In a new installment of The Forgotten PC Games, Chris Vicari runs down the best of the Diablo II clones, if you’re tired of D1 and D2, and want some other ARPG goodness to tide you over for D3.  He mentions Titan Quest and Sacred, but his winner really lives up to the column’s title: Divine Divinity?

    I’d say the best Diablo clone on the market is none other than Divine Divinity. A successful blend of RPG and hack n’ slash elements, this game is of top notch quality and well worth the purchase price. Divine Divinity is the earliest of the three coming out in 2002, but where it lacks in the graphics department it more than makes up for it in gameplay. Even though most consider it to be a Diablo clone, Divine Divinity brings so many new features and does everything else so well, it stands on its own merits and not what preceded it.

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