Bashiok received a mysterious package today, and upon opening it found delights upon delights. A fan had remembered his “An idea I always liked is a race car made of chocolate cake, but it just ain?t gonna happen, man.” post from last month, and sent him the ingredients to achieve said dream, with nothing more than a mixing bowl and a functional kitchen.

    So impressed was Bashiok that he resurrected the @Diablo Twitter feed to crow his joy, and even replied to a few questions before tying on his apron and scurrying off to the nearest oven.

    Sadly, as you’ll see if you check the link back to our previous coverage of Bashiok’s chocolate cake car post, you’ll note that I IM’ed Bashiok several links to sites with recipes to make a chocolate cake shaped like a car, to which he replied:

    [14:41] Bashiok: no. full size.
    [14:41] Bashiok: a fully functional race car i can drive, made out of chocolate cake

    Thus it seems that his ultimate dream has yet to be realized, unless there’s a lot more in that cardboard box than the photo shows.

    All is not lost though, since in his cake-euphoria of tweeting, Bashiok did reply to one semi-game content question, albeit one we’ve heard answered before.

    @thRobhimself: have u found a way for each class to jump over chasms like the barb did in the first vid?

    @Diablo: No, that was just a fun idea for the video. We don’t plan for every class to have a jump/teleport ability.

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