Alerts Announced: Blog Post
While this isn’t Diablo-specific, it is a feature that can affect your game experience. The service is entirely optional, but it allows you to have an extra level of security if you’re one of those hack-prone people out there.

We’re pleased to present Mobile Alerts; a free and optional self-help service that will allow you to manage your account using any text-enabled cell phone with a data plan.
This new service will allow you to use your mobile phone to:

  • Unlock your account
  • Remove an unwanted authenticator
  • Recover your account name
  • Reset your password

In addition, you can turn on alerts to have text messages sent directly to your phone alerting you of any suspicious activity, password changes, and security feature additions or removals.
These text messages are a free* and easy way to further protect your account from unauthorized access and changes!
For more information on Mobile Alerts and instructions on how to set it up, visit the Mobile Alerts page and FAQ.

Take charge of your account security with the security checklist and a Authenticator

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22 thoughts on “ Alerts Announced: Blog Post

    • except for anyone with a pre-pay phone or VOIP phone cannot subscribe to this service. I even tried using my Google Number to register it, no luck.

    • When said account is tied to some money as in these are and even your paypal account in some way the extra security is good for those type of people who are overly protective of those things.

    • My PayPal account doesnt have this kind of protection, my online national bank account doesnt have it either. got this extra protection because WoW accounts got hacked because people install add-ons, new interface layouts, with spyware attached. But it’s ofcourse never wrong to get this. It wouldnt be the first time a game company’s database gets hacked and account info gets stolen.

    • My account is probably more secure than my IRL bank account.   It’s perverse but somehow I like it.

  1. I have the authenticator + the alerts on my phone and I really like those features. When you have 5+ games tied to an account and potentially real money, you want to make sure it’s safe.

  2. Just want to point out–for anyone interested.
    Some US carriers which do include data plans but don’t include contracts are annoying excluded from this, for some reason that makes no practical sense. I have Virgin Mobile, and even though it’s not a pay-as-you-go plan, I am not able to sign up for mobile alerts. So don’t get too excited unless you have one of the more traditional, contract-based carriers.
    In other words, their “any text-enabled cell phone with a data plan” is misleading. What they really mean is, “any cell phone plan for which you have or once had a contract, and now pay for service given its conclusion.”

    • The more I hear about US carriers the weirder US cell service sounds. Here in NZ every mobile phone has TXT service, Pre-pay or contract, it doesn’t need a data plan. A data plan here means internet access (the BNet page did confuse me.. then I just tried it anyway and it worked, I don’t have an internet data plan).

  3. I welcome this because of RMAH’s ties to paypal.  I’d love to get a txt notice and simply reset my password from my handset before any damage is done. D3 has ties to real money which means real-world consequences if an account is compromised.

    Pre-authenticator story: I am a current mobile authenticator user because of WoW. In 2009 I downloaded an addon from Curse Manager that was cleverly hiding a keylogger (this was on my wife’s PC).  The next day we went to run some Burning Crusade quests only to find that my wife couldn’t log in.  Long story short, a Chinese hacker (we know because of the /macros that were programmed) had hijacked the login and password using the keylogger, put the ENTIRE guild stash on the auction house, put all of her jewels (jewelcrafter was her main profession) and armor on the AH, and then was running dungeons and ninja looting (a fellow guild member tracked her down and was observing her actions).

    Blizzard made everything right within 12 hours by restoring the guild bank and her personal items (pretty neat that they can do that!) while taking all items out of the AH.

    Point being that we pay $12.99 a month for the WoW experience.  A lot can go wrong in these new games if an account is compromised.  Everyone in the guild has a key fob or a mobile authenticator now and we haven’t been hacked since.

    • FYI, just signed up (easy 3 step process) and saw this welcome nugget of info: “If you play Diablo III…
      We may also text you verification codes if we detect suspicious activity and for approving transactions in the real-money auction house.” 

      I’ll happily enter a code to approve a RMAH purchase. 

  4. My question is, can you have a Backup Authenticator? I don’t always carry my Bnet Authenticator with me, but I do carry my cell phone with me at all times. I would really rather not only go with the Mobile Authenticator, so I wonder if they will implement an option to have a back-up. If i forget my physical authenticator, I want to be able to use my phone.

    • No, you can’t have a backup.  You basically have two options: a Mobile Authenticator (this is the physical keychain, or the Authenticator app for iPhone/Android etc.) or the dial-in Authenticator, which sounds like your best option.  You dial a toll-free number to authorize a login attempt.  You can only choose one Authenticator option.
      However — Mobile Alerts *does* let you get into your account if you lose your Authenticator option above.  So it’s basically a backup.

  5. maximum protection without reducing your pleasure… the blizzard jimmy.
    (to be worn before adventuring into unknown territory).

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