Battle-Tag Feedback?

We posted news about the Battle-Tags last week when the new feature went live, and there were a lot of comments, but mostly relatign to Azzure’s comment in the OP about the non-unique nature of the names. As some time has passed and many/most of you guys have had a chance to create one… how did it go?

I bring the topic up since I just tried to make mine (I was forced to in order to log onto a newly-enabled D3 beta account) and my first two choices of names were denied. I must have picked a ban-list name, right? BobbysEyes or something? Actually, I tried to use Fluxasaurus. Yes, it would have been a stupid name, but for some reason a dinosaur-themed name popped into mind as I sat there, staring at the log in page.

Confused by that rejection, and wondering if “Flux” was the banned word, I tried another nickname with “asauras” after it… which was also denied. There’s no explanation of course, just a link to the Battle Tag Naming Policy page, which is painfully vague. Along with the obvious no-nos, there are a ton of other very gray-area type prohibitions, some of which include names that:

  • Have any racial/ethnic connotations.
  • Are inappropriate references to human anatomy or bodily functions.
  • Insultingly refer to other characters, players, Blizzard employees, or groups of people, be they in the game or external.
  • The names of any customer support representative or employee of Blizzard Entertainment (Both real names and aliases.)
  • Are mildly inappropriate references to human anatomy or bodily functions.
  • Are references to illegal drugs or activities.
  • Have neutral or positive racial/ethnic/national connotations.
  • Are otherwise considered inappropriate for the game world.
  • Are trademarked/licensed by a company or an individual.

So basically, anything. It’s not as if any of us know to avoid the real life and online names of thousands of Blizzard CMs and CS people around the world. Much less every sexual reference, trademark, racial slang, etc, in every language on Earth. As much slang as humans create, it’s a pretty good bet that your online name, the one you use right now, has some sexual or obscene connotation. Go look it up on Urban Dictionary, and be prepared for the depressing results — and that’s just English language slang.

We just have to hope that Blizzard won’t take their own rules all that seriously, or else the banned names list would be absurdly and obnoxiously long, especially since it can only grow longer. (TWSS.) What if Coke trademarks a new type of sugar water next month? Can they petition Blizzard to force all the users with the same name, or one fairly similar to it, to change?

Since I didn’t mean to hijack my own thread here, I’ll double back. I posted this since I was curious about the general Battle-Tag experience. Have you guys created your Tags? Was your first choice banned for no apparent reason? Do you think it’s a useful feature? Does the random four digit tacked-on number ruin the coolness?

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46 thoughts on “ Battle-Tag Feedback?

  1. No issues with Hezeus.  Pronounced “hayzeus” Play on the name Jesus.
    It’s possible that there might be some monster names in the game that end in “asaurus”

  2. stonerdoom?…lock ‘n load! so do the rules also apply to our char names too? is the word vagina banned because i had some things in mind?

  3. I ended up maiking a spreadsheet of every name I tried that ended in failure which came to a total of 137.

    138 being successful and was my first and last name… Quite disappointing.

    Also below is the answer to a support ticket i raised about having is set as my name.

    Terribly sorry for any issues with choosing a Battletag. As you may know, the Battletag feature is very much in Beta, which means the number and level of options available is limited at this time. Our development team is working on general issues involving the Battletag to ensure that it’s much improved when officially launched.
    At this time, do note that the Battletag chosen is permanent – it’s actually a technical limitation to where the Battletag is unable to be edited at the moment, either by us or our development team- .but there may be options to change it either by request from us or on your own through Account Management.
    If you’d like to see that option, or if you have any feedback about it at all, please don’t hesitate to post it up on our forums. Our devs would love to hear what you thing.
    Anyhow, that’s pretty much it – I appreciate your patience and understanding while we ensure that the Battletag feature worthy of any service with the Blizzard name.
    Thanks again for contacting us!

    • Anything overly ridiculous that you wouldn’t consider even remotely falls into the inappropriate group? Or were we testing the filter?

      • I was just trying to get on

        peace, love, lovepeace, peacelove & friendly are part of the inappropriate list

          Mentioning Mister Friendly’s name is disruptive to social order… and thus bad. And anything bad is illegal.

  4. General beta feedback from testers has been fairly negative, due to how it pretty much makes your character name irrelevant. Now, in the beta, the only time you see your character name (cname) is when you are switching characters, or when your character emotes or says something and it ends up in the chat box.
    They nullified the entire point of naming a character.

    But the actual functionality is awesome. I’m a big fan of the battletags. It’s RealID without the drawbacks.

    • Well thats BS.  I was holding out my superawesomename for my main character and now its for naught.  They said you cant change the battletag will that change ever?  very disappointed.  So when i play its always gonna be stonerdoom1234? or whatever number they gave me? jesus christ BLIZZARRRRRRRDDD!!!!!

  5. MotherFluxer!

    In this day n age nothing is innocent anymore, not even naming a character in a purchased game. None shall get offended by anything ever! It’s just sad.

    • Yeah, i was thinking they might have gotten “Flux” because it could be “Fluxyou.”  Unfortunately, that makes so many things that are genuinely appropriate count as something that’s inappropriate.

      Perhaps what they should do it have 2 filters:
      Obvious No-nos would be obvious racial slurs and swears, poop jokes etc.
      Then things like “flux” and “popa” or other weird ones that somewhat resemble bad words would be allowed but sent to Customer Service for verification.  If it looks innocent, like Flux, then it becomes permanent, if not, then it prompts you to choose something different.  This way you they wouldn’t have a blanket ban on words such as that.

  6. DrElmerJiggle is too long (13 characters), so I tried to use DrJiggle.  Rejected.  I’m guessing their filters think anything involving jiggling must be sexual (filter was written by 14 year old boys?).

  7. better  than REAL – ID… why the fuck should someone in a game need to know my name anyway.. i mean some people do get really personal in games but come on this isnt wow lets group up and go mob on some shit yu know what im sayinn? OyVey#1508

  8. Created mine today, it was a pain.
    My 2 favorite gamer names were inappropriate… meh. They were all accepted in WoW though.
    I like having a unique, creative name. What’s with the 4 digits number? Ah, I get it, since about every name had to be inappropriate, there’s nothing left…
    Also has to fit between 4 and 12 characters.
    Not satisfied…

  9. my first and only necessary choice was accepted, Mark. Yeah, I went for originality there. I just don’t give a crap about thinking up names anymore.

  10. Just goes to show how humanity has tainted words over the years…
    Too bad your name doesn’t work 🙁
    I know mine does 🙂 I haven’t been tainted yet! Woohoo!

  11. First choice accepted.  No problems.  No complaints.  4 digit number – no biggie.  Small price to pay for getting the name i want.

    I’m all for free speech and find the notion of excessive censorship for what your BattlleTag can be in a M rated game to be a little insulting.  However, I’m also just trying to figure out why anyone would want to create a BattleTag that (as of right now) can’t be changed and is used to indentify you to everyone in the game as something that “inappropriately” references a bodily function, body part, race, etc.  Seriously, I’m not exactly disappointed either that I don’t think twice about befriending people solely due to their ridiculous BattleTag that (while they might seem like the best BattleTag ever to them) make me a little embarassed to accept that friend invite at the same time.  I guess people want to choose different names for different reasons, but I guess some will just have to deal with a little forced self-respect.  It’s Blizzard’s game, we’re just paying for it and playing it (someday…) by their rules.  Their really no sense in complaining about it – it’s not like they’re going to turn around and decide that if enough people in the community want to create a BattleTag that incorporates a reference to their junk or a group of people they don’t like that they’ll just change the BattleTag requirements to appease them.

    Stay classy, Sanctuary.

    • Problem being that while D3 is an M rated game, that doesn’t (and won’t) hold true for past or future Blizzard titles where the battletag will be present and in use.

      As for someone wanting their battletag to be “Penisvagina” or whatever, I don’t know what to tell you.

      Balloonknot would fit, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

      Censorship or not, this is a tag that people will be using within a community and I can’t really fault a company for not wanting to allow someone to have a ridiculously childish name.

  12. I got mine on the first try, and it directly contains the name of a trademarked product.  It was all mashed together as one word though.  I don’t like the 4 digits,  as Flux so appropriately put it in a article recently, \Sense of identity, please.\

  13. Flux that! (If you can swear, I can to!)
    Matora doesn’t seem to have any dirty connotations. I’m sure my friends know better. It’s a pitty a choice made during Beta in haste is quite possibly permenant at this time but hopefull we’ll be able to change that before release.
    I wonder if Blizzard has taken into account cockney swearing. Just an idea for those out there still looking for offensive terms 😛

  14. That’s funny because one of the lead Blizzard designers, Tigole, used to play EverQuest (that’s how he met Blizzard employees).  His original name?

    Tigole Bitties.

    • Nebu (Blizzard web guy who’s been with the company for 14 years) was once called “Schlonglor”. He changed it of his own volition, I think, but times change, as do people.

    • It is quite funny to me as well

      how many times have we seen art in blizzard games that looks quite inappropriate.

      A number of icons in WoW look disturbingly phallic.  I don’t mean dirty 14yo mind phallic, i mean they might as well have put a picture of a penis on the icon(or other parts, as we have seen with other icons).

      There has been disguised sexual humor in most, if not all of blizzards games as well. (certainly humor that might be deemed somewhat suggestive)

      I understand what they are trying to do, but it seems they are headed a bit close to the deep end, as has been the trend lately.

  15. Heh… a guy in my former WoW guild used to say “What the flux?!” all the time…

    My only complaint with the BattleTags is that the thing only allows 12 characters so my full name doesn’t fit… So now I’m just plain Scorch… Scorch#1428… By they way, I seriously doubt that your numbers will be visible to anyone except to you (and probably your BattleTag friends) just like it is for the Starcraft 2 identification numbers…

  16. I read some of the posts regarding the BattleTag and decided, thinking it would fail the first time, to come up with a joke name. Knowing that the sytem will assign a random four digit number I decided the first part should be “RndNum”. Wouldn’t you know, it was accepted… so my BattleTag is now RndNum #xxxx with a random four digit number. Classic!

    • *And* according the Blizzard CS, the Battle Tag is like a brand – neither you, nor support, nor the development team (and presumably, if you swing that way, any deity you happen to believe in) can change it once it’s set.
      So you are dubbed for all time “RndNum”! Congratulations! 🙄

      • I bet a Shako that this feature will be able to be changed via $$ at some point within 1 year of D3’s release.

  17. I just tried to create mine. No go. I can’t fathom any violent/obscene/trademark/etc. problem with it (“Kunzaito,” obviously). Seems like they are trying to create RealID without it actually being RealID by making the only viable option be your name. 😛

    Guess I’ll hope that the fact that it’s still in beta is an indicator that it may be a bit too restrictive and they’ll get it ironed out by release and wait.

  18. My favorite flux definition was the guy who fluxs in the middle of sex lol, now I can never think of Flux seriously *sigh*

  19. Kunz aito
    What does “kunz” sound like?

    Same with asauras, probably the “ur as” part that triggers the filter.

    I knew a guy who was annoyed by the name filter in WOW, so he named his char Asheetonu. Filter didn’t catch that :]

  20. “Ugm” didn’t make it through. I contacted support what was the reason and at first I got the answer it violates the terms under the “Blizzard employee” section, but then got the second answer that it’s not the case, the system is just bugged. My friend picked my BattleTag so that he can play the beta and now I ended up with shitty name he chose. Damn.

  21. autistics will be pleased to see how blizzard is protecting its game agaisnt griefers… you know, its very dangerous when you make a dick out of your tag

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