Bashiok: What’s your favorite Diablo III Monk Skill?

Bashiok started a poll to gather fan feedback.  What’s your favorite Monk skill? … Crippling Wave, Impenetrable Defense, Exploding Palm, Seven-Sided Strike or Way of the Hundred Fists?

Usually these polls are important to the Developers.  They could focus more detail on those favorite, or reinvent less favorite ones and test them, and polish them until it is reached a level of quality that fans like.  So, by all means, all fans are welcome to participate in this poll started by Bashiok. It helps if you describe why some are your favorites, and why some non-favorites aren’t appealing to you.  Suggestions are welcome too.

You can find descriptions and screenshots of each Monk Skill at the

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  1. Alternatively, if you don’t win and you want to buy mine, I’ll sell it to ya…

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