Cinema Games is running a vote attached to an article, in which Diablo 2 is compared and contrasted with DarkDden. Which of these classic RPGs is the best? You may vote below the article, though I chose not to, since I’d never previously heard of DarkEden. Wikipedia tells me that it’s a horror-themed, isometric view, MMORPG, first introduced in 1997 and still played, but mostly in Asian markets.

    I’ll give a thumbs up to some elements of their artwork (To the right you see their rendition of Elizabeth Bathroy, the historical figure who served as inspiration for the Countess in D2), but comparing this game to D2 in the ARPG category? What, was Dungeon Siege busy? Nox forgotten? Sacred? Not that I think those were better games than D2, but at least they’ve been heard of outside Korea?

    Here’s a quote from the article about DarkEden’s gameplay. They’ve also got links to download the game or the demo, and the end of the article has a vote for which game you prefer. D2 is just slightly ahead.


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