Beta Minimum Specs & Graphics Card Support

While Blizzard has not given any official word on Diablo III’s minimum system requirements, the Diablo 3 Beta shared that info with site reader Felis when he tried to install the beta client on his older machine. You see the message he received below, and those minimum specs are quite similar to the StarCraft 2 system requirements .

In related technical news, if you are worried about your graphics card not being able to support the game, a list was grabbed from the Beta client highlighting supported cards and expected performance from the different models. Well worth checking out. Thanks darcinx.

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8 thoughts on “Beta Minimum Specs & Graphics Card Support

  1. Worth noting: I tried to install the client with my computer, and failed because of my operating system: Windows XP. As of now, it would seem the Beta is not compatible with XP? Someone confirm this?

    • I’ve installed Beta Client on Win XP. It downloaded game files with no problem. Obviously I don’t have a beta key and my deck is way below specs, graphic card included, so there is no way to check the actual game.
      I think Diablo Beta should run on Win XP, but that’s just my opinion. Does Starcraft 2 run on it?

  2. Does that mean X Ghz is required irrelevant of actual system performance?

    I’m using AMDs Fusion E-350 APU and it only has 1.6Ghz but that doesn’t stop me from playing SC2 at all, sure its not maxed but with my resolution it really is enough.

  3. Just for you, the complete list of Supported/Unsupported GPU for Diablo III – Beta :
    Neverming, informations already post in forum 😉

  4. low as hell specs but then again minuimum specs are more or less slideshow worthy so anyone with a computer that is less then 5 years old should be able to play more or less

  5. i’ve spent 3 hours trying to figure out a new laptop that could play diablo 3.

    could someone please point me to one? maximum amount $1100.

    i’d really appreciate it!

  6. Just get one with mid-range intel dualcore processor. I3 is sufficient. For graphic chip, I reckon something out of the ATI HD4000 or HD5000 series. You need to do research yourself which chip works out well. And 2 gigabytes of DDR3 ram from 1000 to 1333 HZ range should work well. This is basically a laptop setup that costs around from 350 to 450 euros in Finland and should be achieved with less than 1000 dollars easily I presume. However, please keep in mind… Laptops are not optimal for gaming due to the heating issues that they often suffer (due to lack of space for proper cooling solution instead of just the copper tubes that transfer heat through fluid). It will be much cheaper to build a desktop computer (if you are capable of doing that) to handle Diablo 3 than it is for laptop. So unless you need a laptop for other purposes as well or you just need a more mobile gaming system than a desktop computer (or consoles?), there is honestly no reason to buy a laptop.

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