Because it’s been a month or two since the last DiabloWikiColor Controversy joke, here’s a post on Co-Optimus.com about the look of the new Band Hero title:

    In what can only be described as an inexplicable twist, it appears that the controversial art style of Diablo 3 has been copied for upcoming music game Band Hero.  Rainbows, pastels, and even a healthy dose of pink hues adorn the official Band Hero site.  We’ve got a few initial reactions from fans of the music game genre.

    Elsewhere, Bashiok made a few quick posts today.  The more amusing one features the screenshot you see to the right. It’s from the Diablo III trailer, and a few splotches of light and dark seem to form the shape of a face. Subliminal imagery, or just human pattern recognition run amok, ala Jesus tortillas? Bashiok votes for the latter, but of course what’s he going to do but cover up the dark secrets!  Here’s his reply to the question and the image:

    His name is Pareidolia.

    Also, Bashiok was asked about ambient creatures in D3, and whether stomp fetishizers would still enjoy their time in Sanctuary.

    There are a lot of squishy critters, more of them and more types, and it’s still just as fun to run them over.


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