Beta News Coverage

Several news items related to Diablo III on the radar today.

  • Gamasutra has the writeup of a GDC panel featuring Blizzard people talking about story in their games. Those quoted include DiabloWikiKevin Martens who talks about pushing story while keeping the action moving in Diablo III.
  • Pikageek has an informative general summary of the Diablo 3 Beta features. Nothing you don’t already know, but useful for new fans.
  • IGN wrote about the Diablo 3, the slot-machine RPG. It’s about random item generation, naturally.
  • Hardware Heaven posted their general impressions of Diablo III, based on some beta test play time.

Do you guys find the general info type articles and posts on misc gaming sites interesting? Are you bored by them since you already know more about the game than their authors? Do they incite you to a murderous rage as further evidence that everyone but you is already in the beta test?

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8 thoughts on “Beta News Coverage

  1. You took the words right out of my mouth with your last two sentences Flux but what can you do.. oh well.

  2. Well, you know, I’m kinda like listening with one ear.  Or maybe half an ear.  If I hear something interesting, I tune right in.  Otherwise, I’ve turned my attention to other things, pending a change in the status of the game or inclusion in the beta.  I’m certainly not talking it up with friends anymore.

    So, you know, I don’t think there’s much you can do about it…

  3. I check every day and don’t really need any other sites for Diablo information. And yeah, as Flux said, it’s amazing how little some of the press people atually know about D3. Or even Diablo in general, for that matter.
    On a side note: Is there a reason why we din’t get a new Podcast in the last like 2 weeks? I know there’s not too much information going on, but I really enjoy listening to the Podcasts.

  4. After I’ve filtered through any new D3 information, these write-ups are some of my most sought after material (particularly the ones that present a personal account as opposed to regurgitated blizzard info). It’s always nice to hear the perspective of someone who hasn’t spent days/weeks/months worth of time on this website.

    New players 9 times out of 10 seem barely able to express just how much FUN they are having. It really builds my excitement levels. It also helps to keep me grounded as it is easy to get lost in speculation with the changes being made to the game with respect to D2.

  5. The Diablo series doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and it’s interesting to hear from players who have expertise in the gaming industry more generally commenting on it 🙂 So yes, keep the links coming!

  6. Having followed this site on and off for a year and seen what the other sites have to offer, I keep coming back here for all my D3 updates.  There is no better site to stay informed about D3.  Sure there’s a bunch of stuff I just skip through like artwork or lore discussions, but I always feel like I’m getting all the D3 news that’s fit to print.  Even if it’s bad news or unflattering news for Blizzard, I know it will get an honest and often funny write up.

    With the length of D3’s development, the handling of the beta/demo and the anti-climactic release push into 2012, I really commend the site contributors for making the best out of a bad, bad situation.  And thank you for providing a forum into which I can dump my frustration and rage over the long, strange trip the D3 development has been.

    I know that together we’ll make it to the promised land, sometime in early mid 2012.   

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