Subscription Fees Explained

This will all probably be a lot better explained by the time we’re talking of any Diablo III betas, but the StarCraft II community has been rife with complaints and fears of subscription fees. Well, if you recall, we know that Russia, South America and Korea will have a different billing structure than the “West” (meaning America, Europe and South-east Asia, in essence).

Talk of monthly or even daily or hourly fees have been mentioned, and fans are understandably confused. Western fans are also afraid there might be some sort of monthly fees for us as well, or undue fees to change names on your account etc.

Over at StarCraft: IncGamers, we have delved further in to this with the help of Benzenn, a WoW-CM in the US (but they all seem to cross-moderate nowadays anyway). If you are at all interested in the way StarCraft II will handle things (a good indicator of what is to come), then check out the Subscription Fees Explained article.

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