Battle.Net Terms of Use updated for Diablo III

Blizzard updated the Terms of Use for BattleNet accounts today, and as expected it covers the Balance and Region Free Servers sections.

In preparation for the upcoming launch of Diablo® III, we’ve updated the® Terms of Use to cover some key changes that will be occurring prior to the game’s release.

New Balance Limits and Security Requirements: With the upcoming release of Diablo III’s currency-based auction house, account security will become more important than ever; we are making a few changes to ensure that players who wish to use the auction house have a safe and worry-free experience. Beginning prior to the launch of Diablo III, in order to carry a Balance greater than $100 USD (or equivalent), players will be required to attach a Authenticator or Mobile Authenticator to their account. In addition, we will be instituting a Balance maximum limit of $250 USD (or equivalent). We’ll go into more detail about the different options for making purchases in the currency-based auction house prior to launch.

Global Play: When Diablo III presales began, we mentioned as part of the purchase process that Diablo III players would be able to choose to play on game servers based in the Americas, Europe, or Asia, regardless of what region they were connecting from or which language-version of the game they purchased (with certain restrictions). As you’ll see in the updated TOU, the name for this functionality is “Global Play,” and we’ll be providing more information about exactly how it works, including the restrictions noted above, prior to Diablo III’s launch.

Stay tuned to for further details on the currency-based auction house and Global Play in the coming weeks.

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40 thoughts on “Battle.Net Terms of Use updated for Diablo III

  1. Additional security is always a good thing, but I won’t use the Bobby Bucks. I’d like to cash out and withdraw real money from my RMAH earnings. And I wonder why would anyone prefer Balance over real money anyway.

      • buy items, such as limited Blizzard products that you seemingly care about since you are a D3 player and don’t give a crap about WoW etc?

        to avoid the additional fee of PayPal by giving all of your supposed earnings to Blizzard, instead of you getting some of it?

        you’d do very well in business, my friend.

          • Blizzard said they will never sell any in-game items like armor and gears directly from Blizzard Store. And D3 isn’t WoW that you might wanna buy some pets or game time either. /facepalm.

    • To avoid the additional PayPal fee of course.  Then once you reach your limit on Bobby Bucks, use them and buy a lump sum of gold or 1 ueber item, to then sell for real life cash, only getting hit by the PayPal fee once.
      You must use your mind little hellfurion.  I would avoid blanket statements such as “I won’t use the Bobby Bucks”, before you know how to work the system properly.
      captcha: HOT-N-READY PIZZA… wtf

      • There appears to be a cap on how much an item can sell for. I can’t tell what it is (as I don’t know how to grab formulas like Dorjan does), but I would assume it’s the max bnet cap.

        There are also additional security measures that they have yet to mention publically, but still exist in the game files. 

      • trying to save the cap of beta bucks, then using it to buy an uber item, then selling that using real dollar currency pose just one problem; that is you aren’t always guaranteed that your uber item will absolutely sell, nor guaranteed that you will get it for the price you initially wanted.

        going for broke seems like a risky strategy seeing as the market prices inflate. if you thought that you shall only use PayPal with that very expensive, once-a-month deal, it is possible to end up in a scenario that a) you won’t find that uber item that is worth your while, b) you reached the bnet cap and still, nothing good comes up and you are forced not to use RMAH for a while or c) you will end up buying items of lesser rarity/importance in a desperate attempt to make a sale and clear your bnet balance.

        by trying to be a cheapskate and avoiding PayPal fees for every transaction, you are actually making risky strategy, potentially making your use of RMAH stressful and unnecessary.

        use your mind a little, dark knight of whatever..

        • If the ueber item isnt your thing, just by gold with your cap.  Silly hellfurion.

  2. Since there is a limit of 250 USD on the balance, that would mean the max amount an item can go for on the RMAH is 250 USD, since the bidder could only load up a max of 250 USD?

    That is disappointing if it is true, as i am sure there will be items going for far more than that, unless i miss something.

    • The maximum an item can list at will probably be a little lower than 250 even.  Why are you disappointed?  If items will be worth far more than that, just think, you can buy up all the items listed for max price and be ripping everyone off! lol.

      • Nobody would sell valuable items for low price, so they just won’t appear on RMAH and go to d2jsp as it’s always been. I think Bliz is being a little over-careful here, with no HC RMAH and such a low limit they are pushing the really interesting trades out of the system.

        • You assuming that most people will do that here a hint people are lazy and as such you will find 99% of items listed on the AH as most people wont bother with d2jsp or similar sites, due to being able to click a few buttons in game to sell said item.

    • Yeah thst is how I read that too; that is very dissapointing to hear considering I’ve been offered much higher prices for items in D2 way back like 600$. 250$ is not exactly pocket change but some people do have the capability to dish out 250$ for the best item possible in the game because the value of items that are sooooo hard to find and the amount of luck and time invested required to get the top top items is worth more than 250$. This is a serious let down.

  3. No you can use your credit card to buy items afaik or well paypal that your CC is linked too, only restriction is when you choose to use Battlenet Balance not Real Money.

    • I thought the option was for cashing out only, whether it goes to Bnet Balance or PayPal.  As far as purchases are concerned it is all done by charging your Bnet Balance via PayPal/CC, ergo 250 limit?

  4. At the time when you make a post on the RMAH you have to choose “Bnet Balance” or “PayPal”. If you choose PayPal then there should be no limit to what your item can sell for.

  5. Am I correct in that I will be able to buy something from the RMAH with a debit card only? I do not have a paypal account, so cashing out will never be an option, but I am not to worried about that. In case I do want to buy something, I just want to do it with my debit card, and it seems like in the account info and FAQ, that is possible. Paypal tried to screw me once, so I will not do business with them.

  6. A serious question… Do people really think that items will sell for more than $250? That just sounds insane!

    • Back when i play d2 in the early stage, there was an ethereal cruel balrog blade of quickness with 2 sockets that went for 700+ runes of items, i believe the sword was auctioned here too back in the days on the market place.

      1 rune was about 5 bucks so the sword would have sold for over 3k.
      And WF was also going for 500+ in the early days, $250 is nothing.

      • Does anybody else remember the 10K Windforce on Ebay? I remember Grandfathers regularly going for 600, Ist runes were also 50 bucks a pop.

  7. Who the f**  they think they are? Police? When did playing A game got so f***ing obnoxious.

  8. I’m guessing $250 because that’s right aroung the “grand theft” cap for most states?

    • Theft in most states was $500 for a long time and has recently been moved to $1000.

      What this would be I am not sure classified as, could be credit card theft, unauthorized use as well possibly.  Depends on how exactly they spend your money, I would guess it would be treated the same was as someone hacking into your paypal account and using it.  

    • Most states? Heh. That’s the USA (ie, the world.. to you) possibly but not most other “states”. 🙂

      Besides, $250 is a lot less than the number I’ve heard before.

    • It was my understanding that grand theft laws vary by U.S. state, Curlik. Anyway, what I was trying to get at is why only $250? …And why the ramped up security requirements? What is the reason the amount is not more than $250?

  9. If the most expensive items are worth more than 250$ then wouldn’t they just sell them for in game gold worth their value. So if 1 million in game gold is worth 500$ you can just sell your uber item for game gold then sell off the game gold… of course as gold prices change so would the money you get, meaning you could make more or less than the value you intended to sell it for. This would make 3rd party sites (d2jsp) less effective. Anyone see my point?

  10. I’m guessing the paypal cash-out option will not be capped at 250. That number will only apply to bucks.

    For those of you that are unaware, in DiabloII items could easily sell for over $250. Shoot, I sold a small charm for $700+ once, granted it was a one of a kind legit perm bugged item(not hex) but still. Even Windforces sold for $300-400 before they were publicly duped. Even later on in the game 1.10 and beyond there were some rare circlets that people were paying insane amounts for.

    I have no idea how relevant all that will be to D3 and it’s economy with an actual in game currency + RMAH + no dupes(crosses fingers). I also still kind of doubt that items will have the chance to be as rare and unique as those in Diablo2 but I’m not in beta and haven’t really looked at the item mod list yet so I can’t really comment.

  11. You can spend all the money you want on uber items in D3, cuz this time you can only use them on me when I let you. If I don’t play arena(whenever it finally comes out), I can’t get WTFPWND by your five thousand dollar monk.

    Makes me wonder how many times in D2 the guy who PKed me had bought his gear to do so. It’s kinda sad, in my eyes… but, to each his own. I personally never bought any gear or used d2jsp or whatever its called, I had plenty of great items throughout 5+ years if d2.

    As for D3, I don’t really plan on buying from the RMAH since there is a GOLD AH, assuming gold is actually worth something this time around. If I manage to sell a few items on the RMAH then great, I’ll probably turn around and spend it on another item, but realistically I can’t see how people plan to make money from it. I’ll be using it as more of an in-game currency and probably never “buy in” or “cash out.”

    I still have no beta access and have avoided 99% of spoilers so I’m doing quite a bit of speculating when it comes to D3, but I get the feeling that great items are not going to be worth huge dollar amounts because the only PvP is team based. There’s no PK/griefing and there’s no dueling. I guess you could spend a bunch of money to be a badass PvE’r but isn’t the point of PvE to find better loot? Just seems silly to me but I’m sure people will do it.

  12. Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up.

    The text in your post seem to be running off the screen in Firefox.
    I’m not sure if this is a formatting issue or something to do with browser compatibility but I figured I’d post to let you
    know. The design look great though! Hope you get the problem solved soon.
    Many thanks

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