Site visitor Jan sent over a pic of an alleged Best Buy poster announcing the launch date of 1st February for Diablo 3. There is no proof that the poster is legit but if you look at the counter it counts down to 25 days from now.

    If you have been following our Release Date Bingo posts for the past couple of months then you may remember that Best Buy had the game down for a 1 February release back in December so the date ties in with when they thought it would be released.

    The picture itself looks suspicious and there may be some Photoshop skills at work. The date on the poster is obviously missing due to what could be convenient glare, and either Best Buy can’t spell February, or the artists needs some spelling lessons.

    If any of you guys spot anything like this while out and about, do send over your pics and let us know where you spotted it. The hunt is on!

    Update: Bashiok has responded with a Tweet concerning the advert which pretty much sums up our thoughts on them having some advance heads-up on a release date…

    The word is lol.

    Looks like Best Buy are wanting to pull in gamers at any opportunity.  Best Buy have since removed the sign from the front of their store according to Patrickowen.

    ok after calling the best buy in Rochester, Minnesota where this picture was taken from they have comfermed that that poster is there and have since been taken down at the request of corperate. I think blizzard will have a anouncement on this issue monday.

    Thanks Neinball for the newstip.


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