Update: The official announcement has been posted and can be viewed here.

    The DiabloWikiDiablo 3 release date grows nearer, but we have yet to have any concrete evidence of a coming date. However, we have been seeing a lot of activity as of late.

    Battle.net Balance was a pre-requisite for releasing DiabloWikiDiablo 3, and as I reported a few days ago, they had updated the TOS and added pages to Battle.net Support. You can discuss it more over with Azzure in our Diablo 3 Markets. This is the next in a rather frequent string of updates that has included 100,000 beta keys, Beta Patch 11, and Beta Patch 12. And don’t forget, we’re awaiting on 100,000 more keys for our foreign friends around the world.

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    Go ahead and check your battle.net accounts and you’ll see a small green number in the upper right hand corner. Bobby is awaiting your clicks!

    Battle.net Balance

    This update comes hand-in-hand with the investor call we know will be taking place later this week on Thursday, February 9th.

    It seems that, currently, you can load your account with the following options for USD: 10, 20, 50, and 100 dollars.

    Load Battle.net Balance

    You may also view your history of adding DiabloWikiBobby Bucks to your Battle.net Account:

    Battle.net History

    There is one other option, of course, and that is “other currencies.” Currently, it seems that your currency is locked to the region you have chosen for your account. Previously, and forgive me because I can’t remember who mentioned it in the forums, somebody had noticed that you can no longer change your location without talking to Support and having them change it for you. This has certain implications with the RMAH and the use of them if you are playing with other regions. You will generally be locked with your RMAH, but you may still play with people in other regions at will.

    The message states:

    One form of currency cannot be converted into another, and some currencies may not be used in some regions. For example, account balance in USD can only be used on the North American regional site (us.battle.net). More Info

    Thanks DoctorWitch for noticing that the Balance had gone live.

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