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    The DiabloWikiUnburied is just revealed on the official page. You probably already saw the monster in the Diablo 3 Wiki, but here is a full-fledged entry from DiabloWikiAbd al-Hazir! Friend of lore will note that this is an entry written BEFORE his problems with DiabloWikiCultists, and subsequent disappearance.

    You can also find three new images in the Diablo 3 Screenshot Gallery, or in the text below!

    The DiabloWikiUnburied Diablo Wiki entry is now updated by community members!

    Entry no 0039
    From the Writings of Abd al-Hazir
    Something is dreadfully wrong. Fear is in the air; I can feel it. I was but days out of Tristram when I saw a screaming ball of flame rip across the sky. Surely enough, soon after witnessing this harbinger of doom, I stumbled upon a badly mangled traveler. He was barely able to spit out the tale of the cursed monstrosity responsible for his broken body as his life drifted away. He called his killer “the unburied”.

    Months ago, when I wrote of the undead blight upon our land, I thought them the gravest of threats. But they are nothing compared to the new undead creature described to me by this poor fellow.

    He was a law officer of sorts, a local guard out looking into the depraved handiwork of a crazed individual, the sort we seem to be seeing more and more of in these dark days. When the guard happened upon a mass grave dug by this sick fool, a massive, horned, disgusting behemoth was digging itself out. The dying traveler described this loathsome beast

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