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    We are now re-opening the Battle.net 2.0 article series published back in 2008, as it became strangely formatted or unreachable when the site changed the format over. It has now been restored, reformatted, digitally enhanced, and is available for everyone interested in what Battle.net 2.0 will offer. Oddly enough, no new features have been presented since the last part of the series was released back in October, so it’s all still very much up to date!

    Battle.net 2.0 Article Series

    This is the Battle.net 2.0 article series, containing information about Battle.net, supplied by Blizzard and by rumours. It’s a three-part article, pertaining current info, known info and rumoured info. Anything revealed at this date is included in one of these articles, with a library of quotes in the last page of the last part. Remember to check or help update the DiabloWikiBattle.net 2.0 DiabloWiki article as well! Below is the three articles about our favourite gaming network:

    • Battle.net 2.0 – The Next Generation Gaming Network – 4th August
      The introduction to Battle.net 1.0, and the feats of Blizzard, hints at the future. Know your Battle.net history!
    • Definite Battle.net 2.0 Features – 1st September
      The biggest list of known changes to Battle.net on the web. Confirmed by Blizzard and puzzled together for a coherent picture.
    • Rumoured Battle.net 2.0 Additions – 2nd October
      Further details of the known and unknown changes in the gaming network. Detailed information of what might come, and probably will make Battle.net the dominating gaming network of the coming years.

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