Beta Patch 13 Possibly by this Weekend

Seems that there are some problems with Beta Patch 13 and Lylirra has given us an update on the progress. It’s going to be a long weekend.

To ensure that all systems and changes included in Beta Patch 13 are working properly, we’ve decided to take some extra time to continue internal testing. As a result, we will not be releasing Beta Patch 13 today. We will, however, be working through the weekend and look forward to delivering the patch on either Saturday or Sunday.

Thank you for your patience! Should any changes to this schedule occur, we’ll be sure to provide an update in this thread.

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    15 thoughts on “Beta Patch 13 Possibly by this Weekend

    1. Edit: Nvm, no one could answer that anyway, lol.

      Scratch the question. I hope they release the write up with the weekend patch release, though I doubt it will happen since it’s like…the weekend.

    2. Interesting… they’ve never tried to get out a patch during a weekend before. Even more surprising considering it’s a holiday weekend.

    3. This definitely proofs that they are in crunch time by now which is perhaps the surest sign of release well…
      ever ? IF it´s not crunch time JUST for this patch :mrgreen:

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