Battle.Net Voice Chat Now Being Tested – Here’s how it Looks

In October last year Blizzard revealed that Battle.Net was getting voice chat functionality and it was due to release for the Overwatch beta which is happening between 8-9 May.

Today a bunch of shots have been leaked showing an alpha version that has been activated for testers. The images were posted by WoW modder MysticalOS on his Twitter account and this is what the alpha version currently looks like along with the patch notes.

Read the notes carefully and you will see that this version can take up to 99 people in a channel.

Voice chat is a nice addition to the client but is it something you would use?

Thanks PC Invasion

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  1. Voice chat with randoms for online gaming is a great feature. After all, who isn't interested in improving their gameplay experience by hearing how many 13y/os have had sex with their mother this week?

  2. Yes, as long as the quality is good.  Hate running Skype or other programs while gaming.  Skype in particular drives me bananas.

  3. Wow… 99 people in 1 channel. That's a lot of comments about my mom…

  4. I need this feature like I need the Clap.

  5. i looks nice but never gonna use it

    discord FTW !!!!!!

    don’t care about that fps shit game also so ……

  6. This will be useful for heroes of the storm in a match if it works there. StarCraft 2 in a team match… Don't know anything about Overwatch other than it's a FPS & don't want to know.

  7. It’s an incredibly crowded market and there are great options already available. Mumble for instance uses virtually zero resources and the codecs are clear. Someone already mentioned Discord. I worry that these additional layers will be deployed very buggy and leak memory.

  8. Well, it can't possibly be any worse than their last attempt. Also +1 for irritating the Diablo fanbase again, and another +1 for people who only know Call of Duty stereotypes and act just like the "kiddies" they're making fun of. 11/10 top kek.

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