While this isn’t Diablo-specific, it is a feature that can affect your game experience. The service is entirely optional, but it allows you to have an extra level of security if you’re one of those hack-prone people out there.

    We’re pleased to present Battle.net Mobile Alerts; a free and optional self-help service that will allow you to manage your Battle.net account using any text-enabled cell phone with a data plan.
    This new service will allow you to use your mobile phone to:

    • Unlock your Battle.net account
    • Remove an unwanted authenticator
    • Recover your account name
    • Reset your password

    In addition, you can turn on alerts to have text messages sent directly to your phone alerting you of any suspicious activity, password changes, and security feature additions or removals.
    These text messages are a free* and easy way to further protect your account from unauthorized access and changes!
    For more information on Battle.net Mobile Alerts and instructions on how to set it up, visit the Battle.net Mobile Alerts page and FAQ.

    Take charge of your account security with the security checklist and a Battle.net Authenticator

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