Best Buy Being Bold with Diablo 3 Launch Date?


Site visitor Jan sent over a pic of an alleged Best Buy poster announcing the launch date of 1st February for Diablo 3. There is no proof that the poster is legit but if you look at the counter it counts down to 25 days from now.

If you have been following our Release Date Bingo posts for the past couple of months then you may remember that Best Buy had the game down for a 1 February release back in December so the date ties in with when they thought it would be released.

The picture itself looks suspicious and there may be some Photoshop skills at work. The date on the poster is obviously missing due to what could be convenient glare, and either Best Buy can’t spell February, or the artists needs some spelling lessons.

If any of you guys spot anything like this while out and about, do send over your pics and let us know where you spotted it. The hunt is on!

Update: Bashiok has responded with a Tweet concerning the advert which pretty much sums up our thoughts on them having some advance heads-up on a release date…

The word is lol.

Looks like Best Buy are wanting to pull in gamers at any opportunity.  Best Buy have since removed the sign from the front of their store according to Patrickowen.

ok after calling the best buy in Rochester, Minnesota where this picture was taken from they have comfermed that that poster is there and have since been taken down at the request of corperate. I think blizzard will have a anouncement on this issue monday.

Thanks Neinball for the newstip.


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70 thoughts on “Best Buy Being Bold with Diablo 3 Launch Date?

  1. BestBuy Feedback Chat

    @twelpforce from where do you know when DIABLO 3 is going to be released? I saw posters in your store, saying 2/1/2012, is that true?
    2 hours ago – via twitter
    That does appear to be the correct date. Here is the page for the item 1 hour ago – via bbyfeed
    CoralvilleGeeks: 1 hour ago – via m.bbyfeed
    @zavisza… #twelpforce 1 hour ago – via twitter

    • Best Buy is notorious for lying to customers. I guess we can add horrible spelling to the list.

  2. obvious fake. again, blizzard dosent just tell retailers when diablo3 (or any other game) will be released. they keep everyone equally in the dark.
    now that being said heres the real question: do you think best buy would put up a poster with a countdown for a game with no release date and just a guess (maby) but would they also spell February wrong on it? i will put aside the glare next to the word February just because of the countdown though.

  3. According to a German Diablo 3 Site that picture is real. With the geotagging information they found out, that the picture was taken in the BestBuy at Rochester. They called the store and the employer told them, that the poster is really standing in their store. They got the date from their distributor but he could not tell if this is the official release date.

    Conclustion: Poster is real, release date perhaps not.

  4. There is just absolutely no way this game is coming out in one month. Unless the Diablo 3 team is insane and does not sleep for the next 25 days its just not happening. Beta is still in a patching phase and doesn’t look to be over any time soon, Blizz still doesn’t seem to have a confident and firm standing with the runestone system, I can’t even imagine how much more polishing and UI changes and what not there are AND taking care of boxing the game, preparing the collector’s edition and distribution with the FINAL package just doesn’t seem realistic by February 1st.

    This is either fake or Best Buy trying to snag pre-order cash from its customers, the game is coming in March.

    • EXTRA EXTRA; HEAR ALL ABOUT IT, the game is coming out in March, JoltJared said it so it MUST be true, after all, who has better inside info then random poster on fansite.

    • JoltJared,

      How do you know all this? Maybe Blizz is FAR more closer to actual release than we all think.

      We only have some blue posts to rely on, which not necessarily represent the whole situation around D3. Besides, specific large-scale plans would not have been ever shared with community on forums.

      I’d say – situation becomes very interesting and I will closely monitor the news. You never know where the truth is. Sometimes is there, where you expect it the least.

  5. And it’s just another retailer that “thinks” they got inside info on release date just so they could earn a few more bucks and make new customers.
    If Blizzard actually tells out their Official Release Date then the whole goddamn world will know and not just one crappy retailer.

    Case closed.

  6. If only the store was in Oakland, CA. I can see a line of gamers lining up for the midnight release on Feb. 1st and when the store remains close, an angry mob forms and looting ensues.

    • Not sure if there’s one in Oakland, but there’s definitely one in Emeryville, which is close enough.

  7. It’s fake. Sheesh. Of course the geotag on the photo is correct. Why not? That says nothing about it not being photoshopped! Look at the perspective on the ‘release date’. This is done by an amateur and still we’re all getting all worked up about it. (not too mention 20 spelling mistakes in one shot)

    • Indeed, it is fake. For all those who don’t think it is, look closely at the box art in the middle. Diablo is looking straight on towards the camera instead of at an angle like the rest of the poster (amusing how he bothered to do that with the words but not the blatant copied and pasted box art)… Obviously this is just a poorly photoshopped picture of a real poster in a Best Buy…

    • It’s been confirmed with the actual shop now that the poster is out front of the shop.

      The release date is still a stab in the dark.

  8. No way in hell this game would come out in less then a month i dont care what any store etc says.. its just aint gonna happen.

    • If that is true and the poster is real then it was very crappily made, and it still doesn’t really matter because it’s obvious that they pulled that date out of their asses and I’m sure they’ll be replacing that poster either when Blizzard finally gives out the real release date or when February 1st rolls around with no official word yet…

      • It amazes me how completely wrong you were first time yet you rush to another 100%sure conclusion. meant for scorchnonsense guy

        • I never said I was 100% sure… I said IF that is true then it is crappily made, etc, etc. You can go away now non-registered no lifer troll… Oh look I can +1 myself too…

    • you have to look deeper into the message. bashiok said “the word is lol.”. i think we all know that lol is an acronym so the date must be true!
      bwar har har j/k

  9. I found myself in 1st comment (my twitter was quoted) so I guess I’m famous now 😀

    But srsly, Bashiok said LOL, which… doesn’t say nothing at all. It’s just another: maybe yes, maybe not, guess where lies the truth..

  10. There is the other possibility that the photo was actually taken in a best buy and shopped at home. And forum reader who says it was confirmed is mistaken. The only record we have is the shot. I doubt our caller recorded the conversation. The perspective on the art and title is so obviously off (thus crooked if viewed head on) that taken with the amateur spelling errors make it completely unbelievable to me.

      • J, that you over there using multiple unregistered names to post stupid crap? No, sorry I don’t need to post multiple things with different names to support myself like you would…

        Seriously, Flux, Elly, or Rushter make it so people have to register to post comments on news items…

  11. This looks just like a leak/accident from some of the Best Buys stores, and we might get the release date next week (where these ads should have been out normally).

    • Why would you have an adjustable digital clock and a headline with a fixed date on one poster – makes non sense, hm? The yellow Best Buy banner and that silver headline have been added later by the Michigan shop to make it look more awesome. That explains the typo with “Feburary”. These guys in Michigan got the promotional material from Blizzard this weekend, because the launch is close (likely February). Then they looked up the date in their catalogue (Feb 1, 2012) and put that as additional headline onto the standard poster – that’s all. They may have to change their headline, though, if it turns out to be the wrong date. 😉

  12. After closely examining this, I am now convinced that release date will be April 1st. For reasons beyond your mortal comprehension.

  13. The poster is real, get over it. Of course there’s no way of knowing if the release date is real yet. But bashiok’s comment means nothing either way. Why didnt he just outright deny it like they have done in the past? Of course this is highly unlikely but whatever, i can wait a little longer if it’s untrue.

  14. It looks like the yellow “pre-order” strip and the silver strip below with the misspelled word are stickers that were added on later by the BB folks.
    I HIGHLY doubt some random Best Buy went to the trouble of making up a poster and a clock on their own.  I think it IS from Blizz, but the Feb. 1st date is wrong and was picked by store employees who made the mistake of putting it out early.  This + the Manual getting printed points to Blizzard prepping to ship to stores.  This would put an announcement likely within the next 2 weeks.

  15. U mad scorch? Or maybe you just have amnesia? “Indeed, it is fake. For all those who don’t think it is, look closely at the box art in the middle. Diablo is looking straight on towards the camera instead of at an angle like the rest of the poster (amusing how he bothered to do that with the words but not the blatant copied and pasted box art)… Obviously this is just a poorly photoshopped picture of a real poster in a Best Buy…” Dont let your extreme cynicism cloud your judgment. Try believing in something for once, or at least gather all the facts before making a definitive statement, which YOU DID! :^D

  16. P.S. And since when does a user need to be registered to reveal the fallacy of your argument? Do registered users have a less fully-developed frontal cortex or something? Anyway, I wouldnt have called you out if you hadnt stated your opinion in such a self-assured and arrogant way. It’s one of my pet peeves. Anyway, im done. No hard feelings, proceed with the speculations

  17. I work at BBY in MI, not the store in question but in the same district.  Will call their gaming department tomorrow and seek further info, but the word from my gaming department is they’ve heard nothing of this.  As there is no chance of promo material being released to their store and not ours, and as it is a blatant violation of policy to post ANYTHING in the store not released by corporate, I doubt the authenticity of this poster.  A great deal.  Will post tomorrow once I’ve spoken with them.

  18. ^ this guy wins if not liar or troll.. but yah feb 1st fake. Feburary* No retailer would seriously have spelling mistakes on something they trying to make money off, even stupid ass best buy LOL. as bashiok said.

  19. BTW, #2 (#1 if you discount the guy who abandoned his guns at the drop of a “confirmation”:
    This is photoshopped.  Poorly.  The entire image is blurry, but the seconds on the “countdown clock” (an item BBY would never use) is perfectly clear?  The “Midnight release” AND “preorder today” are at different focus levels than the rest of the image, and off alignment from the poster in general?  Feburary?  12:01am?  (Midnight releases become available for sale 12:00am).  Most pressingly, when have you seen an effing RED AND WHITE “SALE” sign in a BBY?  For X% to X% off products?  And do those “connections” to said red and white sale sign look real to you, in full size?  Do you notice how the glare doesn’t impact the words “midnight opening” at all?  Have ANY OF YOU LOOKED AT THIS SIGN?
    The word on the street SHOULD be lol.  On more than one level.  Still, will post more tomorrow once speaking with them has occurred.

    • Dude, the BB shops, and some folks who have visited those shops, have already CONFIRMED the existence of said poster. Get over it.

      • I don’t think anyone cares if some random kid on the internet tells them it’s real when it obviously isn’t. I know it might be hard for you to spot the errors in the photo, but for some of us it really isn’t that hard. 🙂

        Let me help you a little bit though. Take a look at the “MIDNIGHT OPENING” text which:

        * Doesn’t line up with the rest of the poster.
        * Doesn’t line up with the yellow area on the poster at the top.
        * Isn’t as blurry as the rest of the image in the same area.

        It has been inserted into the image. 🙄
        I’m so sorry if your life is ruined now but YOU need to get over it. :mrgreen:

  20. There is a 100% chance we will get the release date BEFORE Feb …

    Why ? The press conference for the stockholders of Act Blizzard is in the first week of Feb.

    As diablo was NOT launched at the end of 2011, the 4rd Quarter results will be less than expected for Blizz, so Morhaime NEEDS a set launch date before this financial report coming out.

    So the announcing will be done just before this press conference, with a release date in March. Everything is set for a mid Mar launch.

    • Add to this the fact that the WoW subs should now be down to 8-9 mio. Mike Morhaime is for sure facing his worst investors conference call ever in February, and if he hasn’t a D3 release date (or even better an already released D3) by that time, it won’t be without (severe) consequences.

      • Subs of Wow were not down over the last few months. On the contrary, sw tor had no impact at all on XFire.
        Not even a small dip was noticed.

        The lesser Revenue vs the last quarter of 2010 was ONLY due to the non launch of D3 AND the fact CATA launched in the last Q of 2010.

        Btw … Check your sources: in the first 3 quarters of 2011 WoW revenue went UP despite a loss of 15% subscriptions.

        The only change in those 4Q results will be due to the non launch of D3 in 2011 and the launch of CATA in that quarter 2010…

        I never talk to Wow haters, For once I made an exception.

        • off topic: Thrall used to be coolest character in Warcraft, now he is crappiest. No decent character is prefect and without a single flaw however Blizzard sure seems intent to make Thrall Mother Theresa of WoW.

  21. More info supporting the faked hypothesis:
    1) There is no active sku for this product (Diablo III, of course), as there is no realistic expectation that the product will be available in stores in the near future (no release date…)
    2) The new releases calendar for games coming out (the latest date of which I saw on there was in june) does not have Diablo III on it.  It’s not just that it isn’t on Feb 1st, it’s that it isn’t Present (no release date….)
    3) The sign in question is not available for ordering through our signage ordering system (as it does not exist).
    I did figure out that I’m partly an idiot, though, as talks with the gaming staff clarified some of the photoshopper’s source material.  There IS a red and white sign for 20 to 25% off cell phone accessories currently on a tripod in our store (and probably theirs as well), the same sign you see sitting below said tripod, which btw makes a lot more sense to be located in the store’s cell phone area than a midnight release poster for a gaming product….  Also, the countdown clock was used during the \gears\ promo, and 12:01am is the listed time for midnight releases.  So, the photoshop job isn’t nearly as recklessly terrible as I had originally thought, but I stick by my guns in saying there is no way that photo is legit, as there is no way that sign exists.  They simply wouldn’t create signage for the midnight release of a product that does not have a release date (or active sku), and if such signage existed, it would be available for ordering, which it is not.  I’ll be swinging in to that store tomorrow to talk with their gaming supervisor, though, just to put this to rest once and for all.
    For those who are not aware, Best always has their best guess at a release date on there, which would have been updated last when they said they were shooting for a Q1 2012 release.  As they have not released further info, the placeholder date would not have been updated.  It’s not normally an issue, but when someone gets the bright idea to photoshop a fake sign making the guesstimated release date seem like a hard fact….

  22. Sorry to keep on this.  I suppose it doesn’t matter anyway, and I’ll give it a rest after this-
    1) If we have “confirmations” from people who have been in the store, why oh why when no one lacks a cell phone (with a camera) nowadays did no one else take and upload a photo of this sign?  Perhaps at a different angle, and avoiding the glare?  That would put the issue to rest, so why did no one do so?
    2) If you call a store, and ask them what the release date is, and they look on their website and see it’s listed as February 1st, and they have no prior knowledge of the game, what answer do you expect to get?  If, taking that one step further, you call them and say you saw a poster saying the release date is Feb 1st, and asking them to confirm, and they look and the only source of information they have regarding it lists that date, what answer do you expect?  As others have already indicated, every retailer lists a “shot in the dark” release date on their website, so that people who are pre-ordering have an idea of Roughly how long someone has to wait before the game comes out.  For the last released info indicating that, following being unable to release Q4 2011 Blizzard is shooting for a Q1 2012 release, feb 1st is neither a deliberately deceptive nor unreasonable best guess.
    3) How is it that we have “confirmation” of this sign at BBY Canada despite BBY Canada’s website clearly indicating a feb 28th release date (another best guess)?  And why no photo?

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