Bashiok chimed in on a few threads today. None were especially game-related, but you might find them of some interest.  Here they are, in ascending, or possibly descending, order.

    Someone requested multiple D3 forums, including ones focused on PvP, PvM for a start. Bashiok’s reply was short and unambiguous.


    If only there were a D3 site with lots of moderated forums focused on specific elements of the game? *cough*

    Elsewhere, a guy noticed something we posted about months ago; that DiabloWikiTyrael has improved “wings” on the official D3 site. Bashiok made several emoticon-rich replies, before concluding with a short statement:

    About the wings, it was simply a style change on how we want angel wings to look in the game. The website was updated with the latest design so it all matches up.

    Another post asks where were you when you first heard about Diablo III. Bashiok replies, though he answers where he was when “we” first heard about it, not where “he” was.

    I was center stage about third row back at WWI, biting my nails, bouncing my legs nervously, hoping people would like what they saw. It was all too emotional, I kept telling myself “it’s just a game!” so I wouldn’t throw up or start bawling. Both were imminent.

    Finally, some guy had a lot to say about the D3 characters, though it’s hard to say if he’s just trolling, since his post is more rant than argument. He’s annoyed at the Archivist joke, and doesn’t like the existing D3 characters, but offers no realistic alternatives or reasons the DiabloWikiWizard, DiabloWikiWitch Doctor, and DiabloWikiBarbarian = teh suck, other than that he doesn’t like them. An excerpt from his very long, rambling post:

    My point blizzard is that if you want to have only 5 classes you -can’t- have them be the Amazon and the Paladin.

    That just isn’t a good game, and it is doomed to failure.

    The three classes you have released to us so far have been the Barbarian, who is from Diablo 2, where he was the spiritual heir to the Warrior of Diablo 1.

    The Wizard, a renamed Sorceress who was a femal Sorcerer. Diablo 1.

    The Witchdoctor, who is the Necromancer and I guess some scraps of the druid it looked like. Hahaha.

    You are out of options dudes.

    I mean, you -HAVE- to advance your franchise, or it will die. Austin Powers is the proof of this, right? Like all bad franchises, just feeding on its own gut.

    Bashiok replied briefly, and then added a few more thoughts later on. I’m not sure I agree with him, but since I kind of zoned out trying to TLDR through the rambling original post, I’ll withhold my own judgment.

    *phew* Ok let me sum that up for myself and everyone else – “The classes shown thus far are not unique enough”.

    …Obviously not, but … come on, that post was all over the place. Go look at it. Don’t even read it, just look at the formatting. It’s spilling crazy all over the floor it’s so full of crazy.

    Anyway, there are a few archetypes of classic fantasy characters. Expecting us to do something completely outside of those archetypes for the sake of trying to be original is unnecessary, and would probably lead to something that’s just ridiculous and not fun, or difficult to design – let alone balance.

    I’m more than happy with you expressing your opinion, and as I summed it up yes essentially your opinion was that you wanted more originality. That’s fine, but I was just saying the way in which it was presented was practically inedible.

    Update: Bashiok returned to add another, much more substantial reply about the D3 characters, which you can read here.

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