Blizzard hasn’t revealed all of their plans for Diablo 3 over Battle.net, but from what we’ve seen in the preview images, cross-game friends lists and cross game chat are high on their list. That was touched on by World of Warcraft lead dev Tom Chilton in a Gamescom interview with Digital Spy.

    How will you be improving Battle.net in the near future?
    “The DiabloWikiReal ID Party is probably the most significant improvement. And of course, we’re going to also extend out support with the Battle.Net friends and chat to support Diablo III. So when Diablo III comes online and people are playing that, you’ll be able to interact with them just like you can with StarCraft II players.

    “That’s out first step with the expansion. We have a whole bunch of other things planned for Battle.Net that we’re not really talking about yet, but there are going to be a lot of developments that integrate all the games.”

    Perhaps it’s just because I’m not interested in humanity in general WoW or SC2, but is the ability to receive messages from people playing those games, while you are playing Diablo III, really that desirable a feature? Personally, I want less incoming communications from online people while I’m gaming, since…. I’m gaming!

    I do email and IM and forum PMs and such all the rest of the day while I’m online. When I have time to actually play a game, I want to relax and lose myself in the experience. I don’t want or need to chatter with other people every second of my life. Or maybe that’s just misanthropic me? I’m sure some will get a kick out of though, and as Tom mentions, we’ll be seeing more features added to the ever-evolving Battle.Net ‘social network’.

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