Several news items related to Diablo III on the radar today.

    • Gamasutra has the writeup of a GDC panel featuring Blizzard people talking about story in their games. Those quoted include DiabloWikiKevin Martens who talks about pushing story while keeping the action moving in Diablo III.
    • Pikageek has an informative general summary of the Diablo 3 Beta features. Nothing you don’t already know, but useful for new fans.
    • IGN wrote about the Diablo 3, the slot-machine RPG. It’s about random item generation, naturally.
    • Hardware Heaven posted their general impressions of Diablo III, based on some beta test play time.

    Do you guys find the general info type articles and posts on misc gaming sites interesting? Are you bored by them since you already know more about the game than their authors? Do they incite you to a murderous rage as further evidence that everyone but you is already in the beta test?

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