Beta Patch 10 Delayed Until Next Week

Blizzard has announced that the big beta patch will not appear until Monday, at the soonest.

Quick update for everyone! We’ve discovered a few issues with Beta Patch 10 which could affect player login. Instead of releasing the patch as-is and addressing those issues later, we felt it necessary to take some time to resolve them now. As a result, the soonest we’ll be able to release Beta Patch 10 is next Monday, January 23.

Thanks to Snipps for the tip.

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  1. LMAO brace yourself’s more raging incomming

  2. yah that was a simple tease, if you believed them “TRY” to make it before the weekend, u really are a fool and have been taken on a ride for quite some time most likely, lols! 8)

  3. I don’t even mind that it’s late. I’ve not been able to play much since xmas so I can re-familiarise myself with the classes and then when the patch comes I’ll be able to have a proper knee-jerk whine about the changes.

  4. Blizzard, the only company i know that can’t even release beta patch on time. 🙄

  5. This is why I still have money on this game releasing in April

  6. By that time it will be Chinese New Year already 🙂

  7. Sounds like the support people / programers want the weekend off! 🙂 I mean why would anyone, that wants the weekend off, release a update late Friday? Monday it is.

  8. Glad they didnt announce a target for the patch. Else they would have disappointed those anticipating it. Wait a minute…

  9. Wait, does this mean we get an extra dice roll for the beta?

  10. OMG Blizzard pushing a date back?!?! NEVER!!

  11. Laughed so hard when I read the title.

  12. IM just glad they let us know…

  13. Even if only SOME of the players could log in, wouldn’t that be better than a lame duck patch no one will want to play until the update?

  14. It’s funny because they came out defending Jay saying everything was fully implemented and would be in the patch and they can’t even get something implemented out to the beta.

  15. That’s what I was thinking too… wasn’t it all implemented? I don’t get it, all I know is that this goat screw is pathetic.

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