DiabloWikiBashiok has promised to bring an end to the eating of posts on DiabloWikiBattle.net. Whenever a Battle.net member takes a long time to write a post, the content will disappear when the poster hit “Submit”, which is primarily a frustration to fans that write long posts. This was apparently never supposed to happen, but when the forums were upgraded, we never got the safety feature in the forums that would save the post when asked to log in.

    I’m really sorry you lost your post. 🙁 I know it’s been an issue since the forum relaunch at least. These forums do feature the ability to keep posts even if your login session expires. For some reason it broke when the forums were implemented, and it’s recently been raised as a higher priority fix.

    Until then I highly recommend writing any long posts in a text editor and then copying and pasting them into a post. Sorry again.

    Good news!

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