Beta Keys Going Out

Another wave of keys have been going out all day which means in all likelihood more fake beta emails will start to appear.  In case you have yet to receive such an email typically, they’ve been starting…

“We’re gearing up for the forthcoming launch of Diablo III and would like to extend you an invitation to participate in the beta test.”

diablo 3 beta invitesAnd then go on to ask you for your account details.  Don’t.  If in doubt simply check your account, don’t follow a link in an email.

Congrats if you made it and you can share your joy (or sorrow) in this ongoing thread. If you did make it in this time don’t forget to drop me a PM for your new Beta Tester title so you may flaunt your good fortune in the dusty wee faces of the unchosen, or more likely because others will know you speak out of experience and not out of something else.

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  1. Yay’…. still no beta for me.

  2. Got a TOR key but no D3. Sad face.

    (Not the weekend one, a real one.)

  3. id settle for a weekend pass for d3

  4. Are this for the Facebook sweepstakes or opt-in?

  5. 3 days ago I got invited to the new Star Wars mmo beta… I’m not even active on ea’s or bioware’s site. Just own a few games even less of which I registered. On the other hand I own every Blizzard game and am active on their sites like everyday and no beta =( FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

    Anyone (on this site by mistake) wants to trade? 😛

  6. all i got in my email was about penis enlarging pills, free money from the government, and some dude in another country wanting to give me $56 million dollars. no beta here. maybe tomorrow after the FB sweeps.

  7. I got in – invite arrived yesterday @ 8:46p.  Unfortunately I missed the e-mail it went to Junk!!  I used the standard opt-in feature from’s site, so there’s hope for you all!!

  8. Nothin here in Estonia. Well, there is always hope.

  9. I did not get a key either.  Still playing Skyrim and with the game’s release possibly coming soon I am not even interested in the Beta anymore since I have watched the whole thing on videos several times.

  10. No D3 beta key, but just got Dota2 🙂
    Feels good 8)

  11. i never even got a fake beta key before……… 🙁

  12. Starting to feel like the beta key giveaways are a ploy to keep us interested…  Haven’t seen one yet…

  13. Are this from the Facebook bet keys? In that case I will never gonna get a key. Peru isn’t in the list…

  14. Damn… just one more giveaway left and still no beta… regardless wether Facebook or the BN opt-in… Well, looks like I’ll have to wait ’till release.

    I wonder what the actuall criteria for making it into the beta are… I haven’t changed anything vital (Net connection, hardware) since the SC 2 tests. I was really hopeful because of the SC2 beta I did, since I thought they would seriously concider inviting past testers. Looks like it’s the old fashioned ‘a bowl of names on cards’ drawing method. Still, I’d like – just as all of you – to get my hands on the beta.

    On the other hand: we, the misfortunate, who weren’t invited, can take the bitter confort that the next months ’till release will be a lot easier on us than on the people who are doing the beta right now. The’re gonna ‘scream in pain’ waiting for the release date :>

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