Websites Down Overnight

A few readers emailed overnight to point out that all of Blizzard’s websites have been down, for more than 8 hours, for some sort of unspecified maintenance. One reader leapt to the obvious conclusion; Diablo 3 is being released now now now right now!

This seems… improbable, for any number of reasons. Not least of which is the fact that the Diablo 3 beta has remained playable all night, and was when I checked it not 30 minutes ago.

Still, it’s nice that faith springs eternal. Which is pretty much has to, given the length Blizzard’s game development cycles.

Update: And the sites are back up, not 20 minutes after I posted this nonsense. Crisis prolonged! I mean averted!

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17 thoughts on “ Websites Down Overnight

  1. it is WoW patch day. it isn’t uncommon for Blizz to take down many different aspects of their site for this. it generally lasts about 8-10 hours depending on the patch. the timing also seems to coincide with when the WoW servers went down for patch updates.

  2. They had to take down couse theyr giving away 6 Beta Invites instead of 5 this week and it takes more people to make sure everything goes smooth! 🙂

  3. It´s WoW patch day, specifically 4.3 “Hour of Twilight” patch. final battle against Deathwing and all that.

  4. And Diablo 3 AH not working right now 🙂 Is giving error 31015… I think they working ot puting RMAH right now!

  5. “obvious conclusion; Diablo 3 is being released now now now right now!”


    “This seems… improbable”   😆

  6. I want a new patch. Because, not being spoiler-averse, I want Risingred to mine up even more data 😛

      • You can do eet!
        Btw I was meaning to ask, you said in of your posts that couse of all the datamining “you saw stuff you regret seeing”, did you post every spoiler you got your hands on or not? If not would it be possible to make a super-duper-secret thread with all the other massive spoilers that cant be unseen?

        • I don’t really like spoilers. I know that sounds funny, but it is what it is.
          I’m still piecing together everything I’ve found, and there’s still a lot I can’t seem to get to.

          Datamining isn’t just pulling data out of files. You also have to go through and make sense of it, which is the difficult part. IE, took me a while but I figured out who the Act I boss was a while ago but nobody believed me until the last batch of images was released.
          It’s not just what I have, but how I think about it and present it that matters. If I feel there’s something I don’t understand or can’t present properly, then I leave it to the side. And there’s a bit left to the side, yes.

          As I find more time, I’m going to try to not use the forums to post this stuff, but get it into the wiki to save time later.

  7. “Not least of which is the fact that the Diablo 3 beta has remained playable all night, and was when I checked it not 30 minutes ago.”

    All night you say? Really, because there were many people reporting that the beta was down around 2 am pst last night…

    • Well I didn’t check every 30m, because sleeping. Plus betas aren’t really 24×7 accessible, generally. But it was available after the sites went down, and before they came back up.

      Besides, this wasn’t exactly meant as an investigative scholarly etc etc. Joking, mostly, based on some emails.

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