Parental Controls

Blizzard posted this video a couple of weeks ago, but I hadn’t seen it until today, when a friend sent me the link. It’s useful, if you somehow find yourself serving as the custodian to some miniature human beings, and just watching the video is slightly hypnotic. I’ve never clicked the “Parental Controls” link and had no idea such options were even available, so informative!

Incidentally, while I don’t play the game, I don’t think the various WoW characters look that odd. It’s fun to make jokes about their furry-skewing nature, and Pandaland and stuff, but they’re not so weird. That said, I do find the WoW children, especially humanoid ones, very creepy. In an uncanny valley sort of way. They figure prominently in this video, so you have been warned.

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11 thoughts on “ Parental Controls

  1. Oh well i let my kid play 6-8 hours a day, it sure didnt harm me as a kid to play that much

    i might give it a shot anyways…

  2. Funny how these vid’s seems to be targeted towards parents who are mentally on the same level as a child.

  3. It is about time you play WOW.

    it is “only” the most successful game ever in video gaming land for 32 years now:

    Sucessful as in bringing more money than any other single video game ever over these past 32 years.

    And it is even on PC only.

    7.5 billion dollars total. Not one other single game (not talking 30 year long franchises like Mario etc…) makes you wonder you have to be a VERY WEIRD person not to play it and still wanting to pretend you are a video game journalist…

    I think that says enough about it.

    • What does your comment have to do with this post? It doesn´t mean that you are wrong, you are probably right, but I don´t see any relevance in your comment regarding the topic of the parental control vid.

    • meh, c’mon man, it’s not like he’s bashing the game or something

      and just because the game is so popular doesn’t mean someone has to play it. I played the trial and nothing after simply because I didn’t wanna pay the sub. And I’m kinda thankful for that cause I got to play a lot of other games instead.

      And I do think the game is good.

      • I think Justin Beiber had the most successful album last year. And Twilight was the best selling book series. I’d check to see what the most successful TV series was, but it would just depress me further. Probably American Idol or something.

    • Oh and don’t worry if Blizzard will ever do anything bad you can bet thrall will tell you about it.

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