BattleNet Balance Named – Live Soon

As you already know you will be able to use your RMAH cash on purchase Blizzard products and it looks like Blizzard are almost ready to put the system in place. A sign we are getting closer to the game being finished?

Soon, we’ll be introducing a new feature called Balance that will give players an alternate way to purchase Blizzard products and services directly through their account. Players will be able to “charge up” their Balance using a variety of payment methods, and then use their Balance to buy services like World of Warcraft character transfers, digital products like pets and mounts, and more. Players will also be able to use their Account Balance to buy items and store their earnings from Diablo III’s currency-based auction house once the game is released.

We’ll be rolling out the new Balance feature in the weeks ahead — but in the meantime, check out our Balance FAQ to find out more about how it’s going to work.

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  1. I didnt actually think about that, but it makes sense that blizzard want to make it easy for us to spend what we earn in diablo 3 on their products, especially the digital stuff, makes a perfect circle for them, more cash!

    • “blizzard want to make it easy for us to spend what we EARN”
      “blizzard want to make it easy for us to spend the credits we BUY from them in Balance” FTFY

  2. Can you say Diablo 3 mid January 2012 release? Can’t wait to see the Spike Awards this weekend! ^^

    • Looking forward to the VGA’s myself. Only… what? Twenty-four hours to go? Yeah!

    • Based on Beta numbers… thats hard to say. See for yourself:
      Don’t get me started on retailer estimated release dates… why would they want to have a release date furthest in the future? They’ll try harder to be on the money, and they surely have a helluva lot more contact with Blizzard’s publishing department than a CM.

      • Why would you publish your game so close to a holiday during which everyone spends money like crazy (called Christmas)?? Considering kids are their main target audience (sorry bittervets) who would buy the game for them? It’s risky at best, stupid at worst. Ironically the only thing that helps early release date is RMAH (despite being the sole reason for this delay – otherwise game would be released in summer) since its generating cash linearly and Blizzard is in it for the long haul.

  3. If people want these things then that is all great but being a gamer from back in the day it just leaves a bad taste because it boils down to greed. Atleast it is optional.

    • How is this greed exactly?  It’s a company giving players an optional service that lets them turn money from D3 items (if they choose to use the RMAH) into essentially free stuff.  The fact it is supposed to make buying other things off easier is a nice side effect. There is nothing wrong with a company wanting to bring in income, especially through purely optional means.  Frankly this is the exact opposite of greed.

      • The “greed” is in making it a closed system.  Players are forced to make a decision at the point of sale whether or not to “cash out”.
        The “greed” is when the next iteration of this *requires* purchases to be viable in game.  This is just midway down the slippery slope which the industry is already in a freefall of.

        • Pft, they made the game, they keep the servers up, they update the content, you think its all free? It’s better that they do this then charge a montly fee for D3, you get the full game without a montly fee and its up to you wether you let them make money or not. Imho this model is the least greedy, less then subscription model and waaaay less then cashshops ( expecialy the ones where you pay to win )

          • Yes, if you are young enough to not have a memory of a decade ago, when all the aforementioned was FREE with no strings attached, then it really seems like a great deal.  But to those who do remember “the good old days”, the entire industry today is nothing but a cash grab and advertising spamming mess.  /shrug
            I hope you enjoy the video game industry when it turns into the music industry circa 1990.

  4. Just awesome, you can’t even cash out after accumulating certain amount of money lol..

    • You’re only half right; when you sell something on the RMAH, you have the option of placing the proceeds of the sale into the Battlenet Balance, or into an account of your choosing; Blizzard is using PayPal as the 3rd party transfer service. The funds you place in the battlenet balance cannot be converted to cash, so you need to decide at the end of each sale. For me, if I use the RMAH, I will let small sales stay in the battlenet balance, and accumulate so I can use those funds to buy from the RMAH, and/or pay for my WoW sub. If I am able to sell anything for a larger amount, I will probably transfer that out to my account.

      Again, as stated above, you don’t have to use the RMAH.

  5. This is really cool. Given enough time it ought to be possible to recoup the cost of DIII itself, and Balance gives you a way to spend money you would spend on Blizz products anyway without paying a fee to turn it into cash first. Sounds profitable.

    Of course, it kind of stinks that your charged twice to make any actual cash – once to post and again to cash out – and that commiting funds to Balance is irrevocable for some reason.

  6. Crudesash68 ->

    Yes, but most of the time people going to be selling small stuff and putting that into account. Cause who is going to immediately cashout 5$ or something like that? Now after a guy acquired bigger amount of money in account he cannot cash out. That’s just funny… I mean yeah you can buy an expensive item for all money and then sold it and cash out, of buy/sell game gold and cash out but still..

    • True Alpina, and I won’t say the system works exactly as I’d like it; it would be neat to be able to cash out all at once, But I understand a few reasons why they wouldn’t want to do that; it will encourage people to not try to sell, say, magic essences for 5 or 10 cents over the listing fee one at a time, in the hopes of cashing them all out, which would add a lot of bloat to the AH (although the auto-buy function will help with that). My approach to the RMAH is to use it to my advantage, or not at all, and I think it will be great to be able to use the Blizzard bucks and save out of pocket cash.

  7. It’s fitting that the symbol looks like the Death Star… I can hear the Empire’s theme music playing in the background.

  8. I’m fine with every decision Blizzard makes as long as they let the players decide. And they do. YOU can choose whether to use the RMAH, gold based AH, in-game trading or nothing at all. My plan is to play through normal difficulty on my own and co-op through nightmare and hell – without ever using the RMAH. I like the way cafting is improved over what we had in D2 so I might buy some materials from the gold AH (to save the time finding them). But that’s it till the end of hell. From all we know THEN there is a decision to make: stay in hell to find / craft (much) better gear or trade for it (probably forced to use the RMAH) and immediately enter inferno. As a ‘true’ gamer I like to find / craft my own stuff rather then trade / buy it.

  9. The evil blizzard is evil. Why there are non Bob’s eyes in this post? This is such an evil and good play. After it blizzard will be just like bank – you keep your money in it any they use it to get even more money. Old, tested and good plan.

  10. What I don’t get is, why would anyone want to directly put money into this Balance when they could just buy their products and services directly before anyway? Is there some extra benefit for putting your money into this account instead of just using a credit/debit card each time?

  11. Seems to be the best sign so far, that release might not be too far away. Why would they add the Balance system in a few weeks if the game was still 4 months away.

    Of course in actual Blizzard-time, the weeks ahead might end up being the months ahead.

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