Beta Feedback Responses – Clock Incoming

There’s been a couple of feedback responses from Blizzard to testers today including news that a real time clock is being added to the  UI mini-map.

We’re already working on implementing an in-game clock, and the current design is to have it associated with the mini-map (but that of course may change before release). Since it’s not a critical feature, though, it may or may not be added to the beta.


Also Blizzard is looking at some of the chat issues when salvaging and the colour of messages that appear in-game:

We’re looking into a few different chat issues at the moment, and the impact that salvaging has on the chat window is something we feel could be improved. We’re considering a variety of solutions for this, but don’t have any plans to share just yet.


Addressing Blacksmithing messages being the same as player chat.

 We’ll look into better defining the different types of messages that appear in the chat window through color.

All simple small bugs that make a big difference to the interface experience that will also be easy to fix. A good example of getting the polish right. The addition of a clock is a nice touch although not essential. Not sure I want to keep seeing reminders about how long I have been playing, always shocked me in WoW when I kept checking it ;).

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  1. I remember requesting a clock in the UI last year and I got flamed senseless for it.

    • How dare you suggest something that wasn’t in Diablo 1 and 2, but was in WoW ?!?!?!?!?!/11/1/ U no tru Diablo fan.

    • Everyone gets some amount of flaming, it’s an internet thing you should be fairly familiar with, you’re not exactly holding back either.

      • But it was suggesting a clock ffs.
        I even suggested that they hide it somewhere, where you’d have to click to in order to see it. It wasn’t like I was suggesting they have a 40 man raid with Ragnaros and Murlocs.

        And you’d be surprised at what I hold back. :p

    • In-game clock is such a WoW thing. WOW IS NOT DIABLO!!!
      /sarcasm off

  2. I find a clock important exactly for the reason that it reminds me how long I’ve been playing. I’m too old now to suddenly realise that it’s already 3am and I need to get up in 3-4 hours.

    Games like these have a tendency to mess up our internal clocks.

  3. A real time clock is actually a critical feature I’d like to see. If it’s not included I would make it myself.

    • you don’t have the clock in your task bar ?

      • That’s the usual response I saw (littered with profanity and questions about my sexuality) but this is assuming that you either play in Windowed mode or you alt-tab, neither of which are very savory options imo.

        I personally play in 3D, and it has to be in fullscreen or the 3d won’t work. Alt-tabbing creates a kind of strobe effect on the glasses that makes me want to stab out my eyes.
        That, and it isn’t much to ask to have a clock. There’s lots of reasons you’d want it. They made the clock in WoW into a fully-featured alarm thingy, with a calendar where you can coordinate social/guild events and all kinds of crazy stuff. Nobody’s asking for that, though. They just want a clock.

        • Um…what about a clock on your wall…u know above your computer, in your house.

          • Closest clock in my house is in kitchen. So it’s kinda unconvenient.

          • I don’t want a clock on my wall. We rent and that’s just one more little thing I’d have to putty/paint before we leave.

            That, and half the room (where I’d actually hang a clock) is wood. Not wood paneling, like log-cabin-style wood. There’s two windows in the room, and it’d also be impossible to find somewhere that wouldn’t cast nasty glare/reflections off of.

            There’s a hundred and one reasons to have a clock in-game.

  4. I just spent the past two days with the beta (a kind friend let me borrow an account) and I was really missing the RTC.  They have a RTC, STC, and timer/alarm in WoW attached to the minimap so I’m sure they are a CTRL-C CTRL-V, edit, and debug away from a quick win.

    • So you got beta for 2 days and were pining for a RTC?  I have to admit, it’s nice in WoW, but I didn’t even notice, let alone miss its absence in D3.

      Though I agree, the addition will be nice.

      • I definitely notice it not being there. I have my gaming comp in my bedroom, and the bed is between my desk and the alarm clock. I usually can’t see it without getting out of my chair.

        God I’m lazy.

  5. I can see why they don’t really give a shit since a 5 seconds tab out or walking around for 1-20 seconds in any modern home can deliver the information, but it’s one of the “why not?” things where there’s just no argument against implementing.

  6. I heard they held the game up to implement the clock, not the Korean RMAH issue.

  7. Forget clock. I want alarm. Its easy to forget yourself while slaying demons, to miss your sleep, work, meeting etc. Alarm with disconnect after 5 min, so you cant just say only 5 min more repeatedly.

  8. what an update :~X
    I mean… thats what they’re doing? xD

  9. This might delay another 3 months due to bad clock management.

    • Or the numbers on the clock confused people so they made them into cute farm animals that would baah or moo the time to you.

      • Blizzard:
        “Sorry guys we felt that the clock wasn’t indusive to an immersive game play experience so we are working on ways to improve the clock. If anyone has any feedback on the clock feature we would appreciate while we delay release based on this clock. Thank you”

      • “Due to player feedback and developer concerns, we have decided that the clock was too confusing for our players. The numbers are always changing, and whenever you look at it, there’s a different number on. Our solution was to have it show the time you entered the game, then refresh itself every three hours. We find that this should be more manageable for the playerbase. Also you can runestone it to show AM/PM or 24-hour mode.”

  10. it won’t be analog it’ll be a dumb-downed digital

  11. I’d like to see an in-game clock and improved chat — I think the best route would be similar to Steam’s overlay. You press a key or series of keys (Shift+Tab in Steam, remappable) and it overlays new UI. This is where the clock, chat, friend’s list and whatever else you see fit would go.

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