Beta Key Giveaways – Marvel Heroes & City of Steam

On IncGamers this week we have two Beta key giveaways running that may be of interest to you. First up we have Beta keys available for Mechanist Games’ MMO City of Steam. Keys are available now instantly through this page on the main IncGamers website.

The second Beta key giveaway is the chance to get your hands on a beta key for David Brevik and Gazillion’s Marvel Heroes which is currently in closed Beta testing. This giveaway is open to site/incgamers supporters (PALS) only as numbers are limited. All you need to do is post in the thread to express your interest in getting a key. Also check out the full ComicCon panel video on IncGamers.

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    12 thoughts on “Beta Key Giveaways – Marvel Heroes & City of Steam

    1. Been checking out incgamers religiously for over the last year for d3, the interview on PoE got me playing it and now im addicted. Incgamers also got me to try out gw2 and tl2. Dont post too often but I would love a marvel heroes beta key, love the idea of an mmoarpg

    2. David Brevik – i MISS DIABLO 2!! ok I’m done crying. I would really like to get a beta key for Marvel Heros Please Kind Sir’s.

      *Pounds “g” Slams Useless Flag On Ground*

      I been a big fan of your site for a long time now. I’m a huge pod cast follower.. I really enjoy hearing others opinions that are well grasped around the birth concept of Diablo EX: Flux, Xanth, Exile, Wolfpaq, and as im thinking of Moar bc Moar! Omg Wheres Elly Been?

      It is actually really stress re-leaving after a night of pwning shit on my WD and getting lamed randomly by stupid packs and hear flux say “Get killed by a pack of Jailer Mortar Dedicator Freeze Combo” as everyone laughably agrees. This has to been said at least once in the last 20 Pod casts and sadly still remains true.

      I think Blizzard needs to listen in. There is much to be agreed on with Co-op Intensives and.. well i’ll leave it at “many other topics” you have said over and over… WE ARE THE FANS THIS IS My, Knightwolfs, GoTo Fan site and Home to many other people I most likely in countered with in D2.

      I have to give Props 2 Inc Gamers and thanks for the Steady flow of podcasts & Interesting Posts to get me thru work and Re-excited to go home and play D3 to be sadly disappointed when my 4 hours of play is.. in all truthfully a waist of time..

      Thanks for the City of Steam Key. although it seems to been a bit of a cash whore for a f2p. I’ll find out in few hrs.

      I spend more time correcting my fuckin grammar then typing a post fk me.

    3. /sadface

      I JUST now saw this, but now I have no way of depositing money into my account until next week, and seeing as I don’t normally keep money in there… Yeah. Not even the $2.50 for one month is in there right now. ><

    4. I am a huge marvel comics fan. Truly obsessed. I am also a huge fan of Diablo 2 and the fact that the creator of diablo two is joining forces with marvel to create a marvel MMORPG is a dream come true to me. I’ve been fighting for the past two months for a key and I’m really hoping to finally get one. I am desperate to play Marvel Heroes and I have been since they announced it in about 2007. Please consider giving me a beta key. It would not only make my week, but make my year as well.

    5. as a comic shop owner well ex-now ty economy!! i love anything comicbook related! DC uni online was a letdown but then i heard about Marvel heroes online and i knew as soon as i saw it that without adoubt it was already better then DCU online ive been trying to get my hands on a beta key for a while now with no luck it would truly make me very happy! Ty for the consideration and sorry for multipule posts i couldnt delete the others -_-; Thx agian!

    6. I would like to have a beta key, because since childhood I always liked the marvel, and sempretentei get a key (since October 1) I would get a chance to be a closed beta.Por please, do your best ..

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