Thanks to Deventh in email and Mike NZ in the forums for pointing out that someone who is apparently a participants in the Friends and Family DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Beta test revealed the official Diablo 3 Beta Battle.net forum avatar via a forum post. You see it to the image to the right looking slightly blurry, since I’ve got it displaying at double size so you can see the details. It’s just a 70×70 image.

    As some people keep (weirdly) denying the reality of the ongoing beta test and claiming every image proving it is “shopped,” you can see the source of this image right on the US Battle.net forum server. (At least unless/until Blizzard deletes or changes it.)

    Other posters in the F&F beta aren’t (yet) showing this forum avatar since their accounts have SC2 or WoW avatars set as the default display.

    Incidentally, don’t expect any big beta news today; as it’s Labor Day and the Bliz CMs will likely be sitting home alone in the dark playing video games at the beach with friends. Even if it wasn’t a holiday I wouldn’t have expected anything today or perhaps even this week, as I think they’ll let the F&F run for a bit to break in the servers before the main beta test begins… but I hope I’m wrong!

    Update: Humorous image (reference) by Risingred in honor of the few B.net forum flat-earther fanboys still insisting the Beta has not begun b/c Bashiok hasn’t confirmed it.

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