There’s been a couple of feedback responses from Blizzard to testers today including news that a real time clock is being added to the  UI mini-map.

    We’re already working on implementing an in-game clock, and the current design is to have it associated with the mini-map (but that of course may change before release). Since it’s not a critical feature, though, it may or may not be added to the beta.


    Also Blizzard is looking at some of the chat issues when salvaging and the colour of messages that appear in-game:

    We’re looking into a few different chat issues at the moment, and the impact that salvaging has on the chat window is something we feel could be improved. We’re considering a variety of solutions for this, but don’t have any plans to share just yet.


    Addressing Blacksmithing messages being the same as player chat.

     We’ll look into better defining the different types of messages that appear in the chat window through color.

    All simple small bugs that make a big difference to the interface experience that will also be easy to fix. A good example of getting the polish right. The addition of a clock is a nice touch although not essential. Not sure I want to keep seeing reminders about how long I have been playing, always shocked me in WoW when I kept checking it ;).

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