Small bugs are cute?

    Small bugs are cute?

    A small patch went up with the maintenance last night, and it seems to have brought about unforseen consequences. Diablo III Log In Issues:

    An additional minor patch was deployed today, providing a few minor bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented users in certain regions from logging in.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Diablo III client to take an extended period of time to terminate after the game has been closed.
  • As with previous minor updates, there are no gameplay or balance changes going into this patch. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we worked to resolve these issues.

    That was about 9am (PST) this morning, and it was immediately followed by dozens of tech support posts from players who were unable to log in.

    Are the servers up? I’m getting error code 395002 “There was an error loading the hero”
    Omrakos: They’re up right now I’m told. Might take a little while to get in as a lot of people will trying all at once.

    There Was an Error Loading the Hero.


    Tried everything still not working.
    Omrakos: Yep, I’m getting it too. Sit tight while they look into it.

    There’s a stickied Blue tech support thread receiving regular updates on the problem:

    Error 395002 error while loading character 2/2/2016

    Our developers are working on the current issue of characters not loading after the maintenance was completed this morning. We don’t have an ETA right now unfortunately but will post updates as they occur in this thread.

    *** Update ***

    We’re looking into reports of some people being unable to get in still after the maintenance was completed earlier today and the servers were pronounced fixed. It appears to be account-related at this early stage so I wouldn’t advise trying to troubleshoot this on your end just yet.

    *** Update ***

    Developers believe they’ve isolated the root cause of the current 395002 character loading issue. They’re working to get it fixed as soon as possible but can’t provide an ETA at this time.

    The complaint thread is now 9 pages long, if you’d like to add your unique and informative views on the issue.

    Looking at the original patch post, I see good news in that. I’d had that “extended period of time to terminate” issue all patch, and it was a mine field. I had to leave the B.net launcher open all the time, since if I tried to shut it within 20-30 minutes after quitting a session of Diablo III, it would kill my entire computer. Instantly, like I’d pulled the plug out of the wall. This partially explains why my Paragon level is already much higher than in past seasons…

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