BattleTag Amnesty Program Announced

Blizzard has announced a one-time amnesty to free you from a bad DiabloWikiBattleTag. Everyone has now had their account reset with one BattleTag change, even if you’ve already used your one change. Choose wisely, this time.

During the Diablo III Open Beta Weekend in April, a number of players opted to use their one free BattleTag nickname change in order to try to participate in the beta test. We recognize that in their excitement to try to get into the game, some players did not fully realize how BattleTags would integrate with Diablo III or that the number of free changes was limited, and they ended up choosing nicknames that they weren’t happy with.

To help address these concerns, we’ve done a one-time refresh of the free BattleTag name change feature on all accounts, so that everyone once again has one free BattleTag name change to use at their discretion.

This means that if you already used your original free change, you will now have another opportunity to change your BattleTag nickname. If you did not use your free BattleTag name change or have not yet created a BattleTag, you will still only be able to change your BattleTag once for free.

To set or change your BattleTag nickname, log in to Account Management, head to the Account > Summary page, and look for the Create or Change option under Account Details. As a reminder, BattleTags aren’t unique, so you can pick any name you like as long as it adheres to the BattleTag Naming Policy. For more information, see the BattleTag FAQ and website page.

Remember, your BattleTag serves as your public identity when playing Diablo III, meaning you’ll be identified in groups and in chat by your BattleTag — choose your BattleTag wisely!

This post was made on the EU forums, so those links point to the EU server. If you’re on the US server you’ll want to use this link, or just log into your account via and proceed from there.

If you’re new to DiabloWikiBattleTags, you’ll want to check out the article in I just updated it with today’s news and it’s got info about the creation of BattleTags, past fan comments and votes on them, and much more. Also note that there are a *lot* of restrictions on what you set for your BattleTag, and most fans found their first choice(s) getting rejected for no apparent discernible reason. Prepare a list of possibilities, since you’ll probably have to try several before you find one that’s accepted by

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    5 thoughts on “BattleTag Amnesty Program Announced

    1. next news sholud be about d3 problems with fps!
      dont buy it w8 for patch!!!!

      • That’s because you’re playing it on a 486 with all the settings on high.
        I’m using a macbook pro from 2 years ago, turned a few settings down and it runs perfectly.

        • you know, i have issues too. and i run D3 on a phenom II 3.7 with a gtx 570…
          and yes, drops to 45 or 30 FPS are not uncommon.

          aside from the ‘normal’ fps lag you might get in a new area. while running D3 from a SSD -.- 

    2. Our world is in peril. It seems people either can’t read…or don’t understand what they read.

      FFS how hard is it to understand what the BattleTag is all about. I understand that if you were too excited to get into closed beta and tagged your account as DildoBaggins it’s a bit of the problem.

      Now, if on the second change you corrected your mistake and went for PooperScooper BECAUSE YOU THOUGHT that “one last change means” change as many times as you want you really need help. Professional help.

      These people don’t need amnesty they just need a slap on the face. 

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