BattleNet and Diablo 3 under DDoS Attacks

battlenet balance

Over the past 48 hours numerous online games have come under sustained DDoS attacks by a group calling themselves LizardSquad.

Today Blizzard and BattleNet has been the focus of their attention taking services down for both Diablo 3 and World of Warcraft.

The WoW forums received an update saying they were “aware of the current connection issues and that we’re working to resolve them as soon as possible”. Threads continue to also pop up on the official forums from frustrated Diablo 3 players.

This is just one of those things you’re going to have to sit our I’m afraid until Blizzard sort it out. If you can’t get on or the connectivity is just unstable why not pop into the forums and join the rest of us.

Update: Blizzard’s tech support has been tweeting updates, but they’ve got nothing much to say other than that they’re working on it. I added the relative times to the tweets to show the progress of destruction throughout Saturday and into Sunday morning.

15:00: Just to let you know we’re aware of the current connection issues and that we’re working to resolve them as soon as possible. –@BlizzardCS Retweeted by @Diablo

18:00: Our server maintenance is moving forward and we have begun to identify the root causes of the issues at hand. Thank you for your patience. –@BlizzardCS Retweeted by @Diablo

20:00: We have made significant progress in stabilizing our servers. The situation has become far less hazardous for everyone. –@BlizzardCS Retweeted by @Diablo

23:00: We know the network issues have started affecting everyone again in the last few minutes. Thanks again for your patience. #BlizzCS –@BlizzardCS Retweeted by @Diablo

01:00: We are dealing with a new wave of issues with our servers. We thank you for your patience as we continue to work towards a solution. –@BlizzardCS Retweeted by @Diablo

If there’s a silver lining, we can be glad this didn’t happen next week(end?) when Patch 2.1 was live and far more fans wanted to get in and try out the new stuffs?


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  1. Cue the "Some people just want to watch the world burn" meme in 3…2…1…

    • As I've said before D3 came out:

      *Please* provide us with an offline Single Player Diablo 3 game to play with on our own computer, and I'll buy your game!

      Especially since this Auction House had been eliminated, there is no reason why an offline Single Player game cannot be provided to us!

      No more DDos affecting our Single Player gameplay!

      Problem solved!

      • The reason is piracy prevention. Blizzard was briefly up-front about that when the first news was released, though ever since they've avoided admitting it, always offering "superior playing experience online with friends" type pablum.

  2. Score another point for the importance of console versions. I remember when I was playing the PS3 version I had this realization: I'm playing offline, there's no lag, and I don't have to fear disconnects.

    • I wouldn't get too comfy in that ivory tower, PSN went down too so if you want to play with anyone else…….

      But there was an extra portion of “wha?!” for sony…

      What’s unusual about this attack is that it also includes a security threat against the plane in which Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley was traveling today. The plane was diverted to Phoenix and is currently having its cargo inspected, following claims on Twitter posted by the Lizard Squad group that claimed the same flight had explosives on board.

      • Don't get me wrong, I wasn't doing some fanboi nonsense. I'm PC all the way. However, as I noted, Diablo 3 on console can play offline just fine and includes couch co-op. So actually, my friends can still play. I don't have online friends because as you can tell I'm clearly unfit to post on the internet. 😉

        Anyway, if anything, the Sony DDOS attack only shows even more how offline versions of games are important.

  3. Yeah I had lost my Crusader on the first hit. It was indeed a crushing blow. Attackers certainly got to my feelers thats for sure. I always expected I would die like a Klingon warrior, not a cheap deathm Im glad I called it quits with the first and NOT jump on my 1 and only other one. 2 would have made me lose it.

    • DDoSers ruin any chance of glory for other people. They are without honor.

      • I wonder if they would consider doing a rollback in a situation like this. I imagine while it being Saturday night, and having a special community buff, there was a bigger number of people playing. Those who were playing hardcore, stocking up on gold and stuff got it the worst. Pros and cons here for me, Pro would be I got my char back, and I would be so happy to get, Con would be I would lose the Fate of the Fell that has illuded me for the past 3 months, that I finally got literally right before the crash (and stashed right away). Im leaning more on getting my char back. I feel for ya fellow HC players.

  4. This is outright sad. I bet the whole group is irate over some nonexistant crap, like most other DDoSers out there.

    Rephrased: There's no gain in disabling ANYONE's services regardless of reason. They will be found, and they will be stripped of their worth.

  5. This should be a wake up call for Blizzard to incorporate an off line mode for Diablo 3 and RoS. What’s it going to take for an offline mode to become a reality? This is a huge hit against Blizzard, and for future games. People will remember this.

  6. What's it going to take? How about people being smart and not buying always-online games?

    People will remember nothing and do the same stupid thing over and over again because they're brainless.

  7. Stupid guys… leave me to play !!!!

  8. Yeah, offline save file hacking is much more preferable to balanced online co-op. That way you can actually get the legendary affixes w/o having to grind RNG until your eyes bleed just to try out a kooky item dependent build.

    • Nice cynism. But if someone can't stay away from cheats, then just let him ruin his fun playing in peace and ignore him. What has been asked for above, was an offline single player capability and not a modern version of open bnet, though.

  9. DDoS kids can't deal with other people having fun in their lives -.-

    Maybe they just need some hugs (>^^)>

  10. So.. maybe Blizzard will get off their lazy bums, and allow offline play on PC. This is absurd. DDoS sucks monkey cock.

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