Best Buy Date Radically Change Release Date on Diablo 3 Pre-orders

It seems that Best Buy have sent out emails tonight to all Diablo 3 pre-order customers with what can only be considered a radical shift in their release events schedule. We have had a few emails in with screenshots of the email and as you’ll see Best Buy are now telling their customers that Diablo 3 will ship out on 31 December 2012.

Yes you read that right, the end of this year. Retailers are obviously completely confused as to what to tell customers right now. One minute there are launch events planned for a few weeks time and the next they are telling customers you’ll have to wait until the end of the year. As with the release date they had earlier this week dismiss this one. Even the most pessimistic reader won’t ponder the possibility of us having to wait that long! And anyway, the world apparently ends on the 21st December 2012 so it’s all futile anyway.

Many thanks to xarutek and Matt for the update.

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22 thoughts on “Best Buy Date Radically Change Release Date on Diablo 3 Pre-orders

  1. its best buy.. only idiots shop their anyway use commonsense… 🙄

    they’re higher ups had to do something with the online coverage of that one stores fake poster release date made up thing.. pretty obvious if you ask me lol SAFEST date for “early 2012” is December 31, 2012 .. Hah!!

  2. actually standard date when its open end as its now… even though blizzard stated again an “early 2012” release.

  3. That’s 10 freaking days after our entire existence goes *poof*. Ladies and gentlemen, we may NEVER get Diablo 3. The end is nigh!

  4. My guess is that an overweight high school dropout that works in car audio got in the Best Buy intraweb and trolled D3 hardcore.  Give no credence to this date.

  5. Bashiok: The word is lol.
    Best Buy: The word is this is probably a more accurate release date because you can’t make a game in less than ten years.

    • But haven’t you heard about the bird? Everybody’s heard that the bird is the word!

      What ever happened to putting down TBA as a release date? It beats that constant date changing thing…

      • oh thanks a lot Vortex!  Now I’ve got Peter’s bloody voice in my head all day long. 🙂

        bird, bird, bird……..

      • Pff. Of course I knew about the bird. Everybody knows that the bird is the word.

        But good question. TBA, while sounding like the acronym for a disease, leaves only one question, while making up a release date is not only lying to the customer, but creates more questions that cannot be answered.

        (ba ba oom mow mow baba oomowow)

  6. You’ve gotta know they’ve been taking some heat the last few days.  My guess is they’ve been threatened legally (and probably rightfully so) and are trying to do some damage control.  It’s unfortunate that any of these retailers would use any date without a prominent disclaimer of some sort (“Est.”, etc.).  These large store displays lately have certainly crossed the line.

  7. The question is which release date (this one or the previous one Best Buy posted) will be closer to the actual release date?

    • Nothing… They aren’t the only ones that don’t announce their release dates far in advance… And studios that do are kind of dumb since they probably end up having to rush a lot to meet them… Then again, at least it forces to them to actually get the game out instead of doing endless iteration for it… 🙄

    • They do this not out of secrecy per se but out of experience. They’ve felt the nerd rage turn into a frothing wrath in the past when they couldn’t meet a deadline that they stated as a certainty. Remember 1999?

      Or any of the SC2 dates they threw at us?

  8. They’re probably just trying to put the safest date possible after all the craziness because of that poster in the Rochester Best Buy… Just more proof that they never really did know more than anyone else… 😕

  9. Just to clarify. In december the world won’t end. It’s just the end of the cycle and the beginning of a new one

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