Bashiok Traveling Again, Jay Gives Release A “9”

In a possibly unrelated tweet, DiabloWikiBashiok has illuminated that he will be flying again over the weekend. He has not stated why or where, but it may be in relation to an announcement will supposedly drop next week, or at the very least, to attend CeBit in Germany.

Rumor has it that next week is big for the Diablo community. We have seen the recent introduction of Europe to the DiabloWikiDiablo III Beta, the promise of a date “in the coming weeks,” regular media sites handing out keys willy-nilly, and the reduction of Blizzard’s workforce. While that promise may be as empty as the rest of their reassurances, it does indicate an imminent announcement.

@Bashiok – Oh good, Comic-Con registration opens while I’m on a plane. Terrific.

While this could indicate something special for next week, there is no guarantee. We’ve witnessed the hype machine roar to life… but keep in mind, the possible announcement is only a rumor. If anything else on this topic is revealed, I will be updating this article.

UPDATE: A few hours ago Jay Wilson also tweeted back to a person who asked to scale how close they were to announcing the release of Diablo 3 from 1 to 10.

On a scale of 1 to 10, (1=not even close, 10=imminent,) how close are we to that all important #D3 announcement? 🙂

Jay Wilson – 9

It’s a shame that we don’t have a real way to identify what a 9 actually means, but it may or may not indicate that a release date will drop next week. So… I guess there’s nothing really special to see here except that a release date should come in… say, March

Thanks for pointing this out Cpdoom and Arkentass.

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33 thoughts on “Bashiok Traveling Again, Jay Gives Release A “9”

  1. Where are the willy nilly beta keys I’ve signed up in like 12 places and still nothing  😡 oh well I really hope this rumor is good it would be sweet  :mrgreen:

    • There have been a lot of sites that have just been posting lists of keys. You have to be fast… but you still have the chance at registering one – a much better chance than registering for a shot at one of these gimmick fansite give-aways.

  2. first of all, 90% of those contest give aways are shit, also the vox gaming one was gone instantly i swear some bs there. could have organized way better give away methods. 
    Second thing, you say that the release date announcement for next week is a RUMOR when in the original post ( i realize it was most likely different author ) it was stated you guys had INSIDE SOURCES telling you FACTS. So you have to say its a RUMOR to help conceal the person revealing his INSIDE NEWS to you?? But if you keep stating its a RUMOR, it only makes me feel that you do not have a 100% legitimate source, why would he lie this time.. you guys said (elly i believe) that the source(es?) have been legitimate over time with leaking stuff i presume. So you say its a RUMOR, if something big doesn’t happen and its just the stupid convention, i say i saw it coming but please diablo incgamers, prove me wrong – i hope i am 
    Couldn’t you call it not a rumor if you knew ur source was 100% correct? maybe not.. but i think so. 8)  

    • I would think that “rumor” would simply imply that there isn’t 100% certainty. I am not familiar with the source, and cannot speak on behalf of the author of that other article (Kaydee), nor the content that was written in it.

  3. I don’t know if it can be said to be related to the supposed “release date announcement next week”, but Jay Wilson made a tweet earlier today where he said we were on a 9 on a 1-10 scale, on how imminent the “big announcement” was.

    • I believe he means 9 out of 10 of how close the “big announcement” is. Imminent meaning soon. Though I imagine he didnt want to use that word.

    • May I point out CeBIT runs from the 6th to the 10th of March, and Blizz will be on stage showcasing D3 as we know.

      Jay said “9”, I would keep my eyes on the internetz next friday ^_^

  4. 9? More like D3’s stuck on 9 for a long time. 9 just means there is room for more iteration and delays.

  5. Who would ask such a stupid question? cool a 9, i hope the guy who asked the question is happy. Ofc it was always going to be around there & it means absolutely nothing at all… 😀

  6. If 10 is “imminent” and he gave a “9,” then that probably means that the release date will not be next week. Unless ‘imminent’ to Jay Wilson is like within the next couple days… It’s hard to say what this really means, but judging by the past timescales Blizzard has used, it would be reasonable to believe that if they were going to give the release date next week then he would have said “10.”

    • Scorch, while what you’re saying makes sense in every day life…you have to keep in mind the circumstances. There is still a HUGE chance that it could be announced next week. Why? Because Jay Wilson CANNOT give a “10”. Giving a “10” is CONFIRMING the announcement of the release date next week. 9 is as high as he can go without obviously giving away anything.

    • Imminent effectively means any minute now. It’s definitely more immediate than “soon.” I reckon Jay would only have said 10 if the release date was going to be announced yesterday when he replied to that tweet. 9 is as close as he can get to saying next week, without actually saying next week. If he’d said 7 or 8 I would have been more concerned. 🙂

      • I reckon they have a release date in mind already. On Monday morning they’ll have a big team meeting to be sure every department is ready & as long as they all give the green light, we’ll get the official announcement come the afternoon. Optimistic Chris is optimistic!

  7. 9 out 10.  90%.  ~10 years since D3 development started, another 10% to go.  Spring 2013 release then?  😉

  8. A 9? That’s pathetic. When was “not even close”? 2-3 years ago? Now divide that through 10, that’s still freaking months away.

    Captcha: “take the cake”, and Jay’s trolling does.

  9. And here I thought “in the coming weeks” would warrant a 10. I don’t know why I ever expect this game to actually come out.

  10. I can only hop Jay Wilson’s interpreted the 1-10 scale as linear and not logarithmic.

  11. cmon guys what do you think he will say… of course he will say 9… i’m still optimistic for march 5th…

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