Diablo 3 Beta Patch 12

Once more we get a small patch that fixes some crashes, as was the case with DiabloWikiBeta Patch 11. This is what we know so far however, there might be some ninja changes but until we see the patch notes and can analyse the client and game it’s all we have to go on.

We’re in the process of preparing the Diablo III test server for maintenance to deploy the next beta patch. We anticipate the service will be down for approximately 3 hours, until 2:00 p.m. PST.
This is a relatively small patch containing only a few minor crash fixes. As always, though, patch notes will be posted to the launcher and this forum once the patch is live.

Update: Patch notes for patch 12.

Diablo III Beta Patch 12 – v.
Released 2/3/2012

Bug Fixes
Fixed even more number of game and service crashes

Source: Blues: IncGamersr

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    43 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Beta Patch 12

    1. Patch Notes:
      Fixed a number of small issues.


      I actually wrote this as a joke, but it turns out that I wasn’t too off the mark! I just forgot “even more.” Also, don’t forget to add a few hours on to the ETA for servers.

    2. Hmm, seems like they released patches 10-12 very close to each other. I don’t think they’ve released that many patches in that short period of time before–especially 2 bug fixing patches (11 & 12). Maybe this means they’re trying to solidify the beta in its current state for release.

      • yeah, this patch coming so quickly after the last one and the recent mass of beta invites makes me a believer 

        8 weeks or less to go !

        • That’s what happens when you fire your Senior Producer who is more interested in going to soccer matches than he is in actually getting a game made. His last Tweet was him digging through his old games to find something to play. Bigger and better things, eh Mr. Parker?

          (Probably a bit harsh, and there’s no way I know what the situation actually is, but having a scapegoat is so nice!)

          • @ “That’s what happens when you fire your Senior Producer who is more interested in going to soccer matches than he is in actually getting a game made.”
            Quite a bold statement, don’t you think? Maybe they should have fired the Korean lawyers who told him that the RMAH is fine even for Korea?

    3. I experienced no crashes before 10, a couple during 10 and a few latency problems where I’d kangaroo across the screen.  No crashes since 11.  I’ve done heaps of betas and that is mostly definitely a brilliant track record for crashes.

      • Agreed. I’ve only crashed because I didn’t know about the V-sync workaround for channelled spells. Aside from very small bugs here and there, the client is definitely “getting there”.

      • i got in the beta in the last wave and had a few bugs where i had to alt-f4 out of the game. first one i was in a celler and killed everyone then tried to swap a skill. it wouldn’t swap so i tried to leave and couldn’t leave. same issue 3 out of 4 times i used rapid fire. stopped using rapid fire and no longer had the issue.

    4. So i got beta invite the other day, played about 30m so far.  The game is good.  I need to play it a lil more before im addicted i guess.  Doesnt come at a good time as im playing swtor.  I havent tried multiplayer, and i suppose that should be intriguing.

      see you in the game..

    5. Give back my kangaroo Elly 🙁

      Back to the on topic, I only had problems with game crash 2 times and that was right after patch 10.

    6. I’d bet the timeliness of this patch has a lot to do with the 100k stress test this weekend.  They want as many stable clients hammering those servers as possible.

        • I think the better observation/speculation would be that these patches are requisites for foreign beta invites, which will go out next week. Client stability patches are signs of beta invites. Remember, this is an infrastructure test more so than a feature test.

          Expect a similar number of invites for our foreign friends.

          • jesus ! 
            get a sense of humor 
            blizzard wants stable clients  
            people in europe are unstable 
            that’s why they left europe out
            you may not think the joke was funny, but hopefully you at least get it now

        • For what it’s worth, I didn’t get that it was a joke either. Text is hard to tell sometimes :p

    7. I’ve only got my beta key 2 days ago and I am quite unimpressed with the quality of the game itself.  There are many bugs I figured would be fixed by now: some spells causes mouse button to hang (disintegrate and firebat), several Battle.net disconnects and random latency issues (on a symmetrical 20MBit link).  Also, everything is WAY to easy, so far I have not died once.  Now I figure different difficulties will solve that, but why play in normal if there’s no way you can die unless you move away from the keyboard and do nothing.  Anyhow, the story seems very good… hopefully everything will be sorted out before it is released.

      • Bear in mind that the beta essentially takes place during the ‘tutorial’ stages of the game. You’d have to deliberately walk into a pack of zombies and stand there for 10+ seconds to die.

        It’s not a demo, you’re helping Blizzard test their infrastructure. That said, it’s pretty depressing that this is going to be first impression of the game for a lot of people.

      • Oh yeah, not being able to die is a new feature of Diablo 3. I mean, who wants to die anyway? Death sucks n stuff, bro. This game is all about XTREME VICTORY!!!

        Seriously though, I hope there is a considerable difficulty spike after the Skeleton King. I mean if this was just the tutorial, I’m pretty sure most people would “get it” by that point, and you could actually start to challenge them a bit.

    8. Well it ain’t live yet and I think I found a bug already in the client.
      Was fiddling with my key bindings while waiting for patch 12 to go live and I can’t save them. I click Apply/Accept and all is fine but if I close the client and re-open it, the key bindings are lost but not other option settings.

    9. I was pulling some horrible lag in patch 11. Several incidents of “kangaroo(ing)” across the screen. Only 1 crash to my knowledge. As Elly said excellent track record for a beta test 🙂

    10. i dont change the key bindings cus they seem to work fine. maybe in the future ( for pvp…) not pvm
      i wanna play my fucken d3 beta.. i have limited 2-3 days with it.. this maintenence killing me.

    11. k.. its now 2:15pm PST.. wheres my beta servers blizz damnit at least tell me how long u gunna lag by 2:00pm geeze… lag on the lag announcement fail! 😳 now its 3:00pm =/

    12. “Update 3:15 p.m. PST: We encountered some issues while deploying Beta Patch 12 and are working to resolve them as quickly as possible before bringing the test server live. As a result, we’re extending maintenance for another 2 hours, until approximately 5:00 p.m. PST. “

    13. I don’t really know how to say this without coming across as a big jerk, but the grammar in recent posts on the Main Page has been really bad. I like to see new faces, but there’s a standard that needs to be kept I think. I always respect this site for being a more mature place to read about Diablo, and good commentary is part of that. The recent inclusion of Bartuk’s trolly post was pretty cringe-worthy too, to be honest. That kind of dialog really shouldn’t be rewarded with front page status.

      Anyway, been here for years and this is the first time I’ve ever felt the need to voice my concerns.

    14. Results are in – the game is running silky smooth for the first time ever.  I have always experienced “asset loading” before today.  I have yet to have the game stutter – 60fps solid.  I checked all of my settings – they are still “High” across the board.

      Anyone else experiencing the same thing?  On a note related to prior posts, I am experiencing sub 70ms ping time.  Pretty good for about 1400 total players looking for public games.  Location: Washington DC USA area.

    15. One of the definite fixes they implemented was the channeling bug fix. They now work with vsync on and off.

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