Beta Beat in 24 Mins with Level 5 Wizard

Well, we’ve already had naked Barbarians and today Trump made a thread on the forums of his speed run of just 24 minutes with a Wizard. As is necessary for speed he bypasses some mobs, leaves some of the bonuses (and leaves gold on the ground!) and doesn’t listen to any of the NPC dialogue. He completes at just character level 5 which is 3 lower than Tel who has done it in 28 minutes. 24 is the fastest single player I’ve seen so far. Trump also provides some narration to the video which is a bit of a nail-biter at the end.

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14 thoughts on “Beta Beat in 24 Mins with Level 5 Wizard

  1. “He… doesn’t listen to any of the NPC dialogue”

    But that’s just not Diablo! You have to stay a while and listen to all that great acting and edge-of-the-seat scripting. If you don’t, it’s all just splatting little monsters and finding cool items.

  2. Pretty good time, and he doesn’t come anywhere near a perfect run. Gets unlucky looking for the stairs a few times, runs all over for the Blacksmith’s apprentice, doesn’t optimize his spell use, etc. I’d say under 20m is possible with better luck.

    • Hey just figured this might flag ur attention XD i tryed emailing but to no avail I was wondering what one (myself) might do to try and get in on a podcast im a very diablo knowledged gamer if i do say so myself having my masters degree in Pvp And Pk XD anyways let me know if your interested in having a surprise guest XD

  3. Good to see the beta keys are going to people that are really testing out the game well and not just wanting to post youtube videos…errr..wait…

    • Not “just” wanting to post videos… I’m sure their will be live streams and screenshots too. Really though, would you want it any other way. <3~ *Runs to Youtube*

    • Aside from the fact that the D3 beta is primarily a tech demo… playing through the game just like everyone else always has is a fairly useless testing method. The way to find oddities and bugs is by doing things in weird ways, and this is a perfect example of that. And in fact it worked. He found a bug or at least weird thing with the Templar, since his Wizard was only Clvl 5 when he rescued the Templar, and thus the Templar was not yet level 5, and thus didn’t have access to any of his skills.

      That’s something I’ve never seen in any other beta movie, and it was a new thing to the tester too, by his comments. Not sure if it’s a bug or a feature, but it was something new.

  4. Nice and speedy run !
    Testing the limits of the game like this will allow blizzard to re-balance things better actually.
    It’s not just people posting youtube vids.

  5. Ooh, I got a mention! Was only testing to see if it was just a lucky run for Trump or if this sort of speed was doable to be honest. First try was 40 minutes (interuptted by gf bringing me fajita’s and prompting a bit of a slow down. Second try 28 mins.
    I think you could do it in sub 20 minutes if you focused on just getting to the end rather than killing mobs. I’ve ended up at level 7 each time, so I’m guessing I probably go to slowly.
    And yes, for those asking, the purpose of this is to test the balance of the game. I’ll be attempting with DH, WD and Barb further down the line too.

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