget the characters they may have tried that never did get revealed.  They mentioned the one that eventually led to the DH but how many more were created that just didn’t meet expectations? 

      Now I don’t know if they are going to hit a homerun with this game or not.  It’s too early to tell if they will pull this off.  (I love the look of beta..but so much remains uncertain)  But as a programmer, I at least appreciate the difficulty of the task at hand.    They aren’t making an FPS game which is MUCH MUCH easier to create.  They are creating a game with complex systems requiring lots of experimentation and fine tuning.  They are also creating a game that has a large fan base.  Just not something you can throw together in a year or two.  (aka something like torchlight, which in its own way was a success. But imagine blizzard releasing something like torchlight as d3…it would have been a major failure in the eyes of the fan base)

    • Jay Wilson I would assume makes that call. The most incompetent game director Blizzard have ever put in charge of one of their projects. The original D2 team would spit on the crap this hack has given us.

      • Now, I’m not meaning to flame because I LOVE Blizz North too, but the figureheads of BN have a terrible track record since 2001:
        Lets do the rundown – after a stalled out Diablo III version 1.0, the Schaefer Bros and Bill Roper went on to work on that gem (read: miserable failure) called Hellgate London.  After those servers shut down, it was also time to default on Mythos.  While promising, it was still vaporware, and they didn’t even retain the IP!  Time to work on another polished turd called Champions Online.  Another failure that is on “microtransaction life support” under the name Free For All.  OK, time to move on to Star Trek Online, another game that had to go to microtransactions just to keep a couple thousand players and a server blade online.  Screw you if you paid $299 for a lifetime membership (HGL anyone)?  In parallel, Schaefer did great with Torchlight.  Torchlight placed under the same critical lens as D3 falls apart in level design, end game, and art style (perhaps the only aRPG more cartoony than D3).
        All this goes to say, time to take off the Blizz North rose-colored glasses, and realize that Bill Roper is MUCH WORSE than that bastard Jay Wilson.

        • My my someone here can actually properly evaluate Shaefer’s career. I’m impressed.

          Jay Wilson’s career includes 0 disasters so far, so let’s give the guy a break and at least give him a chance, please. 

        • Roper aside (not really much of a dev anyways) I think aside from the Flagship boondoggle, the Schaefers have done well for themselves.  Mythos beta was badass, and while tl1 was casual as hell it was casual by design and likely had a very high return on investment.  I was dissapointed to see TL2 go the offline rout and not include any secure servers to play on, but if I were a betting man, I would certainly take a bet on TL2 being another commercial success.  Definatly won’t be buying it myself, but there is apparently a large appetite out there for these offline, casual, moddable games and Runic is doing a good job catering to that market.  Time will tell but I wouldn’t count on Runic’s success going anywhere but up in the near future.

  7. Well, he didn’t specify which weekend… so it could be another weekend in the “not too distant future”.

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