Balance has Gone Live

Update: The official announcement has been posted and can be viewed here.

The DiabloWikiDiablo 3 release date grows nearer, but we have yet to have any concrete evidence of a coming date. However, we have been seeing a lot of activity as of late. Balance was a pre-requisite for releasing DiabloWikiDiablo 3, and as I reported a few days ago, they had updated the TOS and added pages to Support. You can discuss it more over with Azzure in our Diablo 3 Markets. This is the next in a rather frequent string of updates that has included 100,000 beta keys, Beta Patch 11, and Beta Patch 12. And don’t forget, we’re awaiting on 100,000 more keys for our foreign friends around the world.

Related Links with Balance Information:
Terms of Use on Europe Balance FAQ
Syncing Paypal with
Adding Funds to Balance

Go ahead and check your accounts and you’ll see a small green number in the upper right hand corner. Bobby is awaiting your clicks! Balance

This update comes hand-in-hand with the investor call we know will be taking place later this week on Thursday, February 9th.

It seems that, currently, you can load your account with the following options for USD: 10, 20, 50, and 100 dollars.

Load Balance

You may also view your history of adding DiabloWikiBobby Bucks to your Account: History

There is one other option, of course, and that is “other currencies.” Currently, it seems that your currency is locked to the region you have chosen for your account. Previously, and forgive me because I can’t remember who mentioned it in the forums, somebody had noticed that you can no longer change your location without talking to Support and having them change it for you. This has certain implications with the RMAH and the use of them if you are playing with other regions. You will generally be locked with your RMAH, but you may still play with people in other regions at will.

The message states:

One form of currency cannot be converted into another, and some currencies may not be used in some regions. For example, account balance in USD can only be used on the North American regional site ( More Info

Thanks DoctorWitch for noticing that the Balance had gone live.

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59 thoughts on “ Balance has Gone Live

      • I am excite!

        That number will be filled with all the monies that you guys give me for virtual goods.

          • yeah imagine paying 5 bucks for one stupid item that you thought you’d never get, and then 5 minutes into your next gameplay session you get 2 of them lol

          • hmmm then I would just sell the other for the same amount I bought it for and make my money back. Whats your point?  If this was TF2 then I could see some of your point.

          • Even in TF2 you can at least trade items you buy for another cool/rare item that people usually have to buy, craft, or go without.

          • lol? you people play TF2?……….man that’s embarrassing, and I thought Maple Story was bad enough

          • TF2 is still the best online multi player FPS out there, so yeah I play it.  I am not embarrassed to say it, nor should anyone feel embarrassed to play any game they enjoy.

          • Flux, anything I bought for WoW from the Blizzard store was either for charity or my wife.
            So I guess I can append my statement and say that I don’t buy virtual goods unless it’s for charity.

      • Right, it’s not. If the rune/skill system was finalized, this would be exciting, considering the RMAH is majorly responsible for the delays.

        • The RMAH is rumored to be responsible for the delays. Jay Wilson, in his own special way, basically said that wasn’t true.

          • @Risingred, I’m pretty sure the RMAH caused the delay and wasn’t just rumoured. I read somewhere that the “Soon was too soon” Announcement was made the day after Korea contacted Blizz over it’s gambling concerns. I’m sure this wasn’t a coincidence. 

      • It isn’t really exciting by itself. However, it means that we are one step closer to release, because let’s face it, the main point of the Balance’s existence is to act as a medium for the Diablo 3 RMAH. I doubt Blizzard would have ever come up with this otherwise, despite the side benefit for those that would rather use this instead of their credit card or whatever…

  1. Ya know I’m glad blizzard are really on top of making sure we have enough ways to give them our money.

    • Yet, the cruel irony of that truth is, they haven’t released the “way” that matters most. If they wanna make a lot of money, there is a sure-fire method to get that done.

    • When you sell something in the RMAH, you can choose to store it there or to send it to your paypal account. So you can still make a few money if you want to.

  2. We are hiped like the people who lived in their times the moon landing. This is insane!
    Just make this special game right, please! 🙂

  3. I’ve learned enough by now not to assume that this means anything regarding a release date.

  4. I just had a thought.  What if forcing hardcore players to play through softcore was a way to give us a taste of the RMAH?  Say it ain’t true.

    • The only way you’ll get a taste of the RMAH is if you actually use the RMAH. You can’t blame Blizzard for your lack of self control.

      • Why would selling an item for real $ be an issue of self control? Why would i want to stop myself from making $? Oh, i guess you meant buying items on the RMAH. I meant selling in my op, didn’t make that clear.

        • You and everyone else excited about the RMAH all want to make money selling items.  Do you see the problem in your logic?

          • The supply / demand problem your referring to doesn’t actually exist.
            You only looking at a small % of hardcore gamers (100% people who are following a game still in development and are commenting on it fall into this category), who probably have issues with paying real money for in game items (I know I fall into this category), these people will be the sellers.
            However, Blizzard is about making this game accessible. Not everyone has the hours to invest in obtaining the best items the traditional way. For these people, the cost of paying real money is outweighed by the benefit of being able to enjoy the game at a higher level. These people will be the buyers.
            I don’t see excess supply being, or low demand, being a problem. If there are more sellers then buyers, it will just drive prices down until some sort of equilibrium price level (which is obviously impossible to determine at this point) is reached.

  5. Actually, Taiwan already has this feature for a while now. I always thought it was wierd it took them so long to implement in North America. In Taiwan, they sell point cards you can recharge your account with. You can use those points to subscribe WoW, and pay for various character services.

  6. “Diablo 3 release date grows nearer” my ass. they only got the rune system to finish, that they’ve had only 7 years to complete

      • exactly. theory and reality are two very different things. Blizzard might be adding a gazillion more seconds to the theoretical release window as we speak.

        • Sure they might, but we are still getting closer every second. Sometimes theory spanks reality’s ass.

          Theory aims to explain reality. Ideally, the theory is so good that it explains reality perfectly, just like in Nizaris case.

  7. It’s a bit depressing Blizzard worked so long on the RMAH, that which I have no intention of using.

  8. From the TOS:
    6.Storing Value on the Account.

    B.To load value onto the Account, go to and follow the instructions provided to you on the page. All Account transactions are governed by the Terms of Sale, which can be viewed at . The minimum amount that can be loaded to an Account is $1.00, and the maximum daily Account balance is limited to $200.00. Blizzard reserves the right to change the maximum and minimum amounts at any time. You may load different currencies onto the Account (e.g., US Dollars, Mexican Pesos, Chilean Pesos, Argentinian Dollars) in order to engage in transactions on the Diablo III Real Money Auction Houses that use those currencies.
    Does this mean the maximum selling price for anything is $200 (b/c you can only have up to $200 in your account at a time), or am I reading this wrong?

    • It said daily account balance, not overall account balance, so I would assume that there is no cap.
      Or is there? Blizzard actively caps the beta bucks currency in the beta, so who knows.

      • Moot point. You can use other means (credit cards, natch) to pay for stuff on the AH. Ergo, you can sell and buy things for more than $200. I didn’t read the whole FAQ initially. False alarm.

  9. So I had some extra money in my Paypal account, and decided to transfer $10 to test out the service… Apparently, even though you can add money, there is nothing that you can do with the money. I see no options to use my balance for any purchases.
    I guess they have it half ready.

    • I think if you went to the Blizzard Store, when you go to checkout you can select Blizzard Balance or whatever for your purchases there.

  10. I immediately connected the new service to my paypal-account which I opened just for Diablo a few months ago. (EUdSSR-Resident). You cant imagine how good it felt to be finally able to do SOMETHING Diablo-related…*sigh*…sign of relief 🙂

  11. Question to other EU people here, can you attach your PayPal account?
    I don’t even see it as an option unless I go to the US BNET site, and from there I can’t use it to buy SC2 in the EU realm for example.
    It’s really annoying actually… I’ve been wanting to buy SC2 for months now but I don’t have an international credit card I can use and it won’t let me use PayPal. I guess I could always buy it retail locally, but I prefer DD so that most of the money goes straight to Blizz.

    • I don’t see PayPal either. Also weird that in Balance FAQ is this:
      Can I use my Balance as the automatic payment method for my recurring World of Warcraft subscription?


      But the next link in this article there are specific instructions how to pay monthly subscription with PayPal.

  12. Not that I plan on exchanging euros for bobbybucks, but it’s good to see there is support for iDeal moneytransfers. :mrgreen: So much better then paypall or credit card!

  13. people paying for virtual items doesnt really bother me. people buy cigs and dip all the time, they get less use out of those as i would a virtual item for my d3 char i bet. and hey, im not throwing my butts/spitting anywhere, giving anyone second hand smoke. some people buy beer and throw bottles and cans out the window, maybe even smash into someone on ther way home. point is, there is alot of useless shit out there to spend money on, at least a virtual d3 item isnt going to fuck anything up cept for maybe a video game, even then, so fuckin what. just play it and enjoy it.

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