Battle.Net Launcher Testers Needed

Blizzard are inviting people to help test and refine their desktop app for Battle.Net. If you are interested you simply go to your Beta Profile and opt into test at least one of their games. If selected to test the launcher you account will be flagged and they will email you.

Any questions on the Launcher may well be answered in the official Testing FAQ.

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    3 thoughts on “Battle.Net Launcher Testers Needed

    1. I haven’t played WoW since early Lich King; are there no character-unique friends lists anymore? Can you still play hooky from your guild incognito? Or is everything like D3, where character names are useless? This seems to put everything at the account level. You can’t even play Starcraft w/o your guild knowing about it, huh?

      • If you have members from your guild on your friends list, yes they can see you no matter what you’re doing. If your on another character that isn’t in the guild and you aren’t friends with any of them, that’s a different story.

    2. I don’t see any option to check that bnet beta =S
      Heartstone, Starcraft, Diablo and Warcraft, nothing about Battlenet in my EU profile.

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