Almost an hour ago, DiabloWikiBashiok tweeted that he would be trying to respond to as many Diablo 3 tweets as possible for an entire hour. And amazingly enough, he got to a LOT of them. The biggest problem, though, is that a lot of the people tweeting are either very new to the franchise, haven’t been following it very closely, or are overlooked when they are genuinely good questions. (Personally, I wished he had talked more about PvP and how that is looking now). If you tweet now, he’s still firing off some answers.

    Got any questions about Diablo III? I’ll do my best to reply to every tweet over the next hour. No release date/beta key requests. 😛 #AMA

    There are literally far too many tweets to report about, but there is one that was responded to from one of our very own members, Celox.

    @Bashiok Any word when news about runes will be released?
    @IamBGriffs We’re planning that out. Its in and working. Not too much longer.

    In a related tweets on the topic:

    @Bashiok Will we see the new skill system in Beta, or will it likely not appear till release?
    @Bargo_Gosu It will appear in beta.

    @Bashiok Can we expect another front page “post” (Like the Jay Wilson one) regarding the rest of the changes?
    @Bargo_Gosu I would.

    This, in short, is one of the updates that many of us have been waiting for. Although “not too much longer” is part of Blizzard’s Lexicon of Patience, it is the first “concrete” response we’ve heard regarding when we might hear what these changes actually are. While we will never be able to test it ourselves in the beta, it was one of the main mechanics tweaks that DiabloWikiJay Wilson mentioned back when he wrote the Systems Update article. What is even more interesting is that we’re to be seeing an entirely new skills system implemented – and we will be able to test that in the beta.

    We have not been presented with any other major tweaks that are blocking the release of the game, so this news is under the category of “very good.” Don’t get your hopes up too much, though. The investor call takes place this week, and if this news is still yet to be released, it may not be too likely that a date will drop before then.

    What are your thoughts? Any predictions of when we might actually get the fabled date? If there were other questions you have asked Bashiok and believe are news-worthy, please write them in the comments and I will add them here.

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