BattleTag is now changeable

Did you choose the wrong name for your BattleTag or don’t like it? Have faith you can now change it. All you have to do is go to your account page on Battlenet and click the “change” link under your current battletag name.

When we introduced BattleTag nicknames, many of you created one to try the feature in the Diablo III beta test or simply establish your new identity in anticipation of Diablo III’s release.

Today, we’re releasing an update that will give everyone one opportunity to change their BattleTag nickname for free. If you picked a nickname you’re not happy with, don’t worry — you can pick a new one. Even if you haven’t created your BattleTag identifier yet, you’ll still get one free BattleTag change to use after it’s been created (similar to the way character name changes for StarCraft II worked).

As we announced previously, BattleTag nicknames will be required in order to play Diablo III, and in the future, they’ll be used in a variety of ways across all of To set or change your BattleTag, simply log in to account management, head to the Account > Summary page, and look for the Create or Change option. BattleTags aren’t unique, so you can pick any name you like as long as it adheres to the BattleTag Naming Policy.

Here’s what you can expect from BattleTags when Diablo III launches:

  • Your BattleTag will serve as your public identity when chatting, grouping, or interacting with other players in Diablo III.
  • Once two players agree to become BattleTag friends, you’ll automatically be able to see and interact with each of the Diablo III characters your friend plays automatically – no need to add multiple character names to your friends list individually.
  • Prior to the game’s release, your presence on the Diablo III forums will be connected to your BattleTag, rather than any one specific character in the game. You’ll transcend boundaries!

Our long-term plans include adding the ability for BattleTag friends to participate in cross-game chat (in StarCraft II, Diablo III, and World of Warcraft, and future Blizzard Entertainment games), as well as offer other features similar to what’s currently available via Real ID. More cool additions to BattleTag are on the horizon, but we’re not quite ready to talk about those yet.

We’ll continue to keep you up to date on our plans for BattleTag nicknames as more info becomes available. For more details, check out the BattleTag FAQ.

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18 thoughts on “BattleTag is now changeable

  1. I feel as if I should even though I’m happy with mine but….it’s free. Probably be 5 bucks at some point.

  2. You can also choose names what were not possible before! I can now choose my favorite gamer name !!

    • I noticed this too! Good thing, it was really frustrating before. You pretty much couldn’t use anything. I guess at that time they were going under the assumption that all pronounceable words could potentially be offensive and therefore only random strings were acceptable. 😛

    • Yeah I got mine also. I wonder how that filter used to work, as the name i tried to register then was in no way offensive or inapropiate.

  3. damn, i forgot that i changed it waaay back. now i accidently changed it to something i prefer less 🙁

  4. Wait.. so there’s no way now to add friends to just 1 char? I mean what if I want to hdie from my mother in law on my wizard but sometimes play with her on my WD to avoid sleeping on the couch!?

  5. I have had a tag I like for a few years now, but the numbers after it they added! So now I don’t want to screw with it in case I somehow don’t get the same name. In other words. the only reason I would change it (to the same name) is to see if the numbers after it disappear! 

    • Everyone gets 4 random numbers. That allows for 9999 people with the same name. It also ensures privacy, because the numbers are random, and if you’re Jamezlit#2301, that doesn’t mean there are 2300 Jamezlits already in existence – you can’t know how many Jamezlits are there, or what their numbers are.

  6. WOW, Blizzard, that is SO generous of you… Allowing to change the nick ONCE for FREE? WOW, everyone bow down to their generosity…

  7. Damn the numbers are annoying!  I added numbers to the end of mine in hopes to avoid getting numbers added to mine.  So now my Battletag is ridiculous! 

  8. So is this separate from you SC2 BattleTag?  Seems like they should be linked somehow . . .

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