Integrations for Diablo III

Blizzard hasn’t revealed all of their plans for Diablo 3 over, but from what we’ve seen in the preview images, cross-game friends lists and cross game chat are high on their list. That was touched on by World of Warcraft lead dev Tom Chilton in a Gamescom interview with Digital Spy.

How will you be improving in the near future?
“The DiabloWikiReal ID Party is probably the most significant improvement. And of course, we’re going to also extend out support with the Battle.Net friends and chat to support Diablo III. So when Diablo III comes online and people are playing that, you’ll be able to interact with them just like you can with StarCraft II players.

“That’s out first step with the expansion. We have a whole bunch of other things planned for Battle.Net that we’re not really talking about yet, but there are going to be a lot of developments that integrate all the games.”

Perhaps it’s just because I’m not interested in humanity in general WoW or SC2, but is the ability to receive messages from people playing those games, while you are playing Diablo III, really that desirable a feature? Personally, I want less incoming communications from online people while I’m gaming, since…. I’m gaming!

I do email and IM and forum PMs and such all the rest of the day while I’m online. When I have time to actually play a game, I want to relax and lose myself in the experience. I don’t want or need to chatter with other people every second of my life. Or maybe that’s just misanthropic me? I’m sure some will get a kick out of though, and as Tom mentions, we’ll be seeing more features added to the ever-evolving Battle.Net ‘social network’.

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  1. I’m with ya Flux. But, hopefully, they will implement the same “Busy” feature they have in SC2 where you don’t receive messages people send to you, it blocks all whispers etc. That’s how I plan on playing, busy all the time haha.

  2. Most of my time on will be in a password-protected solo game.  I don’t plan on even having a friends list at this point, and any capacity for communication from random people will be disabled on my account.
    So… nope, not just you.
    Ok, then.  Run along now.  I NEED MY SPACE.

  3. I agree, I never used it in SC2, as Flux says, I have my list of buddies I play with anyway and I communicate through IM.I do find the BattleNet system pretty clunky and it’s easier to have my IM up on my second monitor.

    • How is it easier? Don’t you still have to alt tab out of the game when you’re in full screen on your primary? Or do you play in windowed mode which seems even more frustrating when it comes to mouse boundries. I always game with two monitors and I can’t think of any games which I can play fullscreen that let me interact with my second monitor without still having to alt tab out of the current game.
      Do you use steam or XFire which both have an in game overlay? I find that B.Net is like this in how you don’t have to leave the game to chat with your buddies.

      • Actually blizzard has a “full screen windowed mode” in most of their games now which lets your mouse cursor wander off the screen onto your other monitor.
        It’s a great feature that I would suggest trying if you have two or more monitors.

  4. OK now you’re really grasping for things to be upset about.

    If you want to ignore people while playing D3 setting your account status to busy will block any messages sent to you from showing up until you leave the game session. You might regret it when you realize your friends have been trying to invite you to a group though.

    • Upset?

      /checks for tears

      Anyway, back on topic. I think it could be a useful tool. I do like to be contactable by my gaming buddies (unless I’m set to busy) but as I use MSN everyone I played WoW with uses that so I don’t need an additional IM myself.

    • I don’t think anyone is ‘upset’? Anyway, I agree, I think it will be more beneficial in Diablo3 than say SC2 as far as grouping is concerned. I am keen to see what they throw out there with new features.

    • Edited by Admin.

      Oh, I see how it is.  I’m being critical of your moderators posts so I get deleted posts.  Yet, you can be critical about BS issues on a game and your fine.

    • Exactly. Everyone gripes at having a lack of options. How does it make sense to gripe when given more options?
      If you like the feature, use it. If you don’t, disable it. Yes, many people keep all their gaming friends on alternate messaging networks, and don’t mind alt-tabbing or God-forbid, have those nasty popups tearing through their gamescreen. I for one keep things like Facebook and MSN in offline mode, but don’t mind the ability to see gaming friends when, you know, I’m gaming. If a buddy from WoW who’s saved my ass from countless baddies wants to party with me in HC, I’d much prefer that to some random pug. If I want my alone time as I often do, set to Busy as others have pointed out.

      • I think the attitude of Flux’s posts is frequently misinterpreted.
        He’s not upset, or whining. He’s just mentally incapable of writing an article without sticking it to The Man with a Texas-sized helping of sarcastic cynicism.

        • My God someone gets it :p

        • Twig, these guys seem to come here to either troll or be completely illiterate. I’m beginning to think it’s a combination of both.

          • There has been an increase in trolling the comments the past week, hence the reason we changed the voting system on posts. Trolling comments are also detracting from discussion and sensible debate and will be removed. This site prides itself on mature discussion on everything Diablo 3 related and trolls should not be allowed to detract from that.

            Trolling comments breed negativity and annoy sensible posters, and just like the forums, they will be dealt with.

        • D’oh! That wascaly wabbit got me again!
          Guess I need to learn to ignore editorials injected into reporting. …then again, what fun would that be? I do come here to be informed *and* entertained 😉

        • My only issue with the seemingly consistent negative attitude of the site/flux, is that I would like to return to this site post-launch of D3.  If all he has to say about the game is speculation of ways-that-diablo-3-might-suck, it makes me wonder what sort of articles will be featured here once all those speculations are cleared up.

          I’m guessing he’ll continue to write good articles, and that I’ll continue to be a regular visitor, but it certainly would be nice to just get game news with out the pessimism tacked on to the end.

          • My impression is that some readers go out of their way to act offended or upset by virtually anything not 1000% “OMG Bliz is the best thing evah!”  It seems unlikely that people capable of finding a fansite and reading the posts could so consistently misinterpret the PoV behind them.

            This post quotes a bliz guy about a feature, links to related/useful screenshots, and humorously offers my opinion on not really wanting to use the feature, while asking if other people do. That’s an invitation to agree or not. I didn’t word it, “anyone who likes this feature is an idiot.” I fully expected many/most replies to say they actually liked the feature and thought I was weird for not wanting to use it. Posts here are meant to spur conversation and debate, while giving some personal opinion and insight.

            If a person can find a way to get butthurt about even this post, that seems an indication that nothing other than complete agreement with your PoV will ever satisfy you. Good luck, finding that online.

  5. I’ve been playing online games for a decade, but I still don’t have any “gaming buddies”.

  6. Flux, the new community site is up. Post about that, for God’s sake.

  7. Maybe I’m missing something, but haven’t we had the ability to message people cross game in D1, D2, SC, WC3, and W2BNE for as long as those games have existed? Some restrictions have been applied due to chat bots, but I don’t see how this is a new feature to fret over at all. It’s maybe just an enhanced (or crippled) version of what already existed, no?

    • i don’t think that’s possible. Cross-game chat only works in Blizzard games if they’re supported by 2.0.

      • I think you’re wrong 🙂  The ‘Classic’ games all use the old bnet, which has shared chat channels (If you’re in wc3 and join a custom channel, someone playing d2 can also join that channel with you).  Likewise you can whisper people on other games and such, but it takes some kind of weird syntax to get the game and realm right; I forget exactly how.  I’m not 100% sure on adding other game people’s as friends though, and it certainly didn’t cluster all your games under one account.

        • Thanks for the correction. I played the classic games almost exlusively in SP and never noticed any cross-chat functionality because of this.

  8. My friends play WOW and SC2… of course I want the ability to tell them to hop in a game with me!

  9. “Perhaps it’s just because I’m not interested in WoW or SC2, but is the ability to receive messages from people playing those games, while you are playing Diablo III, really that desirable a feature? Personally, I want less incoming communications from online people while I’m gaming, since…. I’m gaming!”

    As far as I know it only works if you’ve enabled RealID and even then only between friends, so it’s not annoying at all. It can be quite convienent to invite your friend to play D3 without alt-tabbing out of the game to send an IM, when he’s playing WoW for example.

  10. Totally disagree, Flux.  Many of my Diablo friends play WoW and SCII (I play SCII myself) and cross game messaging will be a fantastic feature.

    • There’s no downside, if you don’t want people to message you just simple don’t add them into your friendslist, or simple set urself on busy and no messages will be received while gaming (exactly like SC2). Either Flux is trolling or it’s just a really bad article.

  11. I really like the cross-game integration.  I don’t play WoW anymore, but when I am in SC2 I can still chat with my WoW friends, which is great.  This only works with people you trade RealID with I think, so it is more or less your real life friends.  It’s a good feature and useful if your circle of friends play various different Blizzard games.

  12. TL:DR Didn’t read all the other comments. But just wanted to point out you can turn Real ID off thru the bnet site anytime.

    Plus, this was in the old battlenet as well remember? eh??? eh????? in fact it was more public then, since in bnet 2.0 you gotta request friends instead of them just msging you at random.

  13. Want to see Real ID only as an option, not all the time enabled.

  14. Not a big deal. If you don’t like people there is always an invisible (I’m guessing) or away feature. Though I could care less about this feature. I mean, what is there really to talk about when you’re gaming?

  15. “Perhaps it’s just because I’m not interested in humanity in general WoW or SC2, but is the ability to receive messages from people playing those games, while you are playing Diablo III, really that desirable a feature? Personally, I want less incoming communications from online people while I’m gaming, since…. I’m gaming!”
    This encapsulates my feelings on the issue precisely. If I wanted to be constantly connected the riffraff that is my group of gaming “friends”, I would still be playing WoW.  This HUGE push (seen here and elsewhere) for community in gaming troubles me.  Games have, thus far, been the one place where I could just be happy being a hermit, and doing my thing.  (you know, it’s like cell phones: don’t own one, people can’t reach you, no one seems to care; own one and don’t pick up when the gf calls, get ready for a headache)  I remember Jay (or someone, but I think Jay) being real hedgy when asked if there was a way to shut everyone out, and saying something lame, which I will paraphrase as, “Who would want to do that?”. Much like every other blithe assumption he has made about the Diablo community, as a whole, I am not his target audience on this one.

    • Don’t worry, it’s optional, since you can just leave your friends list empty or turn off RealID completely if you want to.

      • Yep, optional is good and I think Blizzard has learned after the RealID debacle that everything needs to be optional which is great to see.

      • Thanks for the tip.  I had gotten the impression that there was no way to disable chat, thus, I imagined being pestered every time I wanted solo play.  I’ll just play dumb, and pretend that I don’t know how to reactivate the RealID that I accidentally disabled  😛

  16. There is no “invisible” mode in battle.net2. This is super annoying.
    Blizzard has stated that basically it doesn’t fit “their” vision for what “we” should be doing while on I personally don’t care what their vision is. Here’s what I want, since I can’t even play offline now:

    Peace, silence, solitude. You cannot have that with people pinging you every other minute to do this or that, and now in multiple games. The friend list options are great for when you actually want to use them. But I don’t always want to use them. I’m hesitant to even people people on my friend’s list (I have a ton of friends that I game with but I only have three on my SC2 friend list), but then, I feel like a jerk if I don’t, creating this really awkward social dilemma. It makes me not even want to log into SC2.

  17. I like this idea because a have a couple of friends that play sc2 and wow. So when I sign on D3 I can tell them to come on d3 instead of having to waste a couple text messages or minutes on my phone if they are already logged into a blizzard game….

  18. i really dont think that this is an important feature at the current time, i am going to have to go along with what alot of people are saying on here, they should be working on other things at the the current time so they can get this game out i will never use this feature, and i will deffinitly be setting this to Busy ,

    • It likely has no impact on Diablo’s development at all. I don’t have a source for this, but I believe all the bnet stuff is being handled by a general bnet team, not each game’s developers.

  19. I barely used the flist in d2, i can easily see myself just not using the social network stuff in bnet2.  Especially considering how they are forcing it down everyone’s throat.  No invisible mode?  Really?  I love Blizzard and their games but seriously, for that, fuck you.  😛

  20. The whole premise behind real id is crap in my opinion. There is no valid reason (my opinion – I realize others may disagree) to force people to reveal real names. Sure you can chose to opt out (and I have) but then you don’t get to use any of the useful things like cross game chat etc. 

    I am an older gamer and perhaps it’s just a generational thing but frankly I do not want my real, professional name associated with my gaming persona in any way shape or form. I am not a misanthrope, I have a a great time playing with others online but in my mind, gaming and real life are two entirely different spheres…

  21. i used to get upset by flux comments and didnt read for a while then I came back since flux and everyone at d3 incgamers are the the frickin best and fastest source for d3 news period. Then I started listening to the podcast and that changed everything about what I thought of flux and I realized just what twig said above. Now I check the site more than most and wish diablo podcasts came out every day. Lol

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