Bashiok “answered” a question/complaint about the DiabloWikiMonk‘s potential in PvP with double-barreled sarcasm, this afternoon.

    I was looking at some of the monks moves and I know a PvP system will be implanted and If you look at the monks 7 sided strike he doesnt have to do much to keep it going and when he does it he really doesnt have a body you can strike he kinda gone for a few secs… so whats going to stop him from spamming this over and over… the video does not look like its on some kind of timer… anyone know?

    Bashiok: We’re only working on the monk now because it’s so overpowered it’s going to be the only class anyone plays. So it makes sense to not waste time developing classes no one will ever choose. Games full of monks just SSSing all over the top of each other, infinitely spammable, it makes for some really engaging eSport potential.

    So the 5th is actually the monk (again) just in another even more improved form?

    Bashiok: You cannot improve upon perfection.

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