I thought a post had a typo (or just someone who couldn’t use Roman Numerals), but the words back up the title.

    So… who runs act IV bounties?

    Not me, that’s for sure. Worst array of long “hunt the random elite/cursed shrine” or “kill the longest, drawn out boss battle with unavoidable cut scenes and dialogue” bounties. Toughest elite battles. Random prize pool at the end..now instead of that legendary you want being 1/5 or 1/7 or whatever, it’s one in 22.

    So, who runs act IV bounties…anyone?
    Grimiku: As some of the previous replies have pointed out Act IV is pretty fast, and a great way to gather Rift Fragments. As someone who is playing every class, though, I tend to hop on whatever character still needs specific items from Horadric Caches, and farm for those items until I’ve got enough Rift Fragments. I also think Act IV bounties are kind of refreshing after running a specific Act so many times.

    I thought the guy meant Act Five from the title, since that act is just laughably unloved. I see more people playing Story Mode than Act 5 in Adventure Mode. And not because A5 is lame, but because it has such giant levels that take forever to find the bounty targets in. I’ve spent more time running around trying to find the pathway to the Blood Marsh than it takes to clear all 5 bounties on Act One, if you get a good (no Spidarz!) array of bounties.

    Act Two has one undeniable attraction.

    Act Two’s chief attraction…

    To the OP’s comment… I run Act Four. And enjoy it. (Well, most of the time.) It’s got the easiest big exp value bounty in the whole game (The Hellrift) and the only really slow A4 DiabloWikibounty is Diablo, and that one seldom spawns. The Cursed Shrine ones are quick unless you guess really wrong, Rakanoth is very quick to reach, and all of the Act 4 levels are open layouts, so a character with movement skills can zoom through them quickly without wasting time in dead ends or maze-like dungeons. And you can get any Horadric Cache-only legendary from Act Four. Talking to HolyKnight today, he found a DiabloWikiRing of Royal Grandeur (db) from the A4 cache, which is pretty much hitting the lottery.

    So how do the acts rank for bounties and Cache rewards? Here’s my quick and far form comprehensive ranking of the Best and Worst Diablo 3 Acts for Horadric Caches:

    1. Act One: Fastest, easiest, best reward object (RoRG). Hands down winner.
    2. Act Four: Second fastest Act to clear, only one really slow bounty (Diablo), chance of RoRG (or any other leg) from cache.
    3. Act Two: Numerous quick/easy bounties (with some very slow ones as well), and DiabloWikiGloves of Worship (db) are sought by some players.
    4. Act Three: Not many quick/easy bounties and several very long ones. No sought after Bag-only legendaries.
    5. Act Five: Lovely act, but giant levels with very slow bounties and no desired Cache legendaries.

    I could have easily switched Act 2 and Act 3 in the ratings, so consider them essentially tied for 3rd. Ironically, I do Act 3 more than any Act but 1, just since I enjoy a lot of the areas. But I don’t mistake my personal preference for law, especially when it’s a preference that only really manifests when I play a Demon Hunter.

    In the larger balance-needed picture, would you like to see some changes made to the Acts and Bounties? We talked about which Bounties everyone hates some weeks ago, but look at the risk/reward in the game today. It’s way out of whack. Can anyone argue that it’s fair that an A1 Bag is (almost) the only source of the the best legendary item in the game? What if the RoRG was an A5 bounty? I’d join the rest of you in hating that, but I couldn’t argue the fairness of the change.

    I can’t see Bliz switching the RoRG to Act 5 just out of the blue, but I do think they should do something to make Act Five worth bounty clearing. Double rewards? Double legendary drop rate from bags? Chance for A4-style any bag leg dropping? And what happened to some bigger reward for doing all 5 bounties in all 5 acts in the same game? That was a no-brainer feature when fans started suggesting it way back in the RoS beta test, and the only debate should be over the size/quality/type of the BOUNTY 25 bonus. So where it at?

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